Neuilly-sur-Seine – A new cultural space at the Arturo Lopez Hotel

“The rehabilitation project of Hotel Arturo Lopez aims to transform this site to register it in addition to the network of current or future cultural establishments in the city”, explains the city of Neuilly-sur-Seine in the regulation hearing from the call for candidates for “project management missions for restructuring” of the hotel .

This operation would make it possible to complete the city’s cultural offer, which already consists of the multimedia library linked to the marketplace “which welcomes new products” and “allows the withdrawal of reservations and quick consultation”, of a digital platform and Maison de la Musique located in Sablons the theater, which is “completely dedicated to practicing and learning music”.

An offer that will be expanded by Jean d’Ormesson’s media library “whose opening is planned for 2024”, and which is designed as a “place for creativity and presentation of media library collections”.

As for the history of the Arturo Lopez Hotel, it is stated in the consultation regulations that it was built in 1899 by an heir, Paul Rodocanachi. “He was passionate about architecture and decoration and built a Louis XVI-style residence, where he received many intellectuals and artists such as Rodin, Matisse and Zadkine,” says Neuilly-sur-Seine. During World War I, the mansion became a place of convalescence for soldiers before being sold to “a rich Chilean Arturo Lopez-Wilshaw”.

This will then “rearrange the architecture in depth to make it the setting for his collection of furniture and silverware and the setting for the social festivities led by his wife Patricia. Salvador Dali lives there during his stays in Paris”. In all his years in Neuilly-sur-Seine he also became patron of the renovation of several castles in the Ile-de-France region, including the Rambouillet. At the Hotel Arturo Lopez, he created the Salle des Coquillages, a ballroom “using the decorative motifs of shells and mother of pearl from the decorations of Rambouillet “.

After his death, the hotel was sold to the city of Neuilly, “who established a museum and a library there”. City Hall clarifies the current situation: “The Arturo Lopez Hotel is closed to the public most of the year. However, the visits are regularly open in September on the occasion of Heritage Days. The old vending machine museum is now closed and the collection is no longer available ”.

Regarding the development of the hotel, the consultation regulations summarize that “The city wants to create – on the ground floor […] – a great agora […] which functions as a reception, cosiness and exhibition space ”. On the ground floor, a kitchen of 50 m² could be installed to organize events, and the city specified “the budget and the fine definition of this area is carried out by our programmer, the company Egis Conseil”.

In addition, the City Hall wants to create “an area of ​​the Media Library where documents concerning these collections will be offered. Over more than 300 m², several functions will be combined, a room for collecting reservations, a reading and press room, a youth room, the printed collections as well as a space for discovering and listening to music and a space for information on municipal news.

The municipality clarifies: “The media library must be equipped with a bank for raising reservations, furniture and equipment for reading, press, youth, printed collections, discovery and musical listening areas. The installation of 4 Sonic chairs (2 adults and 2 children) is provided in the area for discovery and music. »

As for the Salle des Coquillages, it is planned that it will be expanded to “host shows, concerts and this for up to 80 people”. And the consultation regulations add: “We also want a scenic look for the renovation of the lounges on the 1st floor, which must be intended for event activities. For this restructuring and decoration of the Arturo Lopez hotel, the customer is planning an envelope
€ 9,000,000 excluding tax.


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