the main announcements from the opening night of Summer Game Fest

In the absence of E3, the most important exhibition in the video game industry, a large part of the studios and producers gather under the thumb of the Summer Game Fest, organized by Geoff Keighley, for a week of conferences, tapes – announcements and presentations of upcoming games. The Canadian master of ceremonies opened the ball with the first conference of this fake E3 on Thursday, June 9, for a two-hour show devoted to a majority of games already known to the public, and – let’s face it – a little excitement. We’ve been hoping for more from the next big meeting, the Xbox conference scheduled for Sunday night.

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“The last of us”

It was supposed to be the highlight of the program, but a leak a few hours earlier got the surprise over: the first episode of the masterful series The last of uswhich was originally released on PlayStation 3 in 2013 and, it is true, already remastered for PlayStation 4 since, will know a new version for PlayStation 5. A real remake this time, with graphics and game systems at the height of its successor, The Last of Us Part II. This new version, aptly christened The Last of Us Part Iwill be released for PlayStation 5 on September 2, and, ” later “on pc.

Neil Druckmann, creative director of the game, took the opportunity to announce a sequel to fractions, multiplayer mode in the original game. This will be distributed as a game in itself, and will tell, we are told, a whole new story. Finally, Mr. revealed Druckmann a first image of the series The last of us, which premieres on HBO early next year. Not surprisingly, we see discovering our heroes Joel and Ellie, in the person of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey (seen in Game of Thrones).

“Layers of fear”

Fans of scary games have, it seems, enjoyed themselves Layer of fear, first and second of the name. We are not necessarily too busy hiding under the duvet to play Stardew Valley on Switch. Still, the same fans eagerly awaited the announcement of a new episode, and the Bloober team, the Polish studio in charge of the diptych, did not disappoint. Even though the revealed trailer actually raises more questions about their next title than it answers. simply baptized Layer of fear quite simply, it seems to reuse already known sets and characters. As if it were a reread of the first opuses? We know more before the release, scheduled for early 2023 on PC, Xbox and Playstation.

“High tide”

There is something relaxing about watching a post-apocalyptic game that is not filled with hemoglobin and shades of gray. If we do not know much aboutHigh tide, a graphically successful game developed by the independent studio Demagog, it will be a narrative work set in a world that is almost extinguished due to a catastrophic rise in the water level, and abandoned by the elites who fled the planet in spaceships . Clearly, we can listen to a poetic soundtrack, travel through a flooded region by boat and giant tour-based, which is exactly what we expect from the end of the world.

Published in 2022 on pc

“Alien Dark Descent”

Aliens, muscle men with big weapons and brutal deaths. Slight change of scenery in this horror game released by Focus Entertainment and scheduled for next year. The few seconds of play that have been shown suggest a title that is more tactical than grudge, opposing soldiers (humans) the famous xenomorphs (not humans). The last big game on the license, Alien insulation, invoked a suffocating atmosphere and a game of cat and mouse. Here we seem to abandon the suffocating atmosphere of giving a “minigun” to the mouse. We’ll see if the experience is worth it in 2023, on PC, Playstation and Xbox.

And also…

  • Guile and his crew will be with Street Fighter VI in 2023 and at the same time it will not surprise anyone as they have already responded Street Fighter V, Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter III, Street Fighter II and Street Fighter Alpha.
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare II is the successor to the restart of Call of Duty modern warfarewe knew it already, but it always makes us laugh (and it’s coming out on October 28th).
  • Who would be crazy enough to release a real-time strategy game, a genre that has been on the wane for Starcraft II ? Well, former developers of Starcraft II of course, who will release the beta of Stormgate in 2023.
  • The sequel to the cult game from 1992, Looking back, exists. Or at least it now has a vague trailer and is coming out for winter.
  • Dwayne Johnson still has big muscles.
  • Gedesimulator 2 plays smart, already because he is called Gedesimulator 3and so because its trailer parodies it off Dead Island 2 which everyone has forgotten.
  • You can create your character in Saints Row.
  • The Chinese studio miHoYo, based on the global success of Genshin Impactcontinues to expand its universe with a new action game, Zenless Zone Zeroand a traditional role-playing game by name Honkai Star Rail.
  • Callisto protocol looks a bit like the game dead space. The futuristic decor is similar to that of dead space. The weapons are similar to those from dead space. The carving mechanic, the life meter tattooed on the hero’s neck, the bloody and terrifying atmosphere, it all looks like dead space. And with good reason, the Striking Distance studio responsible for this game was scheduled for December 2 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, founded by the co-creator of dead space.

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