Rapyd Launches Extraordinary Contest to “Hack the Galaxy” to Give Software Developers a Chance to Win a Trip … –

  • World-renowned space enthusiast William Shatner has partnered with Rapyd to offer developers a unique opportunity to travel aboard one of the first carbon-neutral spaceflights ever to outer space gates.
  • Members of the Rapyd Software Developer Community will have the opportunity to complete weekly challenges by winning over $ 1 million in cash, prizes, travel or tickets

LONDON, June 8, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Rapyd, the leading fintech-as-a-service platform, today announces the launch of its challenge Hack Galaxy : a series of virtual challenges for developers who want to win tickets to travel to the gates of space in a private capsule that will be launched in 2026. See this video of William Shatnerpartner in Rapyd, announces the challenge.

From today, challenges will be addressed Rapyd developer community every week until October 3rd. Members will have the opportunity to participate in a total of 42 challenges. Each solution will reveal a password that unlocks an entrance to earn tickets to the space ports aboard the Neptune spacecraft Space perspective.

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The three winners, whose first names will be given on July 11, the second on September 2 and the third on October 14, 2022, as well as a hackathon-winning team named Galaxy Greatest Fintech Developer, will embark on the unique CO2 neutral ship in the world for this six-hour voyage. Winners will enjoy 360-degree views, up to more than 720 kilometers in all directions, while relaxing in the capsule’s Space Lounge with luxurious reclining seats and the largest panoramic windows ever seen in space gates.

In addition to challenges for the developer community, there will be other opportunities to make money through live events and four Hack the Galaxy-themed hackathons that take place throughout the year. An aircraft will be offered the best team in each hackathon until Rapyd’s Developer Day in Lisbon, Portugal in November 2022 so she can present her ideas to a jury. The final team members to win will be named “Galaxy Greatest Fintech Developers” and win a trip to the gates of space. Winners can also choose to take home $ 130,000 in cash. Rapyd encourages everyone from eligible countries to join and participate in the developer community.

All entrants have the opportunity to win dozens of other prizes throughout the challenge.

Arik ShtilmanCEO of Rapydsaid: “Hack the Galaxy Challenge is a unique experience and competition for our growing community of over 50,000 software developers. Developers are the dreamers and makers of fintech innovation. At Rapyd, we seek to attract talent who have proven themselves in our community. Millions of developers around around the world reinvent financial services by combining new ideas and innovations to solve the problem of not only paying businesses and consumers but also receiving payments in global markets.We are committed to ensuring that they have access to the best tools , support and guidance so they can continue to make payments and fintech apps easier to use By launching this first global competition, we are not only able to find and crown the largest financial technology developer on planet Earth and beyond, but also create a place for like-minded thinkers around the world who are hungry to connect and share ideas. ”

William Shatnermovie and TV star and space enthusiastcommented: “Having been in space myself, I have no words to describe this incredible opportunity for software developers around the world. It’s an experience I would not trade for anything in the world. I’m excited to partner with Rapyd to spread the word to developers around the world to join the Rapyd Developer Community and complete the riddles for a chance to win a ride to the gates of space! »

The Rapyd developer community is more than a ticket to space. The community has become a hub for developers eager to learn, connect and share with others in the fintech world. From learning to use Rapyd APIs, collaborating on business ideas, to local hackathons, the Rapyd developer community is a springboard for creativity and success.

Will you be able to hack the galaxy? Join the Rapyd developer community to solve unique puzzles and receive invitations to live and virtual developer events that can give you access to a Hack the Galaxy drawing. For more details, please see https://www.hackthegalaxy.dev

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