Cupra maintains its myth with three new electrified models by 2025

During an event held in Barcelona on June 7, 2022, the Cupra brand celebrated its four-year existence. Named “The Unstoppable Impulse”, this event brought together the international press with the promise of returning to the origins of the Volkswagen Group’s brand in the suburbs of Barcelona, ​​to Terramar more precisely. At the site of this perfectly maintained myth, Cupra is first and foremost a formidable marketing version with intelligent positioning, a clean style, a very modern logo, design and reception halls, all based on electrification. The ensemble that accompanies the young people towards this new environmental base that the brand wants to represent: the Cupra tribe.

The abandoned Sitges-Terramar racetrack: The myth is born!

To avoid the inevitable air pocket inherent in a young brand, Cupra is already under attack with an ambitious product plan and international development to secure its target of 500,000 units per year. Remember that the period is favorable for Cupra. The semiconductor crisis and the war in Ukraine increase the price of vehicles and move upmarket. Manufacturers can play with delivery times and produce the most cost-effective vehicles. We must take advantage of this situation, which makes it possible for all producers, without exception, to record record returns.

To present its plan for the next three years, Cupra had pulled all the stops by arranging an international meeting in Barcelona and more precisely in Tarramar, the very place where the brand was born. The marketing discourse surrounding the Cupra brand is well oiled. The tribe, the sports spirit, the youth or environmental protection via electricity: all the ingredients are present to feed the Cupra myth.

A premium brand that was able to settle in the galaxy of the Volkswagen group, it had to be done together with Porsche and Audi! Although the story does not yet tell how the Seat brand will manage to reposition itself in relation to this new brand, it is clear that the Cupra story is attractive. We all want to believe in this story of this brand born in Terramar near this abandoned autodrome. As proof, the entire international press is widely represented to celebrate the anniversary of the brand’s first four years.

To embody this young premium brand, Wayne Griffiths, bubbling CEO of the brand, is doing the job. It fulfills its role wonderfully. The story is beautiful and quite rare these days in the context of the transformation of the automotive industry.

Delivers 500,000 cars in the medium term

By defining itself as a rebellious and provocative brand, the Cupra brand aims to double all results in all areas. The opportunity to present a new model: a small SUV called Terramar from the name of the place of creation of this brand. Then two other electrified models by 2025.

“Tonight we unveil the entire CUPRA’s next generation Icon lineup that will be launched in 2025,” said CUPRA CEO Wayne Griffiths. “By 2025, our goal is to deliver 500,000 cars a year in the medium term, to continue our international development in new markets and to enter new segments. The CUPRA tribe is committed to ensuring that all this happens, it is the people, that means something. Because in the end, it’s the people who make the mark. “

La Tribu Cupra: a brand that follows the future

As a reminder, Cupra was launched in 2018 with the ambition of reinventing modern sportiness during the momentum of Luca de Meo, now CEO of the Renault Group, and a couple of loyal supporters who wanted to challenge the status quo. The Ateca model was the first car to embody the ambition and character of the challenger brand. A unique model in its segment.

Two years later, Cupra Leon arrived. It was the brand’s first model with a wide range of powerful engines, and the first ever CUPRA electrified thanks to its plug-in hybrid engine. This was followed by Formentor, the first model created exclusively for CUPRA. This crossover has been a huge success with almost 100,000 units sold worldwide to date. It is now the brand’s best-selling model. Then came CUPRA Born. The first 100% electric car.

Three new models including Terramar SUV

To date, the brand has delivered nearly 200,000 units and has seen its revenue increase from 430 million euros in 2018 to almost 2.2 billion euros in 2021. It is far beyond all forecasts. This year, CUPRA aims to double its sales, double its revenue and double its global network of CUPRA Masters and CUPRA City Garages.

In 2025, CUPRA will enter a new era with three new electrified models – Terramar, Tavascan and UrbanRebel – and by renewing its current series.

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