New Garmin Edge 1040: solar glass, multi GNSS and multi bands

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Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 13:36 – News

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Garmin today unveils the latest GPS cycling computer with solar panels and multi-GNSS and multi-band support. Edge 1040 Solar is equipped with Power Glass solar cell glass in its advanced version, which allows cyclists to enjoy a range of up to 100 hours in energy-saving mode.

In addition, multi-GNSS and multi-band support provide more accurate GPS positioning even in environments where geolocation is difficult, such as urban areas or dense forests. With its advanced navigation, performance, safety and connectivity features, the Edge 1040 Solar offers a completely modernized user experience that gives cyclists easier access to key information, customize the website or even enhance the route map view, all on a 3.5-inch touch screen .

Dan Bartel, Vice President of Global Sales at Garmin.

With the new Edge 1040 Solar, cyclists finally have a device that lives up to their ambitions.

Robust, accurate and ready to take the distance, the Edge 1040 Solar is the ultimate GPS cycling computer. No matter where you ride or which bike you choose to ride, the Edge 1040 Solar is ready to take you on any adventure.

What’s new in Edge 1040

Edge 1040 Solar is designed for riders by riders and has the latest innovations in technology and performance measurements, including:

  • solar cell glass : The Power Glass Sun Lens gives athletes up to 100 hours of battery life in energy-saving mode, allowing cyclists to extend battery life by 42 minutes per hour during daytime hours. With the screen permanently on, Garmin promises up to 45 hours of battery life.
  • Multi-GNSS and Multi-band GPS : By enabling multi-GNSS and multi-band tracking, athletes increase the accuracy of their track even in the most difficult environments.
  • Cycling ability and course requirements : identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each cyclist to focus on progress and prepare for the limitations of a specific route.
  • power guide : Recommended power goals make it easier to control the effort through a course.
  • Real-time information on STAMINA endurance level : measures the intensity of the effort in real time to control your energy level throughout the course.
  • Easy installation: custom training profiles are preset based on training types and sensors. Cycling activity profiles can be managed directly from a compatible smartphone using the Garmin Connect app.

As already mentioned a few days ago, Garmin has reviewed the design of the binding, which is now made of aluminum, which will avoid breaking the pins, which sometimes turned out to be very fragile.

The high definition color screen is identical to that of the Edge 1030 Plus. It measures 3.5 ” or 8.89 cm diagonally for a resolution of 282 x 470 pixels. It is transflective and capacitive. The case, on the other hand, is 3 millimeters longer (59.3 x 117.6 x 20 mm) for a weight of about 130 grams. The internal memory of the 1040 is 32 GB. The SOLAR version has 64 GB, which will allow downloads from up to 3 regions of the globe (compared to 2 on the 32 GB versions).

Note that card updates can now be made via WIFI, it will no longer be necessary to go through a computer.

On the GPS side, 3 options are possible:

  • with GPS,
  • Multi-GNSS (GPS / GLONASS / Galileo / IRNSS),
  • Multi GNSS / Multi-band (Multi-band compatible systems => GPS / Galileo / QZSS)

Thanks to a constant recalculation of the position of the device on the 2 frequencies of each multi-band compatible GNSS network, MULTI-BAND GPS technology makes it possible to identify and effectively eliminate poor positioning data and thus deliver much higher accuracy, especially in undergrowth, cities and harsh environments.

Not surprisingly, the Edge 1040 replaces the old micro-USB port with a modern USB-C found on all modern devices that will charge a 1900mAh Li-Ion battery.

Training and performance

The Edge 1040 Solar boosts cyclists’ performance by giving them accurate indicators via Firstbeat Analytics such as VO2 Max, recovery time or training monitoring to see how their body responds to physical exertion and offers daily guidance based on these measurements.

This new meter also allows cyclists to spare their bodies in different environments by measuring their acclimatization level associated with changes in temperature and altitude and by signaling them when it is necessary to rehydrate.

In addition, ClimbPro automatically shows altitude and distance in real time to the next peak, allowing cyclists to better manage their efforts throughout the journey. They can then access their performance data directly from the Edge 1040 Solar or through the Garmin Connect app.

The device also offers specific features related to mountain biking, especially the number and length of jumps as well as the time of suspension in the air. The “Grit” and “Flow” functions measure the level of requirements for a mountain bike trail and the level of consistency in the piloting of the cyclist.

The Edge 1040 Solar is designed to accompany cyclists in all their training and rides and synchronizes activities from Garmin Connect or other training apps such as TrainingPeaks.

Maps and routes

Whether driving through crowded cities or exploring remote areas, the Edge 1040 Solar offers advanced navigation tools to help riders stay on track at all times:

  • More readable and intuitive mapping that uses Trendline route functionality to show the best roads and trails for Garmin users.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation warnings pointing to the most dangerous of them directly on the screen.
  • Possibility to pause the navigation functions to leave the initial route. Navigation can be reactivated at any time to return to the planned route or starting point.
  • With the preloaded Trailforks app, cyclists have access to detailed information on mountain bike trails and trails in more than 80 countries. When a cyclist stops during a ride, Forksight mode automatically shows oncoming forks and shows their position relative to the trail network.

Connection and security

The Edge 1040 Solar offers integrated security and tracking features: assistance, incident detection or even LiveTrack to inform relatives about their location in real time and follow the pre-established route from start to finish. The GroupTrack feature allows cyclists to communicate with each other via message and to know the position of group members directly from the screen on their Edge.

This new GPS computer is compatible with Varia devices designed to increase the visibility and safety of cyclists on the road, such as the new Varia RCT715 with integrated camera that continuously and automatically records videos in the event of an incident. It also works with inReach devices, allowing users to access and respond to their messages, share route data and trigger satellite SOS alarms.

The Edge 1040 is also compatible with Tacx trainers to give cyclists the freedom to train whenever they want. Riders can track the battery status of their sensors through a specific display directly from the Edge 1040 Solar.

The Edge 1040 Solar is ready to use in a matter of moments; in fact, customers who have already used an Edge GPS can download the personal profiles based on the parameters of their old GPS. For new users, the device will be automatically adjusted according to their practice and the sensors used, based on the most popular parameters among other users. Once configured, riders can set all activity profile settings through the Garmin Connect app and sync them directly from the Edge 1040 Solar.

Live weather

Via the connection between the EDGE 1040 and the Garmin Connect application on the smartphone, a specific “AccuWeather MinuteCast” widget provides weather information, with the risk of rain, the current temperature, the marked temperature, the wind speed (medium and gusts) as well as its direction in relation to your position. The widget also warns you about the probable arrival time of a downpour (of rain, snow or hail), or when it is raining, how long that downpour will last.

Price and availability

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