Ve’nari’s Disappearance: The Mystery is Solved and the Training Device Toy is Available – World of Warcraft

The mystery of Ven’ari’s disappearance (or death) has been solved. When you interact with Ve’naris corpse In Zereth Mortis, at Creation Catalyst, you will receive an email from Trader 5 days later. She explains where she is and will send you a new gift, the Educational Device toy.

Let’s take stock of the letter and how the toy works.

Ve’naris brev

I hope you did not think I was dead in Zereth Mortis. I want to apologize to you, but it takes more than a false death to sow disagreement between longtime employees. My plan worked “like a clockwork”, to use a term that is dear to mortals.

With your help, I managed to create in Zereth Mortis a unity, thanks to which I can now move freely to the four corners of the cosmos. Here I am finally freed, not only from the Cave, but also from the Ve cartel’s henchmen, who probably think I’m dead now. I have a whole life ahead of me to explore, and just as many opportunities to seize.

In addition, I crossed paths with a certain Xolartios, who was kind enough to offer me his services as a guide. We will definitely see each other again when I need a reliable asset up my sleeve.

Sincerely, Ve’nari

Toy didactic device

The toy causes a floating object to appear. For 5 minutes you can interact with him by choosing three options:

  • Ask the device a question
  • Access the Ve’nari Code of Conduct
  • Access the description of Ve’nari’s device

Ask the device a question

You are not actually asking a question. The didactic unit directly reveals a random answer. I have collected some of them which I invite you to discover below.

  • The question is wonderfully precise … As for answering you, I can only wonder.
  • A presence looks at you, you know.
  • Oh, I will not hold you back. I imagine you have more urgent things to do than save the whole of creation.
  • Hmm … That’s interesting.
  • It would be crazy to try now. Do not lose the meaning of life. The big stagings have to wait.
  • Perceive with clarity and you will discover treasures all around you.
  • Try again to see.
  • You are one step away from an important discovery. Do not let it pass you by.
  • All mysteries will be revealed.

Ve’nari rules of conduct

These are seven rules for survival in Maw.

  1. Have a way out. To ensure your survival in the Cave, you must always have an escape plan.
  2. Always keep a low profile. The spectacular has no place in Lair. You arrive, you take what you seek, and you go … without leaving too many feathers, if possible.
  3. Trust is earned and knowledge is not free. I gave you a cryptogram, so it’s clear you owe me.
  4. Always have a list of those who may want to end your life. And if you’re on mine, do not be big on your head. You’re at the bottom.
  5. Knowing how to be brave when the situation demands it. The Antilles rarely expect it.
  6. Constantly inventing new methods of camouflage. The anti-religions are constantly finding new ways to find us.
  7. Betrayal is inevitable, even within your loved ones. Especially among your loved ones.

Description of Ve’nari’s unit

Unobstructed, please accept this device as a token of gratitude for your help. I have methodically recorded all my lessons there. If you ever feel lost, ask him what he should do and he will give you an answer tailored to your situation. And if not … well, then you can only blame yourself.

It also contains my rules of order in full if you have a memory failure. If we are no longer in Maw, they are no less important to the life we ​​live, no matter where we go.

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