Find a mobile phone with its IMEI number

Have you lost your Android or iPhone device? We’ve all been there. It does not matter how careful you are with your smartphone. Everything happens in an instant. A minute ago it was in your pocket or purse – and now it’s gone. It can be very difficult to find your lost Android or iPhone device if you are alone, even if it is not silent.

The latest Android and iOS phones come with a host of advanced tracking apps that can help locate your phone if it gets lost or stolen. The sad news, however, is that the vast majority of smartphone users do not install these apps until they lose their phone.

But do not worry anymore. We’ve set up an IMEI tracker to help you track and locate lost phones using IMEI number on Google Map for free.

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique device identification number that is usually located behind the phone’s battery and case. This 15-digit number is used to identify GSM, WCDMA, iDEN and some satellite phones – CDMA devices have a MEID number.


In addition, when you buy a new phone, it is unlocked by this company and you can easily unlock it via the IMEI number.

No two devices want the same IMEI number, which is why it makes each smartphone unique from the others. Remember that the IMEI number cannot be changed unlike the SIM card.

However, thieves change the IMEI number of stolen phones using Flasher and IMEI Generator tools. Remember that the government has made manipulation of IMEI numbers a criminal act and it is not easy to grab a flashing tool.

In general, the SIM card can be exchanged and used to identify the subscriber in question using the SIM Owner Details Finder, while IMEI is used to keep track of the hardware itself.

Therefore, the IMEI number is very useful when your smartphone is lost, misplaced or stolen.

Since you are now familiar with the identity number of the international mobile equipment, let’s review the different ways to find the IMEI number.

If your phone is lost, read our detailed guide on how to find the IMEI number of lost or stolen phones.

Key * # 06 #

The most universal and easiest way to find this number is to open the phone call app and dial * # 06 #, after which the number will appear on the screen.

As you can see in the picture below.

Open the About Phone app

For Android:
Another easy way is to navigate to device settings> About phone> Status and here you can find it for Android devices.
find a lost phone

For iOS:
If you are using an iOS device, go to iPhone or iPad settings> About phone> Status and this number should appear.


Look at the back of the phone

Most mobile phone manufacturers indicate this number on the back of the phone next to the battery.

You can also find it in the packaging of the phone and it should be clearly marked on the box with a barcode.

IMEI tracker

IMEI Tracker is an online tool that helps you locate a lost or stolen Android or iPhone using real-time IMEI numbers on Google Map.

Open the IMEI Tracker tool on your phone. Enter a 15-digit number in the field and press the track button. Then select the real-time location option and you can see your phone’s location on Google Maps for free.
Click to take a captcha test

Relevant tool: IMEI Tracker – Instant tracking [Updated 2022] && Mobile number tracker

If you have an iPhone: iPhone IMEI Tracker

This tool works perfectly for Samsung, Redmi, RealMe, Oppo and Vivo devices.

Find lost phone using IMEI

Open the IMEI Tracker tool on your Android or iPhone device.
Enter the IMEI number of your lost or stolen phone in the box provided.
Solve the captach code for verification.
After completing the confirmation, press the follow button.

That’s it, you’ll see the live location of your lost or stolen phone on Google Maps.

Report a lost phone call on CEIR

The Indian government has recently launched a new portal called CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register) to block and locate your lost phone.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Go to CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register) official website.

Step 2: Touch the red option “Block stolen / lost mobile”.

Step 3: You will be prompted to enter the following information:
Device information: Mobile number, 15-digit IMEI, device make, model and purchase invoice.
Loss information: Location of loss, date, state, district, police complaint number, police station and upload of complaints.
Personal information: Owner’s name, address, proof of identity and email address.

Step 4: Press the “Submit” button and the application ID number will be generated.

Step 5: Open the IMEI request status page and enter your unique request ID.

Step 6: This is it, on the next screen you will see the current status of your lost phone.

Blocking the IMEI number means that it is deleted from the central database. The number is no longer considered valid and the phone does not work on any network.

Google Find My Device

As mentioned earlier, most people do not install a phone location app until their mobile is gone or misplaced. Now Google Find My Device can be used to track your device and you do not need to install any app for it. All you need to know is that your phone needs to be connected to the internet and your Google account.

Sign in to your Google Account from another phone and visit the Find My Device website. The tool will automatically start tracking your phone and it will show the current location or the last tracked location of your Android phone.

Google recently added a new feature that allows people to easily find their Android phones by calling the device. The most interesting thing is that the ringtone is played on your phone for a few minutes even when the device was in silent mode.

Find a lost phone with mSpy

mSpy, as the name suggests, is not exactly a phone tracking tool. Rather, it is intended for parents who want to keep an eye on their children by tracking their activities. However, you can use it to check Whatsapp messages, monitor the target’s social media and most importantly find a lost iPhone.

Suppose you lost your phone while mSpy was active on it. Using this app, you can track GPS signals to find your mobile. The app updates data every few minutes, giving you accurate and up-to-date information.


There are countless ways to locate a lost phone even if its battery is dead or someone has intentionally turned it off. But the first thing you need to do when you discover that you have lost your phone is to block its IMEI number so that the thief can not misuse it.

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