University of Lodz: French-Polish MBA with IAE Business School-Jean Moulin Lyon 3

This is already the 30th promotion of MBA-type management training program, conducted in French-Polish partnership between IAE Business School – Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University and University of Łódz. All French-speaking candidates are invited to recruitment, which is open until June 30, 2022.

Two prestigious diplomas are offered

– Master in Management and Business Administration (MAE)

– Polsko-Francuski Program Studiów w zakresie Zarządzania typu MBA

Why apply for the French-Polish MBA – Online Post-Graduation Studies in French and English?

It is the only university program in Poland which offers you international MBA-type management training in French and English.

More than 500 high-level managers have been trained, working in the best national and international companies and forming an extensive network of former graduates. The program develops close relationships with French companies established in Poland. The students’ contacts with the company often develop in their compulsory professional internship towards a managerial job.

Previous candidates have been recruited in the best service, distribution, production and consulting companies, where they demonstrate their knowledge and know-how, including: Yves Rocher, Dior, Dalkia, Auchan,, Hutchinson, Carrefour, Laboratoires Boiron, Citroën, Renault , Scan Holiday, Accor, PKO BP, Legrand, DELL, Apsys Manufactura, Amcor Rentsch, Leclerc, Leroy Merlin, Bosch Siemens, Servier, Ikea, Philips, Infosys, Go Sport, Decathlon, Lafarge. They often decide to run their own business, which acts as a bridge in trade relations between Poland and France or other European countries.

This program is the oldest in Poland, it has been running continuously since 1993

The first promotion was sponsored by Mr. Raymond Barre, Minister of Economy and Mayor of Lyon in France, for IAE Lyon is the education known worldwide as a teacher of senior staff in Hungary, in the Czech Republic, in China.

Meeting with Professor Tomasz Domański, Head of the Department of Marketing and International Distribution at the Faculty of International and Political Studies at the University of Łódź, who will tell us more about the program. What motivated you to do this education?

Professor Tomasz Domański: I have always wanted to create a unique international program in management that gives graduates who know the French language the opportunity to find their professional path in a French-speaking business environment. I am very pleased when I see the career development of our graduates and their internal and external promotion thanks to our education.

What student profiles are you looking for?

We are always looking for good graduates who have strong motivation and personal managerial prerequisites for working in an international environment.

We appreciate their professional background and expect a good knowledge of French and English. We want to have a strong diversity of profiles within the same promotion that makes our training rich. We have no age limit for our graduates.

Our students work in various international companies and they also learn from each other. They share their management experiences and exchange professional contacts. They develop a spirit of cooperation.

Following the pandemic, we have turned to online training, which makes it possible to participate in the program also for graduates living in Polish cities very far from Lodz, but also for people working in Paris and Brussels or in certain French-speaking countries in Africa. .

The online course formula – organized once every two weeks – allows our students to harmonize their professional and family life throughout the training cycle.

Our strengths

You can get two recognized degrees in the labor market in Europe and Poland.

1. Master in Management and Business Administration (MAE)

2. Post-Diploma Certificate: Polish-French Program Programi zakresie Zarządzania typu MBA

Our training is provided by French and Polish teachers as well as by professionals and business consultants.

Participants are recruited in Poland and France. We also have applicants from other countries, which is an opportunity to study in a multicultural group. We ensure the quality of the program by applying the best French and Polish educational standards. The courses that take place over the weekend give you the opportunity to link your professional activity to this education.

The link to the registration form

Such. (48 42) 665 58 33


Francusko-polskie study MBA

Studia podyplomowe online w języku francuskim og angielskim

Two prestigious diplomas

Master of Management and Business Administration (MAE)

Polsko-Francuski Program Studiów w zakresie Zarządzania typu MBA

Jis until July 30th MBA program, realized in the Franco-Polish-Polish partner IAE Business School University Jean Moulin Lyon 3 and Uniwersytetem Łódzkim.

I am proud to announce the selection of French candidates for recruitment in recruitment, which will take place on 30 June 2022.

You are currently studying in Poland, where you can study MBA in French and English.

Czekamy na najlepszych kandydatów zmotywowanych do międzynarodowej kariery menedżerskiej.

Link to the form zgłoszeniowego

Such. (48 42) 665 58 33


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