Receive text messages from another mobile on my free in 2022

SMS (Short Message Service) was invented in 1992 and has been very successful since 2000. It is now one of our favorite communication tools. In these small messages, users exchange personal or professional information, but often important. Uncertainty about the fidelity of the person sharing your life? Fear of your children’s dating or activities? Are you in doubt about the loyalty of your employees? Fear of a scam that could affect someone close to you? There are many reasons to want to receive messages from someone else on your own phone. Eyezy can help you track your text messages.

Fortunately for you, there is not just one, but many effective methods of receiving messages intended for another person on your phone. Software, application or classic methods, here is an overview of the most interesting and free techniques in 2022.

Mspy, the most effective spyware

This is the ideal solution for accessing SMS intended for another mobile. Impossible to get caught, the first advantage of this real spy softwaren with an mSpy SMS functionality is to receive messages and all other personal information from the mobile phone of the person you are monitoring, such as. receive sms copy by email. What makes it successful? Its ease of use, fast download and setup in a few simple steps. Once you have the application on your smartphone, you can receive all received, deleted and sent SMS from your destination. But that’s not all. You will also be able to access messages from social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. Finally, like a real spy, you can geolocate the tracked person and see their browser history. You have 7 free days (enough to capture a lot of information) to try out the different features and then choose the package that suits you best.

Application to view other people’s messages for free

I do not think there is currently a free program that is capable of solving this problem, nor one application that allows you to read other people’s messages. however, there are some methods that I will try to describe for you below

Code to receive calls from another mobile

To divert your calls to another number,
when you do not answer :
Activate: * 61 *[numéro de téléphone]#[touche d’envoi]
Deactivation: # 61 #[touche d’envoi]

when your mobile phone does not intercept the network :
Activate: * 62 *[numéro de téléphone]#[touche d’envoi]
Deactivation: # 62 #[touche d’envoi]

when you are online :
Activate: * 67 *[numéro de téléphone]#[touche d’envoi]
Deactivation: # 67 #[touche d’envoi]

To forward all calls :
Activate: * 21 *[numéro de téléphone]#[touche d’envoi]
Disable: # 21 #[touche d’envoi]

retrieve sms from a number

It is not possible to recover text messages from a number if they have been deleted from a phone because the text messages are stored in the device and not directly with the operator.

The classic methods of receiving text messages

We all know them and we have certainly wanted to use them more than once. They are completely free, yes, but not without risks. Receiving text messages from someone else on your smartphone is nothing easier and faster than just grabbing it. Easy did you say? Yes, maybe not so simple, but it’s about finding the right moment, in other words, when your goal is distracted, busy, or absent. Wait until the person you are spying on is in the shower, toilet or outdoors, and go through their list of messages as soon as possible. You can also ask him for his phone number to make a call and move a little away to have time to do your business. Last option, also the most risky, read the messages from the targeted person when he sleeps. Speed ​​and discretion will then be required.

While there is not really a 100% reliable method of consulting someone else’s SMS, the ones we just mentioned are without a doubt the most risky. First of all, because you want some time and in a hurry, you can make a mistake and get “fried”. So, because you will only be able to consult the available messages and not the next ones or those that have already been deleted.

SMS forwarding

This completely free and relatively secure method consists of transferring SMS from another mobile to your own smartphone, iPhone or Android. When not used as a espionage method, it is more commonly used by companies when one of their employees is away on vacation or illness. Halfway between the very risky classic methods and the very easy-to-use spyware that we present to you next time, the transmission of text messages requires you to still monopolize your target phone for a few minutes. In fact, the transfer works through Google Voice. Therefore, you must first install the application on that phone and then go to “Message settings” to associate your mobile number and select the transfer options. You will now be able to receive messages that are not intended for you directly on your smartphone. On the other hand, some iPhones do not use Google Voice, in this case go to “Settings” and select “Messages” to get to “Send and Receive” and select “Message Forwarding” to associate your number.

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