Kas Saed sends the Tunisians for a ride

Three presidential decrees were announced shortly before midnight, Wednesday, May 25, 2022. It is about the convening of voters for the referendum on July 25, the composition of the National Advisory Commission responsible for “drafting” the Constitution, which will be published directly in Lovtidende (Jort) before 30 June. Despite the obvious opposition from part of the community, Kaïs Saïed moves forward as if nothing had happened.

What is it about ? On the future and future generations of Tunisia and on the unbearable contempt that Kaïs Saïed opposes the Tunisians.

Yesterday, just before midnight, Jort announced a decree of law and two presidential decrees, all in connection with the new constitution that was to establish a new republic, according to the name given by Kaïs Saïed. The Legislative Decree informs us that the new constitution will be published directly in Jort within a period not exceeding 30 June 2022, ie. in thirty-six days.

The first decree provides for the composition of the National Advisory Commission, which was to “write” the Constitution based on the results of the national electronic consultation. The second decree is a call for voters to the July 25 referendum.

How are these decrees contemptuous, even insulting, to Tunisians?

On the form first. The President of the Republic waited until the last minute to publish his texts directly in Jort. No respect for the citizens, he explained to them nothing about his project or his approach. Infantilized as never before, the Tunisians must therefore submit to this text in the parachute of a Kaïs Saïed who takes himself as the medieval emperor.

And it is so many times that the president publishes his decisions (or gives speeches) late at night, at impossible hours. What is the point of this timing? No one knows. Is there a single head of state on the planet who gives speeches and issues decrees in these late night hours? It’s nowhere to be found unless it’s a real war.

In fact, the contempt is even more disturbing.

The Presidential Decree provides a list of names of the composition of the Advisory Committee.

Among them is Noureddine Taboubi, Secretary General of UGTT. It must be remembered, however, that the Technical Center has publicly and officially said no to its participation in this commission.

Ditto for the deans of law schools who issued a statement last Tuesday.

As for the agricultural powerhouse, Utap, the president appointed the self-proclaimed president Noureddine Ben Ayed. The latter made a real splash in the organization, and the legitimate president, the Islamist Abdelmajid Ezzar, shouts from all rooftops that the council that appointed Mr Ben Ayed is useless and totally illegal. What’s worse, Noureddine Ben Ayed admitted that the move was made at the request of the President of the Republic. However, the organization is independent and professional, and the President of the Republic does not have to interfere in its affairs. This detail escapes Kaïs Saïed, who nevertheless appointed, against all odds, Mr Ben Ayed in the Advisory Committee.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Utica’s employers’ association has not yet given its approval to participate or not in the commission.

Finally, we note that members of Isie have expressed reservations about the date of 25 July. They stressed that the electoral body will have difficulties in its work and that it is probably a very hot day, which could deter Tunisians from standing in line in front of the polling stations. And in a move contrary to democratic traditions, he also excludes international observers from the referendum.

In summary, the President of the Republic has sent all these beautiful people a trip to impose on them his program and his calendar, as if he were their hierarchical superior. “ He behaves like a sultan a foreign power diplomat commented in a brief statement to Business News.

It is not just about form and content that the President of the Republic sends out Tunisians, it is also about the basic principles that bind people together.

Apart from the fact that he did not turn to the Tunisians to explain his approach to them, it is emphasized that there was no public debate about the Constitution.

The Tunisians do not have a draft constitution that they can debate. Will the new republic have Islam as its religion like the previous ones, will it respect the freedom of conscience, will there be equality between men and women …

This kind of question sparked heated debates, very heated, which took more than two years for both the 1959 Constitution and 2014, and they involved all political colors in Tunisia, without exception.

In his calendar, the President of the Republic limits public debates to 25 days, as the Constitution is to be published on 30 June and the referendum is scheduled for 25 July and excludes the parties from the Advisory Commission.

It is a proof that does not support any objection, it is impossible that a constitution drafted by only one man leads to the general satisfaction.

Kaïs Saïed, who loves to quote history in all sauces, should know that there has never been such a precedent in history, at least in a democracy.

Despite the warnings from the political parties and the denials that the organizations appointed to the Advisory Commission oppose, the President established his decrees, thus infantilizing twelve million individuals.

What’s next? Logically, and unless there is massive fraud, the July 25 referendum will see a ridiculous turnout. In addition, Kaïs Saïed has not planned anything if “no” wins. For him, “yes” is obvious, and it will lead to an early legislative election, which he has already planned for December 17, 2022.

A new crisis? That is clear.

And if yes by “miracle” won? Although miracles still exist, and this would happen, a constitution imposed by a very divisive individual like Kaïs Saïed cannot guarantee peace and quiet for Tunisians. This constitution, if it ever sees the light of day, will be born to die.

History has shown that Tunisian men and women have always been against the rulers who send them to pack.

Raouf Ben Hedi

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