Here’s the reason why the hole for the headphones has disappeared on the new phones, we tell you everything

Clearly, phone manufacturers are stubborn. After raising the price, they remove our benchmarks. Uh … it stings!

This feature is missing (or not) on phones

This sketch by Ahmed Sylla is so revealing of our attitude towards our phones. Since the arrival of the new generations, it’s a bit like we permanently had a mini-computer in our handbag. Alas, as always there are weak points. In this article, Object explained how to grab a few extra minutes of battery. Without anyone really knowing why, the manufacturers are not able to extend the life of the latter. In addition, you can analyze all warranty contracts in the world. We bet you that no organization promises you mountains and wonders, namely to insure you in case of a breakdown. If that happens, all you have to do is break the bank and invest in a newer model. Despite the gold price of these, however, a feature is missing. This is the headset tip. For those who are used to listening to music or getting the most out of their pedestrian set, it is a tragedy. Why did it disappear from the radar and how to fix it? Here we go, follow the guide!

Here are the designers’ arguments

When they heard the complaints from the customers, the manufacturers realized that the liquid was the main cause for concern. In fact, the slightest drop of water can cause a tsunami. After snooping around on the net, just a 72-hour break in a bag of rice can possibly reduce the damage. One thing is certain. Each time this has happened, experts have found that the headphone tip was the first to be damaged. So why continue on this path?

In terms of design, phones have come a long way. Although they tend to move us, the old models were not really appreciated for their aesthetics, but more for their practicality. It was revolutionary to be able to chat with someone this way and even more to be able to browse social networks. Today, by constantly calling for brands, many influencers consider it a fashion accessory. And for that, it was necessary to ignore certain ugly aspects like this famous hole.

In each new box of phones we are offered some accessories. First of all, we appreciate having a sector and a USB charging tip in advance. In most cases, it will land directly near our bedside table. Then a pedestrian set can consolidate the confidence we have in our model. However, more and more customers are regretting the absence of this cable. And with good reason, by not delivering it, they are forcing us to invest in a more advanced gadget such as Bluetooth headset.

What are the other alternatives?

Fortunately, this evaporation is not an end in itself. There is always a backup solution. Thanks to the charging cord, you can also add something to it to use your (old) headphones. Whether he has a microphone or not, do not panic as it is clear android and Apple are not so open to negotiation. Whoa, honor is for sure!

As Objeko has just told you, it is very possible to invest in a wireless set. Of course, if we had to adapt to the brand of phones, the bill would be high. Rest assured, dear reader, there are interesting models at a much more affordable price. When they adapt like chameleons, they will save you the day!

Finally, those who are lucky enough to have well-known phones with radio function will always be able to jump back. Certainly, these famous podcasts are now available online. But by activating it, there is a way to return to its old bearings. There you have the dear friend of Objeko, we hope to have enlightened you. These few means of overcoming the absence of the headphone tip should be widely distributed. Do not hesitate to share this article or give you other tips of this kind. Continued in our next issue and see you soon for new adventures!

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