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WHO? Ekoo
What ? A human recruitment tool, without CV and without artificial intelligence.

A small revolution in the world of human resources. Ekoo recruits without a CV but not without seriousness. Its founder, Julie Charles, wants to put people back at the heart of the recruitment process by encouraging meetings to “expand the field of opportunity”.

Forget all the hours you have tried to cram your experiences, training, hobbies, skills, address, etc. on a simple A4 sheet. Just forget Curriculum vitae which was never intended to represent a person’s state of mind, motivation and real skills. Ekoo has heard the complaints from these employees who want to be recognized for what they are. Those who want to prove their determination, the very one we hear in the tone of a voice, the flame that we can discern in the depths of a glance. It is in man, Julie Charles, the founder of this UFO of human resources, believes. A committed entrepreneur who lays the foundation for how tomorrow’s work will be. Maintenance.

Julie Charles, founder of Ekoo

What is the concept of Ekoo?

Ekoo wants to put people back at the center of the business, and it starts with recruitment. Our goal is to adapt to changes in the labor market and the jobseekers’ expectations, but also to recruit without being solely dependent on competencies. With Ekoo, companies take the time to open up opportunities, to meet graduates by taking an interest in their potential, for what they want with their professional lives.

Why this name?

The name Ekoo comes from English All kinds of people. Ekoo welcomes people in their entirety, beyond their status.

The creation of Ekoo seems closely linked to your story.

The creation of Ekoo is quite connected to my personal story. I grew up in the countryside, in the depths of Lotten (46), with parents who were not in business at all. My first job: working in the field. I was far from imagining that one day I would end up in a universe corporate with international positions. These are meetings that led me, one led to the other, to start myself in higher education. I owe my unexpected career encounters. To all the people who did not hesitate to trust me, the ones with whom I was able to prove myself! With Ekoo, it’s my turn to create the connection between people who have potential and companies that have lots of good things to do, but who do not know how to go about recruiting differently.

You have developed yourself in the field of human resources.

I have always evolved in HR universes in France and abroad. Within large groups and in a universe of start up, in consulting and even in an SME. I have observed that employees place emphasis on their work environment and that they like it because they are not in the right place! Ekoo’s vision for recruitment is also to seek to understand candidates beyond what they know how to do.

When did you start?

The idea for Ekoo was born when I helped found an incubator in start up. I was responsible for finding partners start up that we incubated. And I had the intuition at the time that it would not be done on CV that above all it was necessary to find complementary people who could work together in good times and in bad times. It was at this point that I began, without too much method, to test the meeting without a resume. And my intuition was confirmed. I launched Ekoo in January 2022. I had the concept, the name, but there was everything to do.

Who is Ekoo for?

I work with companies on a human scale to get to know them well. Big companies, it’s not for now! They have HR departments, so we will provide more training in the subject of recruitment.
Ekoo is interested in senior positions in companies. This does not currently concern much technical professions such as engineering, which require many years of study and expertise. In this case, recruiting on the resume remains more relevant. Companies turn to me more for commercial, HR or communications positions. These are positions where a candidate can do a good job as long as they adhere to the project. It is not necessarily necessary to have practiced the subject in question for ten years to do a good job.
I am also encouraged for non-executive positions. The companies are ready to train employees. But this project will come later.

Watercolor painting by Aurélie Treil for Ekoo

How should graduates who are interested in the concept move forward concretely?

Graduates who contact Ekoo know that they no longer want to pursue the profession in which they have hitherto developed. They know that they are capable of doing other things, but find it difficult to be interviewed because their resumes have a dominant focus on a particular type of job. With Ekoo, these graduates have the opportunity to present themselves in a five minute video by following some instructions and tips. For the sake of reciprocity, we are responding to this video with yet another video made by a member of Ekoo so that every game starts on equal footing.

Then we plan a first meeting. It is then an interview guided by specific questions, but also a moment to make status, to get to know each other. Here, no CV, we are based on a blank sheet! We reconstruct the candidate’s professional career but also take stock of what the person wants to do, what has worked in the career, what suits them, their hopes … This method thus makes it possible to present the person in its entirety and to take taking into account the personality of the candidates. We do not meet for a position. As a recruiter, we therefore have nonea priori and can not make shortcuts. And of course, they have nothing to pay!

And for companies?

On the business side, I have a lot of evangelism to do … Today, when we think of recruitment, we think of a need. The company uses a recruiter to help find the right person. In my approach, recruitment is upstream. To do this, the Ekoo agency must have a great deal of knowledge of the companies it is recruiting for. We need to know the directions, the teams, understand the market business, the challenges, the work culture, the environment in which the candidates have to project themselves. With companies, we discuss the need they have identified and consider other options than recruitment, if necessary. The idea is to stop continuing in a hurry and to suggest the company make a statement to anticipate certain recruitments. Finally, Ekoo presents pre-selected candidates for companies, without a CV but with a report in which we explain why we believe that the selected person is relevant to the position offered.

Do you have good feedback on your concept?

Everyone I interview buys into the concept. Ekoo responds to current issues. However, companies are not necessarily ready to perform this inventory work prior to recruitment. And they are not necessarily ready to pay it … I always wonder about my offer. It is very different from what has been practiced in the market for a very long time and efforts still need to be made to change mentality.

At this stage of the adventure, I would like to meet with business leaders or HR who are having a hard time recruiting to discuss more about what could help them, their perspective and the way they receive this offer.

How do you envision the future of Ekoo?

I hope to open the chakras! That more and more companies are sticking to the method and starting to work in anticipation. And of course I would like to be able to expand my offer to more and more subjects, we have lots of leads!

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