Porsche launches the package for 2899 euros to change cars every day

The carmaker is launching a monthly package in Hamburg and Berlin that allows customers to enjoy an ever-growing range of Porsche cars.

On Monday, you may feel like playing it bad boy for life (2020), in which the main character played by Will Smith drives a Porsche 992 Carrera 4S. On Tuesday, the engine revs Tom Cruise in risky business (1983) aboard a Porsche 928 or as Steve McQueen in his Porsche 911 from the movie Le Mans (1971) on Wednesdays? This will now be possible in some German cities against payment of a subscription of almost 3000 euros.

Cars delivered in two days

Porsche has chosen its country of origin to experiment with an offer that is, to say the least, original. The carmaker from Stuttgart has therefore since June 1, with a dozen wealthy residents in the cities of Hamburg and Berlin, set up a monthly subscription service that allows them to switch Porsche whenever they want. . In return for payment of a fixed rate of 2899 euros per. month, customers will thus be able to benefit from “Porsche Drive FlexSpecifically, they will therefore be able to use different vehicles from the Porsche series using an application. 1750 kilometers of driving and all associated costs are covered by the subscription (assistance, battery charging, etc.), with the exception of petrol, which remains the customer’s responsibility. “Whether it’s a daily commute or a weekend getaway, a family outing or one […] road trip with friends, with Porsche Drive Flex, our customers can always choose the vehicle that suits them best. They can choose the Porsche model that best suits the occasion of the momentsays Marc Rieß, CEO of Porsche Financial Services, quoted in a press release on June 3 from the automaker.

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Ordered cars can be delivered in two days and can be stored for a maximum of 28 days. Vehicle changes are also unlimited. In addition, the customer will also be able to personalize his wishes and the options offered, such as the color of the borrowed vehicle. However, the engine turns on in a Cayenne on the avenue Kurfurstendamm from Berlin or on Kennedy Bridge from the center of Hamburg is still subject to a number of conditions. Only people over the age of 25 with a driving license over the age of five will be able to benefit from the offer. After paying a deposit of € 5,000 and taking out a risk insurance of € 2,500, the offer can be terminated after three months with one month’s notice.

An offer that is part of a more global strategy

This offer is completely in line with our strategy of offering new opportunities in the form of flexibility and mobility.says Porsche France. “Overall, we really want to give customers the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of driving a Porsche for short periods of time.It’s actually possible in France to drive your dream car for a limited time with Porsche Drive. For a Taycan [voiture électrique de Porsche], for example, you have to pay 410 € for a day and 2400 € for a week of driving. “The flexibility, the limited durations make it possible to expand our clientele, especially by attracting a younger audienceexplains Porsche France. It is therefore really a desire to promote the pleasure of driving without buying one, the price of a Taycan is between 89,000 and 191,000 € depending on the model.

The offer should in any case extend this autumn to the city of Munich. “As for the implementation of this service in France, it is still too early to say. We will pay close attention to returns in terms of profitability, as well as demand and customer satisfaction before we consider itends Porsche France.

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