The French hit “Les Agences de Papa” lands in the meta-verse with Versity®!

Dads, which has revolutionized the sale of real estate online, launches an attack on the metaverse.

Driven by a desire to offer innovation in this field, these experienced entrepreneurs present their new baby: Versity®! In an interview with Coingroup, we were able to ask them our questions to better understand this new project. You will find in this article a summary of this exchange, which will give you more information before the ICO for the project on 23 June.

Father’s meeting

Before studying metaverse details Versity®, let’s take a look at the actors behind this initiative. During this interview, we were actually able to meet three of the main characters in this adventure.

First, Nicolas Fratini, co-founder of Agences de Papa, explained his background to us. Of Italian origin, this serial entrepreneur is not at his first attempt. He was passionate about new technologies and digital and fell in love with the blockchain revolution and later became the initiator of this new Web3 proposal.

In 2018, after leaving his children’s school, Nicolas Frédéric met Ibanez, also co-founder of Agences de Papa. The two men become friends and share their project ideas. Frédéric’s experience in the real estate sector and Nicolas’ knowledge of digitization form an explosive cocktail: the startup Les Agences de Papa was born!

Frédéric Ibanez (left) and Nicolas Fratini. Source: Father’s Agencies

Father’s agencies

Les Agences de Papa is above all an observation. The administrative procedures for selling a property are tedious and expensive; in short, decor-related from reality. At a time when the world is going digital, the real estate sector needed a real overhaul.

Les Agences de Papa is also an attractive offer. In fact, the slogan for entrepreneurial fathers is simple: with us the agency fee is 2000 €! ». With more than 10,000 seats since their inception, Les Agences de Papa quickly established itself as a disruptive player in an aging market.

Finally, Les Agences de Papa is also a method that appeals to consumers. Frédéric explained to us that the digitization of sales processes suited both users and agents. In fact, most sales of goods take place completely externally. In addition, visits are held by the owners themselves; saves time for all parties involved.

In the summer of 2020, the last member present on the day of the interview, Claude Li, participated in the adventure, seduced by the potential of this startup. Former General Manager of OGC Nice, Claude is above all a loving father eager to get involved in new projects.

With the rapid development of the Web3 universe, Papa’s Agencies sees a new opportunity to innovate in the real estate sector. They presented their youngest to us: Versity®!

Source: @Versity

The Versity® promise

Any experienced investor can tell you that the best projects are being built right in the middle bear market. While cryptocurrency prices have been faltering for several months now, the sponsors are working hard to build their new Web3 project.

The idea of Versity® starts with a simple observation. Many property visits do not succeed because potential buyers do not like the neighborhood, the common areas of the building are not to their liking, or the apartment is not bright enough. These shortcomings hamper the sale of real estate, and the startup had to find an alternative.

You would have understood that Versity® wants to be the first real estate metaverse in the world to conduct virtual visits. By modeling the district, the common areas and the different apartments, the user will be able to project himself more quickly and avoid unpleasant surprises during a physical visit and thus save time in his procurement project.

To be most effective in the development of Versity®, entrepreneurial fathers will develop technology that allows real estate professionals (agents, developers, real estate advertisers, etc.) to promote the properties entrusted to them in this new Web3 tool. In fact, the tool developed by Versity® will restore as faithfully as possible the future homes and their environment. The first tests of this technology, based on the Unity graphics engine, are very encouraging, and the Dads have already turned to several promoters who have won over this innovation. The future buyer will therefore be able to project himself better by visualizing his home in the metaverse. Finally, entrepreneurs from the South of France want to offer a tool that is compatible with the latest smartphones to maximize the number of users.

Of course, we are at the creation of the project. The first sight of Versity® is to disrupt the real estate sector by offering a new experience of digital visits. It is thanks to the contribution of the entire real estate ecosystem that the platform will evolve. It will be collaborative and everyone will be able to contribute to its development and development and will be able to be rewarded for it.

Create interest by owning Versity® NFTs

The Web3 dimension of Versity® is partly based on this NFT mechanism, which we will present to you in this part. Based in Nice, the start-up Agences de Papa covers the entire French national territory; it will be the same for Versity®.

To support users in this transition to Web3, NFTs Versity® will be supported by existing postcodes in France. These NFTs are called Parsell®. For example, if you are planning to establish an apartment located in the 10ᵉ arrondissement of Paris, you will have to pay a fee to the owner of the NFT with zip code 75010. Thus, investors who do not want to buy real estate will still be able to interact with this metaverse.

As explained above, the holder of an NFT Parsell® earns a commission on the savings of that Parsell®. There are two types of Parsell®:

  • Premium Parsell® represents 7% of the issued NFTs. These areas correspond to the most coveted zip codes that are gradually being sold at auction.
  • Parsell® Explorers represents tradable areas of the secondary market at a price freely set by their owners

$ SITY token, fuel for this new real estate metavers, available in ICO soon!

All interactions inside Versity® will be made in $ Sity®, the platform’s utility token. The real estate meta-verse thus has its own cryptocurrency based on a reality economy, namely the sale of property. It’s in this Versity® intends to withdraw from the game.

After a dazzling success in private sale, the project will launch its ICO on 23 June. The goal of this operation in 3 rounds will be to raise $ 10,000,000 to accelerate the development of the product. 14% of the total offer of $ Sity® will thus be offered for sale to the general public, ie 1,400,000,000 tokens. For ICOs, the price of the token according to the different rounds will be set as follows:

  • Round 1: unit price set at $ 0.005
  • Round 2: unit price set at $ 0.007
  • Round 3: unit price set at $ 0.009
  • listing : price set at $ 0.01

Les Agences de Papa wants to conquer Web3 with the same enthusiasm that has driven them since their creation. After transforming the real estate sector by drastically reducing agency fees, entrepreneurial fathers land with a new innovation brought to the metaverse. Although their first wish is to minimize the loss of time during property visits, the platform developed by the people of Nice will take the form that its community will give it.

Based on their success, our entrepreneurs can count on large assets to spread this new initiative. In fact, many mutual funds participated in the private fundraising of Versity®. In addition, Agences de Papa in Teddy Riner has found a select partner who will continue to accompany them; both financially and in relation to their brand image. In order not to miss any announcements from Versity®we invite you to follow the project further Twitter and in its advertising channel Telegram.

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