Luxury mechanics and fine watchmaking at auction in Beaune on 3 July

On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July the Palais des Congrès in Beaune will be a paradise for fine mechanics. The Prestige Auto Beaune event will combine the ultimate in cars with fine watchmaking between exhibitions and auctions.

One by one, the cars parade on the screen of his smartphone. Then come planes, motorcycles, luxury watches that seem to come from another galaxy. So many extraordinary pieces that will be put up for auction on July 3 at the Palais des Congrès in Beaune. Together with his wife Laurence, Serge Bierry is the guardian of this very advanced approach. In addition to the sale event, his salon aims to bring together some forty brands and guests of honor that make sense in the “red” country: Ferrari.

attractive force

For three days, Beaune will be the temple for supercars, hypercars, GTs, but also vintage.This is probably the first time in France that we have put together such a set “, Can not help but slip the danger to Prestige Events BFC.

The event attracted attention in Burgundy’s Landerneau and far beyond. The organizers also communicate a lot in Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg. No need to make a presentation about the man’s passion for the car, as old as the world, and the appeal of this kind of proposal. About 80 pieces will be auctioned, some of which are definitely worth the trip. The watches – twenty brands – become the “small” addition to a program dedicated solely to beautiful mechanics. Steve McQueen and his Tag Heuer Monaco would be turned upside down.

The same goes for the two models from the impressive collection of fighter jets at the Château de Savigny-lès-Beaune. A 1951 Fiat from the Portuguese Army and a Republic 1952, a US aircraft from the Belgian Army, will also be under fire. ” There it is no longer the same approach. We are elsewhere, far in the clouds, and that is the case of pure insiders, often former pilots “says Serge Bierry, immersed in intense and complex estimates, in contact with experts from all over the world. For in this world so separate, every detail counts. One possibility, the rarity of a finish, and the rating rises…” In a sale there are four prices. The expert, the auctioneer’s estimates, the seller’s reserve price and the reality of the auction … This equation with several unknowns makes you vibrate as powerfully as a grand cru. Prestige Auto Beaune is betting on it: its first vintage will be unforgettable.

The catalog for the sale on Sunday 3 July gives an impression of greatness madness. During the maneuver, auctioneer Alexandre Landre. About 80 pieces are advertised for sale. Here are 5 selected by the editorial staff.

Bonus quarks

Code name: hypercar. It denotes futuristic vehicles with XXL dimensions and performance. here is Quarkus P1. The first prototype of the French brand established in Poissy by Damien Alfano. A hybrid two-seater coupe with an impressive power-to-weight ratio. Small bonus: Over the weekend, Quarkus will unveil the structure of its second car, the P2, in Beaune.

Spicy Abarth

The late Michel Pont made Savigny-lès-Beaune a place of pilgrimage for fans of Turin tuner Abarth. So here is one Fiat Ritmo Abarth TC130 (for 130 horsepower). A vehicle from the 80s, in its own juice, knows how to put it back on the road, that’s the charm of the vintage car too!

Rare Mercedes 190SL

We are in 1960. The Americans set some standards to limit polluting vehicles. To continue to exist across the Atlantic, Mercedes at the time envisioned a “small” car, not particularly greedy, specifically reserved for American customers. here is 190SL, equipped with a hard-top (a removable roof). 200,000 francs at the time. Under this configuration, there would be only three in Europe. This one had only two owners, moreover premises (one in Chagny, the other in Beaune).

Fiat … in the air

So there’s a Fiat plane. This two-seater was produced in 1957, has a very confidential volume. For connoisseurs, this G91 Two-person is able to fly at Mach 1.1. When it left its Italian factory, it made the Portuguese army happy. One of the rare parts of the collection of 82 aircraft that occupy the park Château de Savigny.

Norton, the runway virus

We are witnesses: the engine runs perfectly, the restoration was done according to the rules of art. This Norton International Mod. 30. The 500cc is a worthy descendant of the cars that made the reputation of the British racing team.

The Michel Pont collection in the spotlight
Last September, at the age of 89, Michel Pont took on one last tour, far from his beautiful castle Savigny-lès-Beaune. Over the course of a lifetime, the excellent winemaker has amassed an astonishing collection of cars, motorcycles and even airplanes. Unclassifiable! Dozens, hundreds of rare pieces, whose repatriation was sometimes a real epic, as his son Christophe likes to tell. It is now up to him to take full responsibility for the vineyard. It is also he who strives to maintain his father’s work while respecting his origins. In Beaune, on July 3, a few pieces from the “Michel Pont Collection” will go on sale. Getting rid of a pair of “family jewels” is an approach from Christophe: “This sale will make it possible to refocus the collections around the primary themes. We also want to free up space in places to better showcase the vehicles, some of which are rich in In the end, we also want to better protect aircraft. “

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