this year’s electric car has its jury

We announced to you a few days ago that Automobile Propre is launching the Watts d’Or, the trophy for this year’s electric car.

In the calendar of the organization of this event, the composition of the jury is a crucial first step. We wanted to have a jury representative for the sector (of course), but that would not necessarily consist exclusively of highly specialized people. Having a jury open to topics such as innovation and energy conversion in the broadest sense seemed to us essential, and therefore it is not exclusively composed of car journalists.

Another important criterion for us is parity. We have not quite reached it for the sake of the schedule of those contacted, but we are not far from it. And above all, the president is a president and she is not a professional in the automotive industry. But her incredibly rich career in the world of technology, her resume and the recognition of her peers speak for her and will allow her to have a different view of the different categories that will shape this trophy.

The composition of a jury is a delicate exercise that requires diplomacy and balance, and we know from experience that unanimity is rarely achieved. However, we have worked in this direction, and transparency about the jury’s decisions will be our commitment until the final decision and the presentation of the trophies next November.

What is the role of the Watts d’Or jury?

Under the direction of the jury president, the jury’s mission is to

  • Define the categories of the trophy,
  • Define the candidates in each category,
  • Come with your point of view and experience,
  • Debate on the relevance of the proposed candidates,
  • Vote,
  • Other miscellaneous consultations in connection with the organization of the event.

Here is the composition of the jury for Watts d’Or

(you will find a presentation gallery from the jury at the bottom of this page)

Project manager and coordinator

Erik Dupin

An expert in innovation in the digital field and a fan of cars, Eric is an editorial writer for Automobile Propre and Cleanrider and a consultant. He edits and also hosts the Automobile Propre podcast. Earlier in 2005, he had founded the digital media Presse-citron, one of the French-speaking leaders in the news of innovation and Tech, which he sold in 2018 to the Keleops group, number 1 in high-tech news. -tech in France.

Eric will not be part of the jury, but will intervene in coordination and organizational issues.

The jury


Fanny Button

Fanny is probably France’s most famous nerd with an impressive professional track record. She is not a car specialist, but her skills and knowledge in everything technical are unsurpassed and she enjoys a huge fame in the sector. Fan of mechanics, in her activities as an influencer, she has already had the opportunity to test and drive carsand it closely follows innovation in this field, and it is also sensitive to the transition to clean energies.

Member of the editorial staff of Automobile Propres

Pierre Desjardins

Pierre was a longtime journalist in the automotive industry and worked for more than 15 years at Caradisiac, one of the leading digital media in the automotive industry. He has been the Editor-in-Chief of Automobile Propre since April 2022.

Media / Digital / influence

Mary Lizak

Marie is a freelance automotive journalist and photographer. She is always in love with cars and photography, and she combines these two passions and has made it her profession. She edits the page A girl is drivingrecognized for its editorial quality and detailed essays illustrated with high quality photos.

Jean-Christophe Gigniac

Co-founder of LaChaineEvsite and Youtube channel on the electric car, which he runs with his sidekick Alexandre Homberger, Jean-Christophe also leads other activities in the Internet sector. He is passionate about car technology (he drives electric himself) and regularly publishes detailed and original tests on his YouTube channel, not only without a hint of humor, but also without concessions.

Raphaelle Baut

Car journalist for Numerama and blogger, Raphaëlle has developed as an expert in the web and the digital world for many years. She also personally publishes two websites dedicated to the car, Miss280ch and Miss-KW.

Cedric Freour

Producer and consultant in editorial communication specializing in the automotive industry, Cédric was for many years “Mr. Prime Minister” for the famous POA, an exceptional digital medium dedicated to automotive passion. Cédric is a fan of innovation and is a car columnist for Les Echos, Les Echos Week-End, Les Echos Limited Series.

Clemence de Bernis

Clémence is the creator and host of the blog Hub capsulesauthor of articles with an offbeat tone, intended to move away from the mechanical aspect of the car, while maintaining a serious and instructive background. It is also involved in the Turbo program on the M6 ​​to test extraordinary cars under extraordinary conditions.

Erik Fontaine

Formerly a technical journalist for various digital media, Erick is currently the section editor for the connected, electric and autonomous car sector for Les Numériques. Nothing that is automotive and innovation is foreign to him and he has an impressive number of tests to spare.

Others, non-media, entrepreneurs, associations

Sebastian Gall

Consultant and teacher of electric mobility, Sébastien also trains students for the B78 license on an electric driving school vehicle. He is the founder and chairman of the association and France Cafewhich brings together electric car enthusiasts, and also represents the FFAUVE collective, which brings together associations dedicated to electromobility.

Christophe Debonne

Christophe is a digital consultant and founder and administrator of the Station Ionity & Fastned France Facebook group with more than 5,000 very active and committed members. He has been running electricity since 2016.

Eric Mevellec

Following a career in electrical engineering at various EDF subsidiaries, Eric has been the CEO of Dreeva start-up company specializing in Vehicle-to-grid, a technology that allows electric cars to redistribute their excess electricity to the grid when not in use.

The jury’s thromboscope

Next step: the list of categories and the opening of applications.

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