How Cantal has become an open-air space for street art artists

When artists and big names in street art gather in a territory, a veritable outdoor playground, it gives rise to the 10th Cantal Art Festival. Every time, whether it is during their visit to the territory, during a mediation period – where the artists welcome the public to follow the development of their bombing raids – or after their departure, moreover, every day in front of their works, it is a matter of meetings, exchanges, transmission, traces left behind. If not indelible, at least permanently.

A lasting trail

“You can see it in the reception given by the public and all the residents of a work. They get attached to it. It becomes a marker, an element of heritage. Sometimes very strong … By integrating into the landscape and the environment, it often becomes something that ends up making it up notes Vincent Pietri, the festival’s artistic director.

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Right ! When a backhoe overturned last summer the large fresco, rue de Marmiesse, created by the artist duo Sismikazot, in 2016, the occupants of buildings 20-22 were not the only ones to have a heavy heartbreak. She was the “soulmate” of Marmiers, and many had made it a point, if not cardinal, at least a strategic or sentimental landmark in the neighborhood.

The fresco of Grandmother of Marmiesse, figure of the Marmiers district of Aurillac (Cantal), fell this morning

This kind of welcome and attachment to works whose territory they dot to, the organizers of the 10th Art Festival dream of, everywhere, as soon as an artist arrives in front of his still virgin wall. This year just like the others.

“We are working upstream with the municipalities in the Agglomeration Community of the Aurillac Basin who want to host a work”

Vincent Pietri (empty)

He continues: “Every year there are two or three who welcome us. We’re making a suggestion. We also listen to what can sometimes tense them up or challenge them. But our experience, the way we have had to work and offer quality works, in Aurillac and in the nearby localities, is starting to speak well for us, slipping, smiling, Vincent Pietri. But we also ask them to give us their trust. And off let the artist speak. For that is also why he comes. Of course there is a small bet on the final work … ”

A bet and a sign of trust

As a kind of leap into the void that always seems to amuse the artistic leader. Explain, reassure some. And finally let others do it. The artists. It’s a bit like what happened this year, in Teissières-de-Cornet, when the wall of the old courtyard was handed over to Sckaro.

International news makes its mark on the 10th Aurillac Art Festival

Prior to his arrival, the Le Havre artist had been invited to compose on a specific theme: traditional bowling, which is part of the city’s history.

“There were a couple of concerns that needed to be addressed after the sketch was submitted.

“And adjust the size of my pins … I did not know this game, which is typical here. So on the spot I listened. And saw the famous game, with my own eyes”

Scararo (empty)

He continues: “It often happens like this. Once there, we meet the locals. It is also through their contact that the project ends. »

Or his name. As was the case recently, after a painting completed on the street and christened Rosa, in tribute to Rosa Parks, an African-American activist in the civil rights movement.All week, Sckaro had his brushes talking in the middle of the courtyard of the old school in Teissières-de-Cornet.
History does not yet say what Teissières-de-Cornet’s work will be called. But it is certain that it resonates with local history and its emblematic play.

Works that have appeared in recent days

Creating new spaces of expression is always the ambition of the 10th art festival. This veritable crossroads between universes and urban art that has become the meeting place of Cantal connects local and international graffiti artists and spreads to Aurillac and around. The Italian artist Vesod gave the first brushstrokes, for this edition, in Arpajon-sur-Cère, on a wall in the municipal high school.Vesod fresco in Arpajon-sur-Cère by the gym (at la Vidalie).
Clermontois Motte, he stormed one of the facades of the youth residence, in Tivoli and in the Camisières crèche.

10th Art Festival in Tivoli, next to the Camisières crèche: before and after Motte’s work.
Sckaro, him, finished his fresco in Teissières-de-Cornet, this weekend, around the bowling alley, traditional and emblematic of the village.

Next week, the general public, including neophytes, is invited to express yourself on one of the walls of the Arpajon-sur-Cère gym to try forces with street art, around Vesod fresco.

The festival, version 2022, will have three waves, three times: in June, July and September. Other major meetings await, promises Vincent Pietri.

Festival 10. Art edition 2022: Fresco by Motte in the young workers’ home in Tivoli. Before (left) / after (right).

Marie-Edwige Hebrard

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