Business and performance: where are you?

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What if we tried something else for a change? At Impactified, we know the decision makers well – whether they are entrepreneurs or top executives – and we have a pretty clear idea of ​​their challenges in terms of performance.

After ten years of following them on a daily basis, you can imagine that we have a small idea of ​​what sources them, in the short, medium and long term. That said, our perception of the challenges facing decision-makers has one limit: it remains our perception.

It makes us say a very simple thing: We need your help to put numbers and statistics on all of this.

And to do this, we have developed a short and pragmatic ‘Performance X Business’ survey that will allow us to even better understand how you approach performance issues in your business … while of course giving you food for thought very easy to convert to actions if you had a click while answering the questions!

Achievement: a swear word?

Why bother with performance though?

On a daily basis, the topics of performance and its monitoring are often perceived negatively. As a source of stress if you ask the teams in place. And as an extra source of work, if you ask those responsible.

But talking about performance is just another way of talking about improving the work environment for the whole team!

For example, for teams, talking about performance makes it possible to organize workflows and methods to work more efficiently, wasting less time on uninteresting routines and why not reduce the workload in general.

Even better, talking about performance is a way of pushing teams to decide on priorities and therefore take power over current issues instead of following and suffering without really knowing why.

For managers, talking about performance therefore makes it possible to have a team that works less hard and is much more ‘smart’. And this allows you to know where you are going and at what stage of progress you are.

It also allows you to unblock situations where communication can be difficult.

This finally allows us to put processes in place that transform the company into a system that works for us and as much as possible without you. Can you see the idea?

Blind spot performance?

The topic is all the more important, finally, as for many companies, performance is a non-subject whose problems and consequences are in a blind spot.

On a regular basis, the entrepreneur’s or manager’s perception is that the performance is very satisfactory. But when you scratch a little, you realize that the teams do not have specific goals (we are not even talking about useful goals) and that there is no system in place to monitor progress. .

We are also aware that no one is trained or equipped to solve internal communication problems. And we realize that no one internally coaches or supports the teams in their efforts, as the leaders themselves have their noses in the board …

Talking about achievement therefore has its full meaning.

With your clicks!

These feelings are ours, that being said. Your opinion as a decision maker, entrepreneur and leader is therefore interesting to us! If the issues speak to you, you can participate by answering our fifteen questions Business x Performance Survey When it suits you, we will send you the results within a few months!

About the author:

Business coach based in Hong Kong Antoine Martin challenges entrepreneurs, managers and executives in their daily lives. He is also an entrepreneur, co-founder of the coaching and self-coaching platform and teaches at the university. And you, what difference do you make?

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