In Vierzon, the guinguet settles down this Sunday, in a new tourist area near the canal

One and a half years ago, the Vierzon Roads Operations Center left its building on the Quai du Bassin to move to the Route de Tours. This building is now owned by the municipality of Vierzon Sologne Berry, which wants to make it a real tourist center.

Every Sunday until 28 August

From this afternoon, the guinguette du canal takes on its new setting, with a real parquet floor. “You can come and dance every Sunday until August 28,” says François Dumon, president of the Community of Municipalities. Admission to the guinguette remains free.

Not only will a bar be installed under the guinguette, but in addition, catering will be offered on Saturday evenings (French-Japanese cuisine) and Sunday lunchtime and evenings (family cuisine). It is Matteo Cordier, the manager of the restaurant l’Ellipse, in Les Forges, who will be in the kitchen.

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The new space covers 3,000 square meters. The cost to the municipal community amounts to 78,000 euros. The dancers get more space as the dance floor now fills 120 square meters, compared to 100 square meters as it was below the barnum on the edge of the Berry Canal.

The only downside is that the dancers will not see the canal directly as it passes right by. “There will be an exhibition loaned by the Association for the reopening of the Canal de Berry (Arécabe), delays Magali Touratier, director of tourism and congressional services in municipal communities. As a result, we will still have a view of the water. In addition, we have a magnificent views of Notre-Dame Church. “

“This project would allow us to discover our heritage.”

Either way, the guinguette is just a scene. The municipalities plan to make this space “a real place for life”, in the words of François Dumons. The community is currently working on bike loops towards Graçay and Neuvy-sur-Barangeon from the Berry Canal by bike. “This project would allow us to discover our heritage. This new tourist area will also be occupied by the Vierzon tourist office, which will be moved there on Sundays (from 13.30 to 18.00), in July and August. On Sunday morning, the office will be open in the city center. .

So far, therefore, only the guinguette and the tourist office are to occupy the new space. But that should change. In addition, the Association for the Reopening of the Berry Canal had the privilege of seeing this place last Saturday and Sunday for the Biefs en écluses event. “It’s magnificent and it’s much more comfortable than barnums,” says André Barre, president of Arecabe. These are premises worthy of a city like Vierzon. Our colleagues from Orléans really appreciated it. Can’t wait for next year. »

Practice. Guinguette Canal. Musical entertainment and refreshable. Every Sunday, from 15 to 18, until 28 August, Quai du Bassin in Vierzon. Catering on Saturdays from kl. 19.00 to midnight; Sunday from 11:00 to 15:00 and from 19:00 to midnight.


Sunday in June.?12: Sébastien Lecoin. 19: Pascal-Thomas. 26: Ysoline Ttrichot. Sunday in July.?13: Henri Ortiz. 10: Pascal-Thomas. 17: Ysoline Trichot. 24: Laurent Berroyer. 31: Copter Musette. Sundays in August. 7: Michel Pasquet. 14: Musette Sunday. 21: Henry Ortiz. 28: Pascal-Thomas.

Benoit Morin

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