As in a Wes Anderson movie: cruise the English countryside aboard the British Pullman – 06/11/2022 at. half past eight

Director Wes Anderson has redesigned one of the British Pullman’s carriages. Photo credit: Getty Images

Director Wes Anderson (aboard Darjeeling Limited, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The French Dispatch) has redesigned the mythical British Pullman’s Cygnus car. Embark on this luxury train for a timeless journey through England.

The British Pullman is reviving the golden age of rail travel

The British Pullman is part of Britain’s railway heritage: twin to the famous Venice Simplon Orient-Express, it consists of 11 beautifully restored old carriages. Each car has a unique style and its own history. Some belonged to the Brighton Belle and Golden Arrow luxury trains. Others carried distinguished guests such as the royal family or General de Gaulle.

Departing from London Victoria station, passengers embark on a journey through the English countryside (Bath, Canterbury, Cambridge), but also through time.

Tea time

gourmet lunch or dinner washed down with champagne: the British Pullman revives the golden age of rail travel for a luxurious holiday.

From Darjeeling Limited to British Pullman

It was Wes Anderson, known for his unique sense of aesthetics and his obsession with symmetry, that the company Belmond (owner of the British Pullman) encouraged to renovate one of the cars, the Cygnus. This collaboration makes perfect sense. IN

The Darjeeling Limited

(2007), the director staged the initial journey of three brothers aboard a train crossing India. “I love trains! I had many opportunities to invent train compartments for my films, so when I was asked to do so in real life, I said yes without hesitation,” says Wes Anderson. I was very excited to create something new , at the same time as I contributed to the conservation work that lies in all projects related to this train. ”

A 100% Wes Anderson decor

The instructor breathed his vision into the project, without betraying the DNA of this mythical 1950s car. He managed to modernize the decor while retaining the original spirit, especially thanks to remarkable marquetry work. Two magnificent panels sit in the center of the car, on either side of the corridor. The different types of wood form clouds, stars, waves and sunbeams.

More attentive travelers will notice the nods to Cygnus, son of Poseidon, after whom the car is named. The latter are often represented in the form of a swan and immortalized in a constellation. In addition to the stars, more details refer to it: a silver leaf placed on the ceiling evokes the reflection on the water surface, the champagne buckets have the shape of the palm …

Perfectly symmetrical lines – one of the characteristics of the instructor – emphasize the shape of chairs and mirrors. Combined with golden details, they are part of the Art Deco aesthetic. The fabrics for armchairs, rugs and curtains are available in shades of green combined with the pastel pink ceiling and mahogany furniture. This decor looks just like a Wes Anderson movie!

Take a timeless vacation

The “Pullman Dining by Wes Anderson” offer is available from

400 lbs

Per person (

470 euros

). The Cygnus car has two private coupes that can accommodate up to four people (“Pullman coupe by Wes Anderson”, from kl.

1,800 pounds

it is

2,100 euros

). Finally, the carriage can be privatized for 26 guests.

“Accidentally Wes Anderson”: a mythical Instagram account

Symmetrical decor, bright colors … In 2017, a couple in New York, Amanda and Wally Kowal, launched the Instagram account @AccidentallyWesAnderson. The latter lists the most Wes Andersonesque places on the planet. Today, it brings together a community of

1.6 million fans

. A book with the 200 most representative images was even published in 2020 with a foreword by the director



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