two robbers who steal a cell phone are sentenced to 11 years in prison. –

They accused Gin Mathy Kassa Ngoma and Olago Darlin in the bar during the hearing of the criminal court hearing in the Port-Gentil court on 7 June 22 ©

The hearing of the criminal trial in the Port-Gentil Judicial Court of Appeal held on Tuesday, June 7, 2022 convicted two young Gabonese robbers, highway robbers, convicted of “theft with apparent weapon, intentional assault and battery” as well as the theft of a Techno Spark mobile phone .

The unfortunate event took place on the night between 25 and 26 December 2020. While honest citizens woke up at home with their families during this Christmas period, Gin Mathy Kassa Ngoma decided to go to the Palinqué Bistro in the Transfo district in the second district of Port-Gentil . The course of events will be terrible. In fact, that day he met Pierre Boussougou, with whom he had a friendly exchange for 30 minutes.

After enjoying himself for a while in the neighborhood, it was almost midnight when Pierre Boussougou decided to go home with his dish and beer in hand to continue the party. Guided by an evil spirit, “2 gigas” will maliciously pursue its next victim in a dark corridor. He calls her for a few seconds and offers to take her phone number to make an appointment to see the young girls he liked.

During this approach, the bully snatched her cell phone and fled afterwards. Astonished, Pierre Boussougou will be on the heels of his executioner. Over several meters, he will still have time to recover his cell phone after catching up with the bandit. “2 Gigas” frustrated at having underestimated his prey, he took the 33cl Guinness bottle lying on the ground. Not only does he break it, but he puts it in the left arm of his victim.

Sieur Boussougou collapsed. He was lying in a pool of blood. And as if that was not enough, at. 02.00 during the curfew period, two other thugs joined the ordeal of the unfortunate Boussougou. They are Darlin Olago and Hans Glenn Pambo. Rather than come to the aid of the victim who was bathed in a pool of blood, they will, on the other hand, seek to pull off the cell phone from which “2 gigas” had difficulty grasping it.

Faced with three attackers, and fearing for his life, Pierre Boussougou will manage to hide his phone in the home adjacent to the place where the fight took place and he will run to seek refuge in an enclosure. Reckless, brave, armed with leaf weapons, they went and knocked violently into this concession to get the prey back to them. Done ! Several hours later, Pierre Boussougou comes out of his hiding place with his shirt full of blood. Thanks to his neighbor and with people in good faith, he was transferred to a health center in the city to receive appropriate care.

As a result of this robbery, the victim came out with 23 stitches in his forearm. The next morning, the victim had lodged a complaint with the Provincial Department of Port-Gentil’s Judicial Police. After this, the named Gin Mathy Kassa Ngoma, Olago Darlin was arrested a few hours later. Interrogated in preliminary investigations, they admitted the facts.

The three stood at the helm all three. Sieur Boussougou, for his part, did not hesitate to become a civil party during this lawsuit, which opened on Tuesday, June 7, 2022. In addition, he requested an amount of 500,000 CFA francs as compensation. On the one hand, Mr Boguikouma committed himself to the defense of the accused, on the other hand, he asked for the court’s leniency to the detriment of the mitigating circumstances, since his clients had already been convicted. After getting the word out last, the presumed culprits meanwhile made a point of apologizing to their respective families, to the civil party and to the court. However, in his speech, the public prosecutor requested the accused guilty of 15 years in prison.

Finally, the Court consisted at the end of the provisions of Article 292 of the Criminal Code and under Article 295 (2). Port-Gentil, four juries and a clerk who publicly adjudicate in criminal cases, Gin Mathys Kassa Ngoma and Olago Darlin pleaded guilty to the crime of robbery with an apparent weapon.

Also accused Gin Mathy Kassa Ngoma of intentional assault and violence. In repression, they sentence them to 11 years in prison. The two men, who the Ogooué-Maritime judiciary knows have already been convicted of similar acts, were simply returned to the central prison in Port-Gentil until 2033.

Camille Boussoughou

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