a turnout of 40% means a successful referendum

Amine Mahfoudh: a turnout of 40% means a referendum success

Law Professor Amine Mahfoudh believed that regionalism and issues of religion and identity were exploited to prevent the development of countries and peoples. He also criticized the poor distribution of wealth between regions. He considered that participation in the National Advisory Commission was a national duty.

Invited May 26, 2022 by Mohamed Yousfi in the ether Diwan FM, Amine Mahfoudh confirmed that his views on rights and freedoms were known in advance by the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saied. He revealed to be the first to propose a collaboration with Mohamed Salah Ben Aïssa and Sadok Belaid. He explained that the slowness of decision-making represented a point of disagreement. He had proposed to Kais Saied a timetable for ending the state of emergency in February 2022.

Amin Mahfoudh expressed its dissatisfaction with the late promulgation of Decree No 30 establishing the National Advisory Commission for the New Republic. This text should have been published on March 20, 2022. He also confirmed that the President of the Republic had contributed up to 30% by drafting and drafting previous decrees. That 70% the rest is written by Sadok BelaidMohamed Salah Ben Aïssa and his person. Nevertheless, he revealed that the President had made several changes to the draft Decree No. 30 that they had tabled and that this gave him a sense of sadness.

I was sad. The decree issued was not what we had discussed … There are several problematic points, especially the development of a list of names of organizations and individuals … We can issue decrees to rectify this … Everyone should be … We must guarantee the success of the referendum … I will deny the existence of an already prepared project … I welcome everyone’s participation … We need guarantees … Two weeks is enough, because we must primarily focus on the organization of the powers … That failure in the referendum on July 25 means institutional chaos … This forces us to return to the application of the 2014 Constitution “, He continued.

He explained that the success of the referendum did not mean much more 50% votes should be for the proposed project. He specified that voters were encouraged to vote ” yes ” or ” no ”. The election with the most votes is considered the winner. According to him, the elected constitution will serve Tunisia’s interests. He confirmed that the head of state told him given several times do not want to run in the next presidential election. He believed that the project drawn up by the Advisory Commission should be made public when it was presented to the President of the Republic. The boycott of the referendum does not mean the president will resign. It has a political influence … I estimate that a participation rate of approx 40% means a political success with the referendum “, he said.

The law professor also believed that the head of state failed in certain decisions. He suggested that journalist Ines’ rant jelassi Moussa after the internet cut in public radios and the waste management problem in Sfax reflected the government’s incompetence. He also criticized the deterioration of the relationship between Kais Saied and the political parties and actors who supported the publication of the measures on 25 July 2021.

In addition, Amine Mahfoudh believed that colonization had its benefits and that France helped to promote and develop the city of Sfax. He argued that independence had stopped this and encouraged the marginalization of some internal regions. Subsequently, the 2011 revolution targeted coastal areas and marginalized them.

People need to think about the public interest. There are patriots who want to serve the country. This will ensure a fair distribution of resources … France stole wealth, but returned part of it to prevent us from realizing the thing … July 25, 2022 is a golden opportunity to establish the rule of law … The President of the Republic speaks to us in the Tunisian dialect and there is a genuine dialogue. There’s a change in front of the cameras … The big challenges are financial … We can only resolve this after the political situation has been liberated “, he said.


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