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The first step towards the end of thermal vehicles was taken on 8 June 2022. The European Parliament approved the text on the regulation of CO2 emissions from cars. A victory that was decided by a few votes, but a victory nonetheless.

End of thermal car sales in 2035

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 is to be marked with a white stone. It is in fact on this date that the MEPs, despite opposition from the right wing, approved the text on regulating CO2 emissions from cars and vans by 339 in favor, 249 in favor, 24 against or 24 against. This text is part of the EU’s climate plan, which aims to reduce car emissions by 15% by 2025 and by 55% by 2030. Sales of new thermobiles will be banned from 2035.

In other words, new petrol and diesel cars will no longer be sold on European soil within thirteen years. Ditto for new hybrid models and models running on biofuel. Only new electric models can be sold in car dealerships.

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Challenges to be met and so many questions

The vote on the text on the regulation of CO2 emissions raises several questions concerning electric vehicles. Let us try to answer some of them; questions that many internet users ask themselves.

Should we all own an electric car in 2035?

If the adopted text allows for a ban on the sale of new thermal cars after 2035, it does not require motorists to drive from this date in an electric car. It will just no longer be possible to acquire a new thermal vehicle, as well as a new hybrid model or one that runs on biofuel.

Will it be possible to buy a used thermal car?

However, it will still be possible to get this type of vehicle on the second-hand market, a market that the adopted text does not cover. You will therefore still be able to buy a used, after 2035, petrol or diesel car to drive, and this without time limits. This type of sale will therefore still be allowed, between private individuals, but also in car repair shops.

Will electric cars be more affordable?

It is a fact that electric cars are currently being sold more expensively than thermal cars. However, we can expect, in the coming years, a democratization of this type of model, although with the war in Ukraine and the crisis in semiconductors, the rise in prices of the raw materials used in manufacturing has an impact on their price. . For its part, the French government intends to encourage French motorists to turn to all-electric via a leasing system for less than 100 euros a month for the most modest.

Will electric cars be more autonomous with more efficient batteries?

There is still the question of the current range of electric car batteries, which is currently limited to about 500 km compared to 200 in 2010. This range is therefore far away from that offered by combustion vehicles, but car manufacturers are concentrating their efforts on this issue. Thus, many innovations are expected.

Will France be better equipped with charging stations?

However, let us hope that by that time France will be much better equipped with charging stations than it is today. Pr. As of March 31, the area had 57,732 charging points open to the public, while the original goal was to have 100,000 terminals available by the end of 2020. We therefore need to accelerate their spread by 2035.

Are electric cars really less polluting than thermal cars?

Another crucial question: Are electric cars really less polluting than thermal? Huge questions. According to Ademe (French Environment and Energy Management Agency), “the manufacture, use and useful life of an electric vehicle” produces “two to three times” less greenhouse gas in France than “petrol and diesel vehicles”. But further, Ademe specifies, “the impact of electric vehicles on the climate and the environment varies according to the origin of the electricity used”.

In addition, electric cars also emit fine particles, also specified another study by Ademe, published recently.

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