“Starfield”, “Diablo IV”, “Minecraft Legends” … the highlights of the Summer Game Fest

Did you not attend Summer Game Fest and its conferences on new video games? Pixel service World made sure to see all the events posted online since June 9th to give you a summary.

This year, it’s clear that a majority of the excellent trailers concerned productions that were already known – albeit highly anticipated – while the breathtaking news was wanted.

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Larger messages

Looking at the trailer to Starfieldhard not to think ” it is Skyrim and Fallout 4, but in space. The next big game from Bethesda, if it represents a brave choice for a studio known for usually staying on its big licenses, seems to remain in the style of previous productions: a giant exploration game in an open world populated by rivals fractions, with some pistol fighting (gun fights), which seems a little soft. However, if the study has promised thousands of planets to explore, we may fear in the light of the images a lack of aesthetic variation. Must be checked next year.

Expected release in 2023 on PC and Xbox.

Since its publication three years ago and its postponement eight months ago, Diablo IV is seriously wanted. The Xbox and Bethesda conference provided a (fairly broad) release window for the next Blizzard game: it was due to arrive in the first half of 2023. Meanwhile, fans could discover its fifth and final character class, Necromancer. This fourth part is being held for the first time in an open world, and its 150 dungeons can be crossed in a non-linear way.

Expected release in 2023 on PC and Xbox.

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The real surprises

“The end of the world happened on a sunny day”whispers melancholy in our ears the song that puts an end to the first images of High tide. In this dystopia, humanity is threatened by the drastic rise of the oceans. As the elite are fleeing to Mars, we play as a character trying to infiltrate one of these shooters. Do not be fooled by its colorful graphics, the fable promises to be gritty. Demagog Studio offers us a survival game set in the same post-apocalyptic universe as the dazzling Golf Club: Wastelands and its successor, The kids.

Expected release in 2023 on PC.

After This my war and frostpunktwo very successful games, which nevertheless do not shine with their colorful and warm aesthetics, the Polish studio revealed 11 Bit during the PC Gaming Show The Alters. In this rather dark science fiction title, we incarnate an astronaut on a mission on a distant planet who must rely on alternative versions of himself (a kind of clone) to return home. No item has currently filtered on the game itself, not even the release date.

Direction 16th century Bavariae century. Bod pays homage to medieval lighting. What little is known about the plot of the new title from Obsidian Entertainment pertains to the profession of its protagonist, who is an illuminator. A murder, riddles, a fight … The first images of this unclassified game suggest that the title will mix narrative, reflection and adventure.

Release scheduled for November 2022 on PC and Xbox.

  • “Minecraft Legends”

The Mojang study intends to try to introduce a dose of strategy into the universe of Minecraft. Unexpected project from the Microsoft conference, this new title was to be played online and will allow players to band together to fight an invasion of Piglins, pigs from the infernal dimension of Nether.

Released in 2023 on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.

  • “The Wise Weapon”

There is a scent of childhood in The wise weapon from the publisher Devolver Digital: a gunman who lives in a history book, is driven out of his paper universe and discovers a children’s room. The title skillfully mixes 2D and 3D phases and feels like a mix between Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and delighted him It takes two. It is co-directed by a former artistic director of Pokémon: Sword and Shield and the creator of Ditto’s sword.

Expected release in 2023 on PC, Xbox Series, PlayStation 5 and Switch.

Also read: “Starfield”, “Diablo IV”, “Minecraft Legends” … the highlights of the Summer Game Fest

The ones we were waiting for news from

The Devolver Digital conference, scheduled after the sluggish and frankly disappointing opening ceremony of the Summer Game Fest, was a breath of fresh air. And the trailer for The cult of the lamba cartoon game that offers a mix of cult control and battle in dungeons, was not there for nothing.

Released August 11 on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation.

A mysterious atmosphere emanates from The invincible from the Polish studio Starward Industries. Its retro robots and its oppressive story (which takes place on a planet called Régis III) is inspired by a science fiction book by author Stanislas Lem (Solaris). This retro-futuristic thriller that mixes exploration and survival was presented as a fairy tale “Firewatch-like” during the PC Gaming Show.

Expected release in 2023 on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

Expected July 26 on PC, immortality is the new game from Sam Barlow, and this phrase says a lot about the game. The creator of Her Historywhich is still trying to revive the genre FMV (for video in full motion in English, that is, using sequences filmed in video games), here offers a study centered on three films by a fictional actress, Marissa Marcel. It will then be necessary to examine every detail found according to the scenes to get your fingers in other excerpts that will make it possible to understand what happened to him, all in a horrible atmosphere.

Published July 26 on pc.

Fans of team-based multiplayer shooters Overwatch (an endangered species), got what they were waiting for more than anything else: a release date for Overwatch 2which is less of a sequel to the first game than a major overhaul.

Published October 4 on pc og konsoller.

It’s hard not to compare, like the rest of the trade press, American Arcadia to the movie Truman Show. The game from the Out of the Blue Games studio, which has no release date yet, tells the story of two heroes: the first unconsciously participates in a reality show, the second will help him run away and save his life, all in a mix of puzzle, platform and stealth.

Published in 2022 on PC and console.

  • “Hollow Knight: Silksong”

For over a year, fans have been waiting for the Labyrinthine sequel to be announced. Cave Knight at each Nintendo conference. Surprise, it shows up at competitor Xbox … But still without a release date.

And also :

  • Hideo Kojima is preparing a new game, which is not a surprise at all, and has partnered with Microsoft, which does not matter much unless you are a Microsoft shareholder or PlayStation die-hards.
  • There is now one dating sim (dating / romantic encounters) with Kaijus, what more could you ask for?
  • Let’s not forget VR! The unlikely What The Golf? is going to have a headset successor called What is the bat?. It will be about doing pretty much anything and everything with blunt objects.
  • In this June 2022, real-time strategy games are experiencing a resurgence in popularity with StormGateillegitimate offspring of StarCraftthe project still foggy Ara: Untold story, Minecraft Legends Where synergyresembling drawings of Moebius.
  • Oddada is a German (and charming) music video game whose title refers to the Beatles song O-bla-di O-bla-da.

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