Summer Game Fest 2022: conference times, daily programs and predictions for Thursday, June 9th

Play news Summer Game Fest 2022: conference times, daily programs and predictions for Thursday, June 9th

Summer Game Fest 2022 is officially launched today, the opportunity to tour the conferences covered by our teams and the program we have in store for you!

E3 is not here this year, but that does not mean we are failing you! The JV and LeStream teams will cover the various conferences and summer announcements like every year. that Summer Games Party 2022 starting Thursday, June 9, let’s see what he has in store for us.

Conference plans

This is the official opening of this conference season and other live presentations for video game builders and publishers. We have already seen a few industry players in the prologue to the event, with in particular Sony’s condition earlier this monthbut this time we begin the busiest period with Summer Game Fest 2022. June 9 to 21, the conferences follow each otherwith The majority of the program spread from today to Monday the 12th. Let’s just review what awaits us this day, Thursday, June 9thwhich already promises big announcements during the game festival embodied by Geoff Keighley.

Summer Game Party Conference Program

9/06, 20.00 : Today, from kl. 20.00, first conference, soberly baptized Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live, begin. Presented by Geoff Keighleyit should include multiple messages in a showcase that highlights the entire industry.

06/10, 00:00 : Tonight, starting at midnight, the second major conference will take place. This time it will be a long-awaited presentation because it is often surprising Devolver Digital Marketing Countdown to Marketing. Considered the “largest” independent publisher in the industry, Devolver knows how to play his rather special place in the market to offer us increasingly crazy conferences every year.

Follow the conferences live with us at LeStream

Now that we’ve seen the Summer Game Fest program, let’s see how and with whom you can follow the event. The conferences follow live on Twitch on the LeStream channelwith ours journalists and our columnists, who will announce their expectations for the conferences, comment below and analyze in a post-conference show. The program for the evening is as follows:

Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live

With Aymeric Lallée, Lox, TPK, Nanix, Menraw, Maxildan and Asheryth.

  • 19.30: Pre-show
  • 20.00: Lecture with commentary
  • 23.00: After the show

Devolver Digital Marketing Countdown to Marketing

With Silent_Jay, Lox, TPK and Nanix.

  • 23.30: Pre-show
  • 12.00: Lecture with commentary
  • 01:00: After the show
Summer Game Fest 2022: conference times, daily programs and predictions for Thursday, June 9th

Our predictions of what to expect tonight

Therefore, two conferences are planned this evening with different expectations.

Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live

As explained above, this conference will be presented by Geoff Keighley and should include various industry players. Among the most anticipated announcements, The Callisto Protocol, the heir to Dead Space, should make a remarkable appearance. After revealing its release date to us during last week’s State of Play, these are the first gameplay images that will finally be revealed to us during the evening. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will meanwhile introduce us to his first level to the apartment. Next generation games from DC Comics, Gotham Knightswill also pass a head during the event, like Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course (who will also join Tribeca Games Spotlight), the first game from the studio of Aaryn Flynn (ex-Bioware) Nightingale, JRPG One Piece Odyssey, free-to-play Warframe or even Planet of Lana, additionally unveiled during this year’s Summer Game Fest.

Summer Game Fest 2022: conference times, daily programs and predictions for Thursday, June 9th

ONE 30 titles to be presentedincluding, in addition to those already mentioned: Lord of the Rings: Gollum, Sonic Frontiers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, Saints Row, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, F1 22 and Honkai: Star Rail.

Devolver Digital Marketing Countdown to Marketing

Devolver Digital has gotten us used to it crazy and often very funny lectures. With his presentation video again this year Devolver uses all his sarcasm to mock the industry while we introduce ourselves for upcoming titles that will delight fans of indie games. This year we are going see especially Cult of the Lamb, a game expected this year which we can therefore expect a release date. The publisher promised us four new game announcements, we therefore expect surprises. Either way, do not miss out Devolver conference that is always worth seeingespecially to end an evening as exciting for video game fans as we are!

Join us for the Summer Game Fest conferences live on LeStream, tonight from 7:30 pm on Twitch.

About the summer games party

What is Summer Game Fest?

The Summer Game Fest is an independent event hosted by Geoff Keighley, who also produces The Game Awards. By its notoriety, it managed to gain the participation of many publishers and studios. For example, the Xbox Series X was unveiled during the Game Awards. Tonight we are entitled to the opening night of the Summer Game Fest, “Kick-Off Live”. But other things are planned. Some of the E3 talk will also be streamed via Summer Game Fest. The summer games party continues until kl July 22 and EA Play Livewith in particular conferences broadcast jointly with E3, and the symphonic concert dedicated to Sonic on June 23rd.

What is the difference with E3?

Summer games party not part of E3, and was originally created in 2020 to compensate for the absence of the California show. Despite the return of E3, Geoff Keighley has decided to renew the event, which begins earlier. You can of course follow all the announcements minute by minute in the feed below, and find all the information in dedicated news. At the moment we know a little about this evening, however Sony, which usually rejects this period, will be present.

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