The Last of Us Part 1: star in a ruined summer game party 2022?

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The Last of Us was the star of the video game’s summer opening night. With Summer Game Fest, Geoff Keighley is trying for the third year in a row to continue this tradition, which has been established at E3 since 1995. Unfortunately, this edition was disappointing, on the other hand, The Last of Us was there to save the show with announcements and lots of focus. That’s what we learned there.


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  • The Last of Us Part 1: more than just a remaster
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When leaks ruin the party …

We learned a lot about The Last of Us, and unfortunately we learned it an hour before the event. In fact, after months and months of rumors that we thought were only half-formulated, reality hit us in the face. The project leaked literally everywhere, and the source of this leak was neither more nor less than PlayStation. In fact, the pages dedicated to the game, which are usually hidden from the public, have been found and published online. And there was literally EVERYTHING. Cover, price of editions, details of the game and even trailer that can be seen directly on the Sony website. From there, word got around and we could only hope for one thing: that it would not be the highlight of the show. It was an accident and we felt that the party was a bit spoiled by this leak as no other announcement was of this caliber. Naughty Dog and The Last of Us, in series and in games, represented 12 minutes of a 2 hour show.

The Last of Us Part 1: more than just a remaster

Already, first news, this re-release of The Last of Us will recreate a very clever subtitle: Part 1. With its sequel Part 2, the circle is complete and it will now be easy to identify the original version on PS3, of the remastered version on PS4, and of the PS5 and PC version which will therefore be called Part 1. And yes, we are already at the 2nd release of the legendary game, which was originally launched in 2013. It will therefore celebrate 10 years anniversary l next years, and intends to expand its aura further. To appeal to a whole new audience across PS5 and PC, The Last of Us Part 1 has renewed its animations and adjusted the more realistic performance-capturing animations. Basically, they reused the footage from 2012 and reproduced them on new tools for better reproduction. We see it in the images, with reworked textures, and in addition to the visual aspect and content that integrates the DLC Left Behind, it is also on the standards of accessibility and gameplay that this Last of Us Part 1 will bring its stone to building . As we know, the fighting game was not the strong point of the 2013 game, and on it, Part 2 has improved the formula incredibly. We can therefore hope that this new version takes up the basics. After all, the developer, who has taken over the project in recent months, promises a total review of the experience with modernized gameplay. It also incorporates more accessibility, that is, varied options that give people, with or without disabilities, the opportunity to fully enjoy the experience. The Part 1 version will therefore be the ultimate version. The title is scheduled for PS5 on September 2, 2022 and is under development for PC. Which means that the 2’s will most likely arrive in Steam in 2023/2024 if we follow the current customization scheme at Sony. That being said, there is still something that escaped the leak prior to the conference, and this is another much awaited project from Naughty Dog.

The Last of Us Part 1: star in a ruined summer game party 2022?

The multiplayer project

Survivors of the Leak, the famous multiplayer project from the developer of The Last of Us, took advantage of this Summer Game Fest opening conference to reveal themselves a little bit … Neil Druckmann showed a work of art and some info about the project. It is currently officially unnamed. And all we’re seen is a city, potentially San Francisco, run-down, and two characters who are on the roofs and on guard against what’s going on behind them and under them. Typical The Last of Us vibe, and not for nothing, for the game was basically a sequel to the first game Faction mode, which was to be developed for The Last of Us 2. Since then, the second game has sold 10 million copies , and the game’s multiplayer mode has become a real Stand Alone. The project is now a real game whose size and ambitions have nothing to envy the company’s solo games and even surpass them at certain points. They’ve been working on it for two years, but do not get me wrong, we’re not talking about a simple online confrontation game. There, we are promised a story, characters, and everything we need to do, from what was once a simple multiplayer mode, a major project in the Last of Us universe. Neil Druckmann makes a deal in 2023 to learn more. 2022 is actually also a year of footage for the HBO series dedicated to the adventures of Joel and Ellie.


You’ve definitely seen it on social networks, ruined landscapes, short rides, squat steps. Yes, The Last of Us is coming to the series, with Pedro Pascal in the role of Joel. It’s him playing Mandalorian from The Mandalorian and Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones. To play Ellie, Bella Ramsey takes on the role, also in Game of Thrones in the person of Lyanna Mormont. On the distribution side, the series costs $ 200 million and gets a total of 10 episodes, produced by PlayStation and HBO, with Craig Mazin from the Chernobyl series at the helm, and of course Neil Druckmann. We also learned that the latter had directed an episode, which he brought us a small picture of, where we see our two main characters hiding for a clicker hidden in the background of the plan. This intervention in the middle of the Summer Game Fest was also an opportunity to find Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, who play the two main characters in the games. We have learned that they will play two characters in the show, and not just for cameos. We can discover them in the flesh in 2023 in the series airing on HBO.

The Last of Us Part 1: star in a ruined summer game party 2022?

After Last of Us

While the studio is bigger than ever, to use Neil Druckmann’s words, one wonders what will be the next step? Officially, from February 2022, we know that the studio is working on 3 different games. Part 1 counts as one, multiplayer is second, so what’s third? So far we do not know. A new Uncharted to take advantage of the PS5 in depth? After all, the re-release of the Legacy of Thieves Collection on PS5 allows you to test the waters and get your hands on the tools … Or maybe The Last of Us Part 3? All eventualities are possible, and apart from repeated major leaks, it will be necessary to wait until 2023 or 2024 to officially make this third project so mysterious …

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