Head of the pizzeria in the Louviers, Kader Chelil wins a car

Kader Chelil, the manager of Délices Pizza, won this car, an almost new petrol Fiat Panda. © Louvier’s broadcast – Pierre CHOISNET

“You do not have to order pizza or anything from us to win the car!” » Kader Chelil insists on this point. that head of Délices Pizza Louviers (Eure)in rue du Quai, organizes again a contest. As a key, one Fiat Panda (petrol) almost new from a value around € 12,000.

The rule is simple. All you have to do is pick up a ticket (at the pizzeria or a partner Louvier’s store), enter your details (last name, first name, address, email and phone) and drop it off at the restaurant’s ballot box. ONE the draw will take place on July 21, 2022 next to find the lucky winner of the vehicle. If he is not no need to eat at Délices Pizza to participate, however, Kader Chelil sticks to his only requirement: to reside in one circumference of 15 km around the Louviers (see card). ONE proof of residence (or an identity document) will be requested before the prize is awarded to the winner.

To win the car, simply stay within a 15km radius of the Louviers
To win the car, simply stay within a 15km radius of the Louviers © calcmaps.com

Won to play

The pizza maker grew up in the Louviers and now lives in Incarville, a neighboring town

The car has already been purchased. It is almost new. It flocks in the colors of the restaurant and the competition, and I take it to show it in the Louviers and its surroundings. But the stickers come off easily. It has only 2 or 3000 km.

Kader Chelil
LOUVIERS - Délices Pizza - Competition to win a Kader Chelil car - June - July 2022 (3)
To participate, simply fill out this form and enter your last name, first name, address, email and phone number. © Louvier’s broadcast – Pierre CHOISNET

Kader Chelil is a regular at this type of competition. IN In 2015, he won a Toyota Aygo (won by a woman at Bernay) and ind In 2018, it was a T-Max scooter (won by a young Loverian). Every time there was more than 10,000 participants, but it was on a par with the Délices Pizza group (Louviers, Elbeuf, Vernon, Le Neubourg, Bourg-Achard, Brionne and Forges-les-Eaux). This year, the merchant only wanted to organize the game in his Loverian restaurant.

Why such a gesture? Kader Chelil answers.

I had a good turnover. I would delight someone, a customer or not, to make a change. I would like to say thank you to everyone. If my business is doing well, it’s also because customers are loyal.

Kader Chelil

“It’s a win-win,” the mayor says

The pizza maker will also get an image benefit. “It’s very good this kind of action. It’s always good to have Louviers merchants investing in city life. It’s a great way to make yourself known and develop positive communication around your brand. It’s a win-win, Said François-Xavier Priollaud (MoDem), Mayor of Louvier.

The latter will also be “the innocent hand” which will draw on 21 July. The elected official notes that “more and more companies are establishing operations targeting the inhabitants and the territories”, which is not to displease him.

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LOUVIERS - Délices Pizza - Competition to win a Kader Chelil car - June - July 2022 (1)
The stickers on the car are easily removed, promises Kader Chelil. The winner (or winner) receives a white car. © Louvier’s broadcast – Pierre CHOISNET

“No intermediate test”

Ideally, Kader Chelil would like the winner to be “someone who really needs the car”.

If the CEO of Val de Pharm wins, it will also be played and I will be happy to hand over the keys to him. There are no resource requirements to participate.

Kader Chelil

The manager of Délices Pizza knows that he does not want to change the fate of the winner, but “giving a helping hand is enough”. Every year and a half, he creates this kind of game in his restaurant. “I think it’s important to think about others, especially in the current context, which is difficult for many people, especially the most modest, with the international crisis, diesel oil rising, prices rising,” he says. .

The same intention lies behind the partnership that the restaurant has had since November last year with Secours Populaire and Secours Catholique. The recipients of these two charities can actually raise pizzas for free thanks to vouchers given by the restaurant. “We give about thirty a month and it goes very well,” he says.

Kader Chelil also states that “the game is not mandatory”. On the other hand, for all orders placed via the Internet, a participant note is automatically printed out and placed in the ballot box. “I can not wait to see the joy of the person who will win the car,” the manager launches, remembering that “the game started in early May and will remain open until the morning of July 21st.”

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