Metaverse: meta-whiskey enters the virtual world with a digital distillery

A distillery in the metaverse: goodbye to the risk of getting drunk and holding a show, but you can discover the secrets behind your favorite drink. Why go to university when you can educate yourself in this way?

Angel’s Envy, a Kentucky craft distillery owned by Bacardi Limited, has entered the meta-verse. And yes; now you can drink tons of “whiskey” without waking up the next day in a stranger’s bathroom.

This may be the first entry of alcoholic spirits into the virtual world, but producer Heineken has already proven itself in this area with its digital lager.

Angel’s Envy Distillery has just completed a $ 8.2 million expansion to its real-world headquarters. That said, for those who could not reach it in person, the company has urged to participate in its alcoholic festivities in the meta-verse. And in the metaverse, it is impossible to have a hangover that makes you regret having tasted that whiskey.

The company’s new headquarters were thus replicated in the meta-verse, and held an event to celebrate National Bourbon Day.

If there is not a day dedicated to your thesis in 2022, does it really exist?

Either way, from the 14th to the 20th. June, fans of the metaverse can take part in a series of challenges to unlock free NFTs for sports. They will also receive a protocol token for proof of presence. You can learn how to make bourbon and make fake branded cocktails.

Users in the United States will be able to purchase the raw metaverse cocktail they have invented, and may also purchase a set to recreate it, which will be delivered to their home by the Cocktail Courtyard.

Metaverse distillery: You can not get drunk and make a show of yourself, but you can learn about your favorite drink.

In addition, you can even plant virtual trees. Why save the world in reality when you can do it in the digital world? This virtual tree planting campaign is part of the Decentraland distillery’s “Toast the Trees” program. Participants can thus plant virtual white oak trees around the distillery.

The aim is to increase public awareness of the importance of the white goat population. The future of bourbon depends on it. But why has no one told us about it before? Let’s all plant a white oak NOW.

distillery games

Other fun experiences include barrel customization in the barrel room, a mashbill challenge and a quest for ingredients to make ultra-special metacocktails. Why can we not do it in real life? It looks like a good old village party!

Metaverse distillery: You can not get drunk and make a show of yourself, but you can learn about your favorite drink.

For residents of the United States, the minimum age of 21 is required to participate. For people from other countries in the world where it is legal to consume alcohol from the age of 18, we are sure you will lie and say that you have reached the age of 21. You might as well get used to lying about your age: once you turn 40, it will be a daily practice.

The good news is that you do not need a digital wallet; you can participate in the match as a guest. Even better, you can design a much sexier avatar than you will ever be in real life.

Metaverse distillery: You can not get drunk and make a show of yourself, but you can learn about your favorite drink.
See how beautiful I am in the meta verse!

Gigi DaDan, CEO of Angel’s Envy, said: “We can now better meet the incredible demand from visitors who want to experience our premises and learn about our distillery. We are excited to launch Angel’s Envy Meta Distillery on National Bourbon Day and look forward to launching activities and celebrating bourbon with new audiences from around the world through this virtual experience. “

The launch of Meta Distillery makes the whiskey the first in Bacardi’s portfolio of brands to emerge in the metaverse.

Adam de Cata, Head of Partnerships for the Decentraland Foundation, said: “We are pleased to welcome Decentraland’s first distillery. As we have seen over the last few months, people want to participate in the meta-verse with activities and products they can connect with this reality. ”

Any tequila from the metaverse?

If the whiskey distillery was the first to launch, another brand of alcoholic beverage intended to arrive in the meta-verse before everyone else.

In fact, tequila brand Jose Cuervo announced in March that it would open Decentraland’s first meta-distillery. Jose Cuervo operates the oldest real distillery in Latin America.

metaverse tequila

Its representatives said in a press release that they are planning virtual experiences, tequila training, giveaways as well as sales of limited edition products.

Lander Otegui is Senior Vice President of Marketing at Proximo Spirits. He said: “José Cuervo is no stranger to launching tequila in places he has never explored before. We obtained the first distilling license in Tequila, in the Mexican state of Jalisco, where the Cuervo family created the national spirit more than 260 years ago. Even today, it produces its tequila in the oldest distillery in Latin America. Cuervo came to the United States over 70 years ago to help create America’s favorite cocktail, the margarita. It’s time for her to cross a new border and introduce tequila to a new one. audience by opening the very first distillery in the meta-verse.

However, there are no signs of tequila in the metaverse yet. I guess the tequila should stay cold in our house, in real life and with lots of lime.


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