At the trial of the money courier arrested in Amiens, one of his co-defendants describes himself as “the dove”


She rented cars on the go, shopped for luxury stores and invested in cryptocurrencies. At the trial of the cashier arrested in Amiens for theft of his van in 2019, one of his co-defendants nevertheless appeared on Tuesday, June 14, 2022 in “Dove” unaware of theft.

Referred to the Bobigny court for conspiracy to commit crimes and secrecy in organized gangs, Amélie R. and her lover are accused of helping money carrier Adrien Derbez prepare for the € 3.1 million theft in February 2019 in Aubervilliers (Seine) – Saint-Denis), so as to have received a commission which they would have blazed in Belgium.

This lively, slender and athletic 30-year-old, who was a sales agent in a construction market at the time, had had an extramarital affair for more than two years. “very time consuming, very energy consuming” with father Simon D.

This manager of a sports hall in the Lille suburbs, whose family is permeated by drug smuggling, turns out to be a Thai boxing buddy of Adrien Derbez. His case has been separated from the trial and will be heard separately in October.

At the helm, his “ex” stubbornly maintains that she was unaware of everything that was going on. According to her, her numerous appearances in the case are explained by the simple fact that she tried to spend time with her husband, sometimes even wanting to join him in places where he was on vacation with his wife and children.

“I knew he was not an altar boy, I knew his personality (…), but I mean it does not concern me”sums up this woman with braided hair in long pigtails, leaning on crutches due to a recent accident.

Kalashnikov and Mercedes

But this timely blindness is not without arousing some skepticism from the court, which all week tries five people in connection with this high-profile theft.

Why does Amélie R. not cross off on a Kalashnikov shooting course that Simon D. is going to Serbia with the carrier? It was “a hobby”she answers.

Why is she at the Roissy Hotel, where her friend and Adrien Derbez have an appointment a few days before the facts? “For shopping”she said, denying having attended the meeting.

Why does she rent cars during the day, sometimes at the last minute, when she has her own vehicle? “For comfort”, “for a walk”, “to serve”

“I do not ask questions”

Why does she not care about the bag “heavy” which you put in the trunk of your car a few hours after the theft of the 3 million euros? “I do not ask questions”she said, more and more tested by the rolling fire of the interrogation.

“It seems crazy to have someone who never asks questions about anything …”finally surprised assessor judge Florence Niel, who is leading the debates.

Shortly after the theft, the two dwarf parrots travel to a Louboutin store in Belgium, visit Mercedes dealers or buy thousands of euros in cryptocurrency through an intermediary. “with a sulfur-containing reputation”.

They were intercepted for several months by investigators and they were arrested almost a year after the incident.

“I was just his whore”

During the investigation, Simon D. said he received 200,000 euros from Adrien Derbez, of which 110,000 was spent and 90,000 “buried somewhere in France”.

Faced with justice, the accused discards everything on the absent lover.

“I wonder if he was with me because he needed me or because he had feelings for me. I’m more inclined to (the fact that) I was pigeon”confirms Amélie R., who is not happy to request the adjournment of the hearing.

“I was, sorry my language, I was just his bitch.”

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