despite criticism of Diablo Immortal and Diablo III, Blizzard will reproduce this huge flaw

Born in the 90s, the franchise Diablo has continued to establish itself as a must-have for ARPGs. And since Diablo III in 2012, and whose seasons continue to follow one another, fans of the genre are now waiting for the sequel. A suite presented in the form of a Diablo IV announced in 2019, which experienced many setbacks during development. And unfortunately for fans of the saga, Blizzard makes unpleasant decisions.

when blizzard disappoints again

After the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed a complaint alleging a “constant sexual harassment, including caresses, comments and rapprochements“within Blizzard, the US studio announced the postponement of Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 November last year. A report that did not bury these expected games, especially since Diablo IV took advantage of the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase this Sunday, June 12th to present a new trailer. New reassuring gameplay images that allowed fans of the license to once again see their eyes on the next installment of the license.

A long trailer of almost 5 minutes to discover just above, which allows us to get new pictures of its open or even shared world, of its world leaders, its class skills but above all its release date. Scheduled for 2023, Diablo IV going out next year. Although the game is gradually being revealed through similar events, but also quarterly reports from the developers, the latter has recently been criticized online, and in particular Reddit. Internet users have actually noticed that Blizzard had released a job offer for recruiting a “product manager”. So far nothing out of the ordinary.

Nevertheless, the job description divides as one can read there:

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a passionate, organized and driven person to manage the online store experience Diablo IV. This role will be a key member of the commercial team of Diablo IV. The ideal candidate will combine experience working in a live gaming environment with careful attention to detail, strong interpersonal communication skills and a passion to please our players. “

“You’re going to play a crucial role in managing the Diablo IV experience in the store for millions of players around the world. Diablo IV, you will be at the forefront of planning the content release plan, configuring products using our in-house tools and working with stakeholders across disciplines to ensure that regular updates run smoothly in-store throughout each season. In addition, you will strive to continually improve processes and encourage best practice. “

You will quickly understand but Diablo IV will therefore have an online store. A store where Blizzard does not shed too much light, blamed for eerie experiences with Activision and most recently, Diablo Immortal. According to estimates from the YouTube channel Bellular News, it would cost as much as $ 110,000 to raise his rating to the maximum level. Packed with microtransactions, Diablo Immortal allows players to purchase a variety of different and varied items, from gemstones to rift-dedicated emblems to a paid two-level combat pass (one classic and one premium). Presented as a “pay to win” or a “pay to fast” (a debate that still preoccupies players Diablo Immortal), it seems free to play games to have inspired Blizzard to Diablo IV.

Faced with the presence of an online store in Diablo IVmany players have criticized Blizzard and especially the direction the studio has taken in recent years.Well, I think D4 is going to be some pretty shit.“,”1 / I do not buy D4 at launch nor in a special edition. 2 / I wait and see. If P2W ever buys. 3 / I will never buy Activivision games again.“,”Please someone wake me up from this nightmare.“we can read specifically on Reddit. Sharp criticism that could fly away, in part, if ever, microtransactions of Diablo IV are purely cosmetic. But with the story of Blizzard and Activision, it’s hard to believe that a combat pass will not come to the tip of his nose, as well as other financially interesting benefits for the giant.

The presence of an online store in Diablo IV can well push players out, like Diablo III’s auctions, a feature that allowed players to buy pieces of equipment for real money. In the face of harsh criticism and the poor results of the game, Blizzard was forced to change the very heart of its title. It remains to be seen Diablo IV will have to face the same issues when it launches. But with the democratization of microtransactions and other struggles, it is possible that the general public will be more lenient with the study.

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