UFOs: After years of silence, NASA is finally speaking out

News hardware UFOs: After years of silence, NASA is finally speaking out

UFOs fascinate both the general public and scientists. It felt good

NASA orders scientists to study UFOs for 9 months

It was 50 years that the US Congress had not held a public hearing on the issue of UFOs, which fascinates the crowds so much. And yet, in May 2022, there was one.

Following this new consultation, NASA commissioned a scientific study about “Uidentified Aerial Phenomena”, which would commonly be translated as “Uidentified Flying Objects” by us.

The research team is independent of the US government and will be led by David Spergel. The astrophysicist said he will seek to collect as much data as possible and his team will analyze it without preconceived idea. The results will be published. However, one thing needs to be clarified:

More than little green men, what worries the Pentagon, above all, is air safety in the United States. Because yes, a UFO could very well be a Russian or Chinese spy drone or whatever.

The study of UFOs as spaceships, a case closed for a long time?

This new study launched by NASA is part of a long international line.

As with all subjects, scientists must have an open mind. If solid evidence is presented regarding the present more or less close to us for an intelligent extraterrestrial life, it is necessary to be able to accept them.

How groups of experts are formed. In France we have GEIPAN (Study and Information Group on Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena) established in 1977, whose mission is to collect, analyze and archive everything related to UAPs, a new name for UFOs.

GEIPAN is made up of scientists and has partnerships with Météo-France, the army and lots of very serious and very official organizations.

According to Roger Baldacchino, head of GEIPAN, the group receives an average of 600 inquiries a year, giving rise to about 150 inquiries. Climate phenomena, drones, planes, dust passing in front of a lens, fakes in good and proper shape … the debunks pile up.

Scientific groups dedicated to the issue, such as GEIPAN, have been around the world for decades. Some even spend their time actively searching for traces of evolved life in our galaxy. Problem : although certain phenomena struggle to be identified, we still have no tangible evidence that they are extraterrestrial manifestations.

It does not mean that there is no extraterrestrial civilization, it just means that right now we can not say that there is.

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

UFOs: After years of silence, NASA is finally speaking out

Physicist Enrico Fermi, crowned with his Nobel Prize in 1938, discussed possible extraterrestrial life with his friends on a balmy evening in 1950. A simple question arose, but one that still creates some of the most prominent brains today. How to summarize:

Given the youth of our sun compared to billions of other stars in our galaxy, if a civilization could have evolved elsewhere than on Earth, it would be much older and therefore much more advanced than us. Their representatives should already be visible. Why this great silence?

We obviously have no room here to summarize decades of scientific debate on this issue. The reflections she conveyed are numerous (we invite you to find out the formidable dragon equation) and there is no consensus. However, one of the answers to the Fermi paradox rang “Fantastic filter”especially fascinates me, so I share it with you.

Enrico Fermi

UFOs: After years of silence, NASA is finally speaking out

This answer should say that:

  • There are one or more “Great Filters” blocking the evolution of a galactic civilization, which is why we do not see any. Thereby:
  • Either we had incredible luck and we are the first intelligent civilization of the Milky Way. The “Great Filter” would then be placed before the birth of a civilization like ours, and we have already passed it.
  • Either we are not so special and this banality condemns us to extinction in the relatively near future, when “Big Filter” would not be behind, but in front of us.

If we discover the remains of an ancient extinct extraterrestrial civilization, it means that the development of intelligent life is not such a rare phenomenon.

If this phenomenon is not so rare, but no civilization has expanded before it is visible (e.g., by using a “Dyson sphere” around its star), it is because it is systematically prevented. It is “filtered” before it gets too big. The weather or otherwise, if the “big filter” happens in the future, we are doomed.

So let’s pray that NASA again this time finds nothing.

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