Excelia Business Schools Grande École Master’s degree available on the Tours campus

Triple accredited, Excelia’s Master Grande Ecole (MGE) is on the Tours campus. His career path in five years is resolutely turned towards experience. Students are supported to learn how to build their professional future. They also enjoy a dynamic student life and engage in missions with a civic vocation. Focus on Excelia’s Master Grande Ecole.

Master Grande École Excelia BS (bac +5): a triple diploma accredited and recognized by the state

Gain knowledge and skills through a comprehensive five-year study program

Excelia’s Master Grande Ecole is triple accredited and is among the top 1% of business schools in the world. The program provides it five-year master’s degree and is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

The licensing cycle covers the basics and already values ​​the experience with the Humacité © and Climacité © missions as well as a three-month internship in a company.

During the two years of the master’s program, students consolidate their managerial skills and acquire expertise. They can choose their specializations from 38 offered areas of expertise (classical, work study or international) within the Excelia campuses (La Rochelle, Tours, Orleans, Paris, Niort and Cognac).

Personal support throughout the course for Excelia Business School Master Grande Ecole students

Throughout the training, coaches accompany students in their projects and missions. Each year, students are offered different options. The coaches thus guide them in managing their projects.

Students also participate in workshops that are useful for their personal development (stress management, self-awareness, etc.) and professional (CV, job interview, etc.).

Master Grande Ecole Excelia: a genuine openness to the international world

For those who joined the Master Grande École from the first year, L3 (License 3, third year of the license) must take place abroad at one of the 200 partner universities in Excelia.

At the Master’s program, Excelia Grande École graduate students can strengthen their international outlook by choosing one of the 15 dual programs offered abroad. In the first year of the master’s program, they have the opportunity to study a semester abroad. In the second year, it is possible to become a member of the MBA Pittsburg State University (USA) or one of the four specializations in Zagreb School of Economics and Management (Croatia).

Excelia also offers specific international programs, such as Disney International Program and Global talent track.

Master Grande Ecole at Excelia Business School in Tours: in the heart of a territory rich in opportunities

Tours, a dynamic and connected city for Excelia Business School students

Tours is an active city: The brand “City of Art and History”, it is recognized for its heritage and its art of living.

It is also a city in the heart of the economy. Tours Métropole Val de Loire has more than 20,000 companies and is located at the crossroads of major cities such as Angers, Le Mans, Nantes and Orléans. Its connection to Paris (an hour by train!) Is a real asset.

Tours is a connected city: its transport network and Tours Val de Loire Airport connect it with major European cities.

Campus: in the heart of student life

Excelia promotes one intense student life rich in experiences. The Student Office (BDE) organizes events and activities throughout the year that strengthen the cohesion between everyone.

Students can fully participate in sports activities thanks to Bureau Des Sports (BDS), which provides daily training and offers many sporting events.

The tours campus is connected to the city and the metropolis thanks to an efficient transport network. Students can thus enjoy the cultural life and the urban infrastructure.

Participate in social, civil and environmental projects with Excelia Business Schools Master Grande Ecole

Climacité ©: action on climate and energy change challenges

Develop and improve students’ skills through projects in favor of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable development is at the heart of Climacité ©’s mission.

A true personal development experience, Climacité © is available to students on all Excelia courses, including the Grande École masters degree.

For two to six weeks, students carry out a mission in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations (UN).

Humacité ©: solidarity missions at the heart of student engagement

Supplement to Climacité ©, Humacité © gives Excelia students the opportunity to engage in social and civilian missions.

Participants participate in training, education, social assistance, facilitation and support activities. They join the associative substance in France or abroad and help improve local living conditions.

Build your professional future calmly with Master Grande Ecole Excelia Business School

Master Grande École Excelia: training with a focus on experience

In addition to participating in the Climacité © and Humacité © missions, Master Grande École students can also choose work-study programs. In 12 or 24 months, work-study students have the opportunity to carry out their missions in a company or a community.

Excelia also supports its business creation students. They can prepare for D2E (Student-Entrepreneur University Diploma), specialize in a master’s degree with MSc Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation or follow the XL Entrepreneur course.

An active Alumni network of +40,000 candidates

Excelia’s Alumni Network counts more than 40,000 graduates in 150 countries.

The network, led by a team of 50 people (volunteers and staff), organizes each year more than 100 events : open house, webinar, etc.

On a daily basis, the Alumni Network creates a strong link between Excelia campaigns and facilitates professional integration and mobility.

Excelia’s Master Grande Ecole, triple accredited, supports students during and after their studies. Its professional education, its missions with a bourgeois vocation, its campus located in Tours and its openness to the international are all important assets.

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