Best Temporis 7 class, choose your liabilities and active, level list

Osamodas is offering you at Dofus this summer Temporis 7, a game mode under the sign of the summons. But if “Altered” becomes the center of the world of the twelve, the classes will not remain on the bench! We go around the best liabilities and active for each through a row list.

Dofus Tier list – What is the best class for Temporis 7 according to the first liabilities and active?

DOFUS: Best Temporis 7-class, choose your liabilities and assets, level list

Rows are not ordered

Our criteria for this list

For this edition of Temporis, the temporary servers will offer new gameplay. In the program you can summon up to 6 creatures and 2 at a time. The latter will have 3 spells with very different roles. Yours will be supporting them with placement, care and boosts! The viability of a class will therefore depend on the presence or absence of certain mechanics. Several criteria have been considered for this “pre” level list:

  • Get started
  • Gross power
  • Report to other classes
  • Easy placement of effects
  • Validation of achievements and quests
  • Viability in BL, ML and THL
  • Compatibility in teams
  • Possible opening of the gameplay

The class change will be available throughout this edition. If you hesitate, it will always be possible to review your choice, against a few Ogrines.

TIER S / Essential classes on Temporis 7

Here you will find the “good prospects”. Regardless of the game mode, these classes are good for everything in PvM, or extremely powerful from A to Z.

Osamodas – Huge potential through summons.

The Osamodas benefit from very good boost capabilities on the various modified. This is clearly the “favorite” class in this edition. You will also have location with the excellent whip and quite useful damage sharing in PvM.
Recommended for beginners

Huppermage – 2AP and infinite power.

Huppermage will have a huge potential with fairly simple bonuses to place. If the choice of changed needs to be more strategic, you can regain boosts with high values. Like the Osa, the class also has other tools, movement via Traverse or placement via Polarity.

Youeh A / Classes in the condition of Temporis 7 for good speed Dofus

Slightly below, they remain very viable and will be strong for Temporis VI. You can select them by closing your eyes … except the gameplay!

Ouginak – Temporis Panda Tank?

Ouginak has a very different set of assets, and therein lies its power. Its gameplay will encourage focus, but the Prey mode is worth it. It will be interesting in PvM, unlocking location and position exchange. All this with a good damage / tanking boost.

Masqueraider – Bonuses yes, but binding.

More versatility! The masqueraider is a very simple class, with 3 boost magic, in one area. That’s all ! Its movement capability, Débandande, also makes it easy to unlock (and this will be an important point for this Temporis). Finally, it is one of the few options to offer both power boost and% final damage.

Cra – Unlockable and unlimited range.

Cra remains a simple class. You will directly have a range increase, as well as final damage fairly regularly. Two more placement spells (Dispersion / Recoil) also help a lot against others.

Sram – Permanent invisibility.

Invisibility is a very powerful mechanic, and Sram benefits solely from it. The fog has a slightly reduced area, but remains a very powerful spell. You also get bonus damage and output, MP and an unlockable mode. To complete, glyph constitutes the Gravity state, in the zone, and you have access to 2 spells of location, particularly fear.

Feca – Glyph and area shield.

In a static class world, Feca has teleportation. It also has many damage reduction tools, almost free. It is a reliable choice.

Foggernaut – Towers, Glyphs, Removal?

With its developmental states per. turn gives Foggernaut his Altered power quite freely without acting. He also has a support agency at his disposal and the opportunity to exaggerate his calls. However, it will lack location.

Dodger – Bomberman or wet fireworks?

With a Crossing / Boot pair, Rogue has one of the best positioning capabilities. His passive is more forgettable, but this time you will have healing and power that pretty much catches up with it all.

Tier B / Not as much as the others

According to Ankama, all commitments are equal … or almost. They are not necessarily ideal for this edition and the bustle. You can choose them, but more for the challenge than for Rush!

Sadida Potentially overpowered

According to pre-registration data, Sadida will be the best class for tank. The elaboration, however, provides a global nerve, as the values ​​are abnormal, so they are easy to achieve. Otherwise, everything remains really correct with a well-measured PM removal capacity.

Eniripsa- A stratospheric healing capacity.

Eniripsa will be a great support with its stimulating words. It will very easily provide 2 AP and power, with bonus healing each turn. But overall, the class is less attractive in terms of gameplay and seems “below” compared to the other options for this Temporis.

Iop – Same as Temporis IV

Overall, the Iop will be a good go-to in the fight. Its gameplay will be a bit repetitive, but you will have good tools both to defend yourself through shield points or to increase your damage. Intimidate completes this set with a small placement option.

Sacrier – Boost complex to utilize

You will have to take damage to get your AP, MP and damage, but the suffering will be worth it. Sacrier tends to err on the side of his other spells. If the Crown of Thorns can be interesting in PvM, Sacrifice Vitalesque remains more occasional and dangerous.

Tier C / Bof

Slightly forgettable classes. For this Temporis with clearly unique summon gameplay, you can try to find better.

Ecaflip – Rebelotte on critical hits.

Ecaflip Passive may seem powerful, but it quickly becomes “forgettable”. Its assets are not much better, though Cat’s Leap brings much-needed mobility. It’s a simple class, probably for “vanilla”.

Eliotrope – Powerful portals

The Eliotrope’s passives are bad because it encourages you to go through portals without using them. These are pretty OK, but surpassed by other boost capabilities. The placement option will still be there, just harder to place with more calls.

Level potential / It depends

The next class has one or more major key flaws. We do not specifically recommend them unless you REALLY like its gameplay.

Xelor – The same, less

The AP removal values ​​will depend on the changed one, and from that the class’ own ability will be derived. Even with low values, Xelor can remain interesting via the AP boost. Otherwise it will run on some PvM content.

Pandawa – Carry it / throw it Temporis version

The pandawa will be quite complex to play, but carry / throw, very powerful at the bottom, is significantly nervous about editing. With other tools like Defilement it will be possible to deviate, but you will separate yourself from a good portion of your gameplay.

Enutroff – Additional free spells.

Enutrof is a class struggling with an MP gift. Otherwise, his “Nomad” bonus will be less useful. In any case, it remains powerful with significant boost options. To be played rather in Duo to get the most out of it.

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