Enjoy lots of discounts on Samsung phones and their compatible accessories

If your phone is getting old and you are looking for a newer device, or if you just want to upgrade your current model with an inductive charging station, there is good news: Best Buy Mobile is running a great campaign. On the menu, unlocked Samsung phones and cordless charging stations.

If many people take a new phone every time they change their mobile subscription and distribute its payment throughout their contract, others will much prefer to buy the device brand new.

This has several benefits, especially the fact that you are able to choose the mobile subscription of your choice and pay it much less.

Just in time for the start of summer, Best Buy Mobile is launching its Family & Friends sale. This means that until June 16, 2022, we can take advantage of discounts on various unlocked devices from Samsung, especially on the entire S22 series and on Belkin and Mophie wireless chargers.

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Samsung’s creme de la crème on special

The South Korean brand launched new versions of its advanced phone in February 2022, Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 + and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Advanced means higher prices, so every time these devices are for sale, it’s the perfect time to get your fingers in them and save some money.

Samsung S22, S22 + and S22 Ultra are all part of the Best Buy discount.

Modern design, excellent refurbished camera, fast and smooth processor, Samsung S22 and S22 + are devices of excellent quality and live up to Samsung’s reputation.

Available in 4 colors – black, black, pink and green – Galaxy S22 128GB and Galaxy S22 256GB are on $ 190 discount and thus return to resp $ 909.99 and $ 979.99.

The larger Galaxy S22 + models are available in the same toner and are too $ 190 discountcorresponding to $ 1209.99 to 128GB and $ 1279,99 to 256 GB.

If you want to push the Samsung experience to its best, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is also part of the Best Buy specialty.

Larger, more powerful and accompanied by the famous pencil S Pen, Galaxy S22 Ultra in black, green and red is on $ 210 and discount and costs 1439.99 USD to 128 GB, $ 1579.99 to 256 GB and $ 1719.99 to 512 GB.

Speed ​​and connection at a more affordable price

If you are less technically savvy but want a reliable phone from a reputable brand that no longer needs to prove itself, the Samsung A13 5G might be for you.

sale Best Buy Samsung A13 5G

The more affordable Samsung A13 5G is also part of the Best Buy Mobile specialty.

Camera with three lenses, long-lasting battery with fast charging, fast and reliable processor, in short a gem for average daily use.

The price of the Galaxy A13 5G is also less likely to scare you while on $ 30 off and returns to $ 299.99 during the campaign.

Belkin wireless charging mats on special

I do not know if you are like me, but I love that the latest models of smartphones have inductive charging technology.

With up to 10W of power to quickly charge your devices, just drop your phone or tablet on the mat and let the magic happen.

Sale Best Buy Belkin Chargers

The Belkin Boost Charge mat is at $ 5 off and returns to $ 29.99.

If you want to use your device in portrait or landscape mode while charging, Belkin’s Boost Charge stand is also available. $ 5 off and costs $ 34.99.

Do you have more than one device to charge? Belkin also has a dual Boost Charge mat, which is $ 10 off and costs $ 49.99.

Especially Mophie charging accessories

If you are someone who is busy and always on the go and wants to charge your devices even faster, the Mophie company offers accessories up to 15W.

Their classic loading mat is at $ 15 off and returns to $ 44.99.

Their all-in-one model – a bit slower at 7.5 W – lets you charge headphones and a watch in addition to your phone.

He is at $ 60 off and returns to $ 99.99.

Sale Best Buy Refill Mophie

If you want charging products for the whole family instead, but some members have iPhones instead, Mophie has hybrid products that are compatible with MagSafe.

The classic wireless charger is at $ 11 off and returns to $ 33.99.

The loading support is on the other side $ 10 off and costs $ 59.99.

For the car is the air valve mounting bracket $ 15 off and returns to $ 44.99.

See the entire Best Buy’s family and friends campaign

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