Talk3 launches an ICO to fund the creation of digital twins in the meta-verse

One avatar for all metavers. Talk3 launches a € 2.5 million ICO to allow companies to be recognized through the same character where they virtualize themselves.

Since the presentation of Zuckerberg in October 2021, the concept of metaverse has been at the core of conversations. Many companies are trying to imagine the applications of the future within these 3D universes. Talk3, a young French film co-founded by Amaury Delloye and Antoine Créhalet, wants to give companies and individuals the opportunity to have their avatars speak in the metaverse. How ? By creating custom digital twins, both visually and audibly, to provide sales service around the clock in the metavers.

Talk3 was founded in 2022 and is a “no code” platform for creating gifted audio, text, video, 3D meta-assistant that allows live or scripted conversations. On June 8, the company officially announces the launch on August 1 of its ICO with the aim of raising 2.5 million euros. The operation began on June 1, 2022 with the opening of the whitelist and had been announced by Talk3 via its internal network. Nearly 200 people have already pre-ordered, allowing the start-up to collect the equivalent of more than 110,000 euros in pledges.

Talk3’s promise to companies is to be able to multiply to achieve efficiency. “We need a multiplication of each of us in the many metavers and above all to ensure a 24-hour presence in the stores, to answer questions, to open up to everyone through control of all languages ​​and above all as simple as possible by speaking “, explains Amaury Delloye.

For him, the goal here is not to recreate an experience similar to chatbots or to replace the human relationship, but rather to achieve efficiency by using the voice as a means of communication to exchange with an avatar, as we would in a classic conversation. “The existence of the avatar makes it possible to facilitate conversations, to increase their number and therefore to tenfold exchanges, meetings, reception, productivity, sales or services,” he emphasizes.

No code platform

To achieve this, the company is working on designing a no-code platform to purchase an existing avatar or create it with a simple video. The virtual character will be able to use a human voice that can be personalized by its creator. To design this solution, the founders of Talk3 can rely on some of the technology developed by, a structure specializing in interactive advertising.

In terms of content, avatar reactions and responses can logically be customized. To save users time, Talk3 will download predefined question-and-answer databases according to the sector, as well as a WordPress template. For example, a company that sells shoes can use frequently asked questions and then customize the answers it deems appropriate, on topics such as size guide, return policy, and so on.

As for the revenue model, usage will be billed according to the amount of calls. The target customer profiles are varied, as Talk3 hopes to convince private and public companies, but also associations, the self-employed and individuals.

Finally, it is also on the creators of avatars that the start-up intends to rely on to promote its solution to potential customers. The platform is meant to be across metavers, with avatars meant to be found in various 3D universes, from Roblox to Sandbox via Horizon Worlds (Meta).

While the metaverse market is estimated at more than $ 1 trillion, the Talk3 co-founder admits it will take time for these new 3D conversation experiences to hit the mainstream. As explained by Manfred Mantschev, former director of blockchain activities at Atari and consultant at Talk3, “there are still a lot of experiments, and today we see many B2C brands using the meta-verse as a showcase, not to convert users, but to provide an extension of the existing brick-and-mortar experience “.

The initial financing of Talk3 is carried out by an ICO with the token $ TALK, which will in particular be used later to purchase call volume. The ICO is open to the public from 1 August 2022 and ends on 30 September. “We chose this form of crowdfunding to create a community of people who believe in the project,” explains Amaury Delloye.

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