What are the cars that will no longer be allowed to drive in 2025 in Caen and in the urban area?

Which cars will no longer be able to circulate in Caen and in the urban area by 2025? © ifeelstock – stock.adobe.com – hadrian-ifeelstock – hadrian-ifeelstock

CRIT’air 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. These colored stickers on the car windshields definitely tell you something. To Caen and in the urban community of Caen added more, they are not mandatory. But that will soon change.

The Climate Act, passed in the summer of 2021, generalizes the principle of EPZ (low emission zones) to all urban areas with more than 150,000 inhabitants from 1 January 2025. This means that vehicles that are too old will no longer be able to circulate. With more than 276,000 inhabitants, Caen will no longer break the law.

A working committee since January

Since the beginning of the year, a steering group dedicated to ZFEs has been launched in Caen la mer. It is Hélène Burgat, Vice President in charge of ecological change, who has taken the lead. By his side, Nicolas Joyau (responsible for mobility) and Dominique Goutte (responsible for economic development). “This issue of ZFEs could be addressed independently of the 48 mayors of Caen la Mer or jointly. After consultation and for the sake of coherence, it is the urban community that addresses this issue,” explains Hélène Burgat. Regular working meetings are held to discuss all the problems that this law entails, and in particular the means that will be put in place to respond to them.Then comes the time for large-scale communication to the people “around the middle of 2024”.

The purpose of ZFE is to improve air quality. “We have pollution peaks more and more often, and we are being asked more and more often to avoid playing outdoor sports because we are harming our children’s lungs,” argues Hélène Burgat. is up to us to see how we can support them.

“Everyone is worried”

The final scope of ZFE has not yet been defined by Caen la mer. Two scenarios are envisaged. “We can either follow the plan drawn up by the state, which includes a few municipalities located outside Caen la Mer because they are within the perimeter of the A84. Or also establish a perimeter itself, which should include half of The inhabitants of Caen la mer, i.e. concrete Caen and the first ring.

ZFE perimeter defined by the state.
ZFE perimeter defined by the state. © Freedom
The second possible ZFE circumference.  Caen sea will have to decide.
The second possible ZFE circumference. Caen sea will have to decide. © Freedom

If it is mandatory to establish a perimeter, in fact, many more municipalities than those in Caen la mer are de facto affected by the ZFE.

All the people who come to Caen to do their shopping, to the hospital, to those who have to go through the ring road … In the end, everyone is worried.

Helen Burgat

The steering group has already met with the chairmen of the surrounding intermediate municipalities to keep them informed.

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How many vehicles are affected?

Hélène Burgat confirms this: “We do not want to go beyond the law”. It is therefore primarily about CRIT’air 5 vehicles from 1 January 2025. The rest of the timetable has not yet been determined by Caen la mer, but in the municipalities already affected by ZFE, CRIT’air 4 and 3 vehicles are included.

To date, there are 2,284 CRIT’air 5 vehicles affected by us out of a fleet of 153,000 vehicles. By 2025, we will be under 2,000 vehicles. The amount of vehicles affected will not be significant.

Helen Burgat

Is concerned about the CRIT’air 5 vignette, only diesel and similar vehicles whose first registration is between 1 July 1997 and 31 December 2000 inclusive. “By 2025, these vehicles will be almost 30 years old, volume should be reduced.” The elected representative already advises motorists to look at where their vehicle is located on the CRIT’air scale “to anticipate”.

Crit'Air vignettes
Crit’Air vignettes © certificat-air.gouv.fr

What help for households?

For motorists who will no longer be able to travel with their old car, the issue of financial assistance is crucial. “Everything will be done gradually,” reassures the elected representative.

The state has already set up several financial aids for the purchase of a cleaner vehicle, including the conversion bonus, which can go up to € 5,000. It is available to households whose reference tax income is less than € 18,000 per year. per share and from the scrapping of a pre-2011 diesel vehicle or a pre-2006 petrol vehicle. In ZFEs, an “additional premium” of € 1,000 is added. conversion bonus. It can be combined with the organic bonus. “Society will also provide financial assistance, we need to define the amount and the criteria,” adds Hélène Burgat.

What sanctions?

“Where ZFE is set up, we do not really see any fines,” explains Hélène Burgat. However, non-automated controls are provided by Caen la mer.

This will, for example, take the form of random checks by the police at the entrance to municipalities.

Prohibit motorists should expect a fine of 68 € for private vehicles and utility vehicles and 165 € for heavy goods vehicles.

In other cities there are exemptions for certain professions such as craftsmen or for construction machinery … “All this is under discussion at the moment”.

Many outstanding issues

In addition to a limitation for motorists, the question of ZFE raises the question of the alternative offers for the car that Caen la mer offers. ” How to organize public transport? Should we use or build relay parking lots so motorists can leave their cars and continue the rest of their journey in carbon-free transportation? These are the questions that are on the table right now and that we want to answer, ”says Hélène Burgat. The logic of the last mile for airlines is also a priority. “We are giving ourselves a year to decide all these issues,” the elected official concludes.

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