Google My Business becomes “Google Business Listing”?

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In the last few days, the web world has been excited about the publication of an interesting announcement: Google is renaming its Google My Business tool to Google Business Profile or Google Business Profile in French translation.

My Business Change Service for “Google Business Listing”

What can we understand from the Google My Business solution? Does renaming it change its functionality? What are its strengths / weaknesses?

These are some questions that you will get reliable answers through this article.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business remains a tool created by Google for business. It enables companies and entrepreneurs to create, manage and optimize their professional profiles on Google.

To better understand what Google My Business is, it would be a good idea to clarify what is a company profile on Google or company profile.

Company profile is actually the terminology that Google uses to indicate the “business list” on Google. It’s an item that appears in Google Maps as well as in local Google search results.

In fact, creating your business profile is just adding a location to Google Maps. For this purpose, it is sufficient to provide Google Maps with the name of the business in question, its geographical location and its category. Once done, Google confirms that it is not a duplicate. When this data is not duplicated, Google creates the company profile for the company, and consumers can start viewing it, reviewing it, writing reviews or asking questions.

The company profile can then exist without proceeding to its creation with the Google My Business tool. Only at this time, it was not possible for the professionals to manage or update the information about their company profiles or the opinions they collect. This was the essential feature of the Google My Business solution. With your Google My Business account, you have the ability to access your business profile visible on Google, customize it, manage it at your convenience, and for free.

Why is the name “Google My Business” disappearing?

You’re probably wondering if the name change to “Google My Business” is hiding its decline. This renaming actually looks like a swan song for Google My Business. In fact, it has recently been possible for businesses to modify their business listings directly on the search results page or on Maps without having to use the Google My Business tool. In the future, it will be possible to perform the complete management of your business directory in this way. Just log in to your Google Account and search for your business name in the search engine.

Given these facts, you strongly agree that “Google My Business” is a brand that does not properly reflect its applicability and that the name “Business Directory” is more representative of the tool’s interest and purpose. .

By changing “Google My Business” to “Google Business Directory”, Google wants to encourage businesses to manage their listings directly from Google results and facilitate the management of business listings.

Pros and Cons of Google Business Directory

The Google Business Listing tool has many benefits, but it is not without its limitations.

The Benefits of Google Business Directory

Among the benefits of Google’s business listing, we can first distinguish the fact that it allows you to appear in the profiles in Google’s local package as well as on Maps. Google’s Local Pack’s pretty much fills up the first page of search results and is the first thing users see when entering their queries. It is therefore of great importance for the reference of the companies operating in it.

The other benefit of Google Business Listing is that it allows your customers to write reviews of your business, not to mention that these reviews have a huge impact on business rankings in search engines. “Positive” reviews improve local SEO and trigger the buying process among consumers.

As a benefit of Google’s business listing, we can also note its aspect of providing information and statistics that can help assess markets.

In addition to offering all of these benefits, the Google Business Directory remains free and easy to use.

Restrictions on Google’s Business Directory

Although the Google Business Directory offers wonderful benefits, it has not yet become perfect. Despite the various investments made in this tool, it has some drawbacks that raise many questions. In fact, the Google Business Directory does not filter out malicious actions and may reveal a biased evaluation. Moreover, the help of its customer service is insufficient.

Delete a business listing in case of bad reviews

According to numerous studies, customer reviews are the first criterion that internet users rely on when choosing an online business. Therefore, you should not have a business listing showing negative reviews. It is therefore legitimate for companies to consider deleting their business listings in case of bad reviews. However, this is not the right solution. In addition, there are methods to delete only the negative reviews that appear on a business listing. The one that is easier is to report the malicious message from the search engine

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