The President told me that he was in favor of the participation of political parties in the national dialogue

Radhia Jerbi: The President told me that he was in favor of the participation of political parties in the national dialogue

President of the National Union of Tunesian Women (UNFT)Radhia jerbistressed the importance of her choice as a member of the Executive Board of the International Council of Women (ICW).It is an institution established in 1888 with the purpose of supporting and realizing women’s rights and monitoring the situation in different countries … We presented a report on Tunisia containing gaps, failures and good practice … This institution may take various measures which it will subsequently notify Organization of the United Nations “, she added.

Invited May 24, 2022 by Kaouther Well Dlala on National Radio, Radhia jerbi mentioned the exploitation of surrogate mothers and the rising current against the right to abortion. She explained that Tunisia was far ahead of the Arab countries in realizing women’s rights, but that was not the case compared to the rest of the world. She insisted on the shortcomings and flaws regarding the economic and financial situation of Tunisian women. She also mentioned women’s participation in political life and appointments to key positions. She insisted on a revision of existing legislation and the establishment of mechanisms to combat violence against women. The chairman forUNFT criticized the attitude of certain media outlets that seek to create buzz by inviting people from obscurantist currents.

We We need to change our approach to make the culture of citizenship and diversity a reality. I talked about it yesterday to the President of the Republic … There was a mix in the schools and in the administrations … Today we can observe one queue for women and another for men in some public establishments … As for the recent appointments and the national dialogue, we do not believe that Tunisian women have been excluded … We have a female head of government, female ministers and female top executives. However, we have not yet reached parity as mentioned in Constitution », she said.

Radhia jerbi revealed to have met the President of the Republic, Kaïs SaiedMonday, May 23, 2022. This meeting focused on the progress of the national dialogue. She reaffirmed that the President of the Republic was not opposed to the participation of political parties and that the committees formed in this context were free to invite experts, artists, representatives of political parties and political personalities. She said he only had reservations about those calling for foreign interference and seeking to return to the status quo. She suggested thatUNFT address the issue of its participation in the national dialogue after consulting all the structures.

As for the situation of Tunisian women, Radhia jerbi confirmed that the interview with the Head of State had focused on women’s rights, parity and one-man voting and the possibility of proposing a vote on couples.This is not a compact selection … The proposals will be put to a referendum. He believes that the people are in control of the situation and that they are free to vote as they see fit … I expressed my concerns about steering from the grassroots … The President listens to other views … The debate can last for hours “, she continued.

In addition, Radhia jerbi returned to the critical economic situationUNFT. She explained that several employees had not been paid for fifteen months. She clarified that she had communicated the matter to the Government Presidency and to the Ministry of the Interior. She believed that some were trying to take advantage of the financial difficulties to create controversy. She claimed thatUNFT had a good reputation and that it had fulfilled its obligations to the finance office. She explained that the delays in the payment of salaries had a significant impact on the functioning of the union. She greeted the activists, volunteers and staff ofUNFT for their commitment and devotion.


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