Phone theft ends in a sword fight

the essential
The assault case with a katana dates back to 2018. Further investigations have been requested. The new consultation did not really allow us to see more clearly.

It is a case of violence with a weapon, in this case a katana, dating from 2018, which was convicted by the court in Tarbes. She had already been the subject of an immediate appearance for the four main characters.

During the hearing, it was decided to conduct further investigations. The prosecution had therefore ordered a more in-depth investigation. Not sure the court saw more clearly during this hearing as the versions of the defendants remain unclear as to each individual’s liability.

In addition, all have the same surname and come from two neighboring villages in Tunisia. This hardly facilitates the understanding of the events. On the one hand, twin brothers, Ay. and A. and on the second main victim of the battles with the famous katana, S. and his brother N., imprisoned and who therefore appear in the dock.

President Pichenot set the scene as accurately as possible: “The investigation was not easy because there were a lot of lies on one side or the other. It was 03.30 when the police were called to the Place de Verdun in Tarbes, where they found S . on the ground, but also his brothers, including N., all alcoholics. He’s lying, it’s clear he’s lying, I did not. Steal his cell phone “.

He is very angry and manages to annoy the president of the court and even his own lawyer, Me Thierry Sagradoytho, who has a hard time keeping him quiet. The defendant, as well as his brother, must leave the courtroom. Theft, phone or not, it is from there that the tension will increase during the day between the two families. Everyone is talking about stabbings, verbal attacks that end in a fight in the middle of the night with blows with a katana that one of the twin brothers had in his vehicle: “I got it bought in a workshop, I wanted to defend myself”.

“They all lied”

By the end of this evening, everyone was slightly injured, without it being possible to define with certainty whether there was damage due to a knife, blow or the katana used.

For the prosecutor only one certainty: “That night they all lied, sometimes there are credible things and others that absolutely are not. But we can still get an exact idea of ​​what happened during that night, S. carried on a knife and very drunk he stole A’s mobile phone These are serious acts I ask for 2 years imprisonment, one of which is conditional on A. For S nothing would have happened if he had not started a robbery with violence. asks for one year’s imprisonment. permanent imprisonment. For Ay, the twin brother he participated in the acts committed, six months ‘imprisonment is required and for N, 4 months’ imprisonment “.

For Ays lawyer, “the file is confused, my client had no weapon in this story, I’m asking for release”. Me Brau Durand, A’s lawyer, put the emphasis back on the age of the archive and on each other’s lies: “Is there a truth imposing itself? Is it that he struck a blow with a Katana? He just waved the saber to defend himself, he lost its funds. ” Me Thierry Sagradoytho also tried to see clearly: “This file can be easily summarized. There is a presumed motive and an attack of rare violence. There are no witnesses and no assurance that my client took the phone. And yet! He was attacked, “there was perfectly characterized violence with a katana, it’s a weapon. My clients are both victims”.

The court sentenced A. to 2 years imprisonment, of which 1 year was conditional. His twin brother, Ay. was sentenced to 6 months under the DDSE, N. was released from all charges and S. was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment, which can be adjusted.

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