Press review of this Sunday, June 12, 2022

Bern (awp / ats) – Switzerland’s opening of a war crime investigation in Ukraine, an increase in online psychological manipulation or unvaccinated Swiss employees due are among the topics covered by the Sunday press. Here is the key information, unconfirmed for Keystone-ATS:

SONNTAGSBLICK: Switzerland has opened a war crime investigation in Ukraine. According to SonntagsBlick, the Federal Office of Police (Fedpol) interviewed potential witnesses in Switzerland. These are people who fled Ukraine. The goal is to gather testimonials and evidence. These should be used to be able to respond quickly afterwards to any requests for mutual legal assistance, in particular from the International Criminal Court in The Hague. It would also be possible for the Attorney General himself to initiate a case in the event that the alleged perpetrators of crimes under international law are found on Swiss soil. But so far such a procedure is not underway.

SONNTAGSBLICK: The research group Conflict Armament Research (Car) has found a GPS module from a Swiss company in a Russian reconnaissance and surveillance drone of the type Orlan-10. The drone was found in 2016 in eastern Ukraine, reports SonntagsBlick. The company’s GPS module from Thalwil (ZH) was sold in 2012 and arrived in Russia through several phases. In this case, the company in collaboration with ETHZ and the Association is aware of the military use of the module intended for civilian use. At the time of sale, however, this technology was not subject to export restrictions. Since the imposition of sanctions against Russia on March 4, 2022, the export of this technology has been banned.

LE MATIN DIMANCHE / SONNTAGSZEITUNG: Despite the lack of staff, Swiss does not allow its employees who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 to work, reports Le Matin Dimanche and SonntagsZeitung. This represents 150 pilots and cabin crew. Swiss has started firings itself, but does not want to disclose how many firings have already been made. Swiss justifies its decision, among other things, with the uncertain development in the situation in the autumn and with the fact that the vaccination still corresponds to the authorities’ recommendations. In addition, the input instructions differ depending on the destination. It is too complex to have to take unvaccinated staff into account when planning flights. This week, Swiss announced that 100 flights were canceled in July-August due to lack of staff.

LE MATIN SUNDAY: More and more young people are being tricked by sexual predators who encourage them to prostitute themselves on the internet by providing pictures for money, reports Le Matin Dimanche. This way of proceeding is part of the techniques of online psychological manipulation, i.e. all the means used by predators to gain a minor’s confidence in obtaining child pornographic content. “Teenagers are facing ever-increasing demands that force them to consume all sorts of things […]so they are tempted by this promise of easy money “, warns Homayra Sellier, president of the association Innocence in danger, quoted in the newspaper. In addition to money, emotions can also pressure children to send pictures. The pandemic has exacerbated the trend .The Federal Statistical Office, showing the figures for this type of manipulation since 2020, registered 141 cases last year, 8% more than the year before.The cases would be much more.

NZZ AM SONNTAG: A tax on airline tickets for climate policy reasons is likely to gather a majority: 72% of the population would support an incentive tax, according to a representative poll by the GfS Zurich Institute, released by NZZ am Sonntag. It was completed with 1000 people. Two out of five people (42%) are in favor of an increase of 30 Swiss francs for short-haul flights and 120 Swiss francs for long-haul flights. Younger people tend to lean towards the lowest possible tax. Three quarters of respondents want the profits to go to Swiss climate protection projects. A little more than half want to promote international rail traffic. The study was conducted on behalf of the environmental organization Active-TrafiC. The Transport and Environment Association (ATE) is also in favor of a tax on airline tickets. It plans to launch a popular initiative in this direction in 2023.

SONNTAGSZEITUNG: A couple have filed a complaint against the bank Julius Baer and are demanding more than 22 million Swiss francs in compensation. According to SonntagsZeitung, a former bank employee allegedly embezzled millions of Swiss francs for years to finance his lavish lifestyle – including real estate in Switzerland, a yacht in the Mediterranean and a luxury car. “Julius Baer’s adviser treated the client’s assets as if they were his own. At the same time, he presented the withdrawals as client investments,” the couple’s lawyer explains in the newspaper. However, the bank’s security systems did not give notice when suspicious payments were made, he adds. The bank does not comment on the case. “We can not take a position on alleged or factual matters concerning customers,” a spokeswoman said.

Note: This information has not been confirmed by ATS.

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