The 10 best Star Wars Legends books according to Reddit

One of the greatest joys of Star wars is the breadth and complexity of his fictional universe. It is the type of secondary world where a spectator and a reader can get lost. Although Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm made most of the Expanded Universe non-canonical – they were renamed Star Wars Legends – they are still loved by many parts of the fandom.

Reddit users have pointed out which of the many star wars legends books must be considered the best, which shows how much fun can still be found in these various books.

Darth Bane Trilogy by Drew Karpyshyn

Some villains appear prominently in the story of Star wars, and Darth Bane is one of them. He was known for establishing the “two-rule” for Sith, and he was the centerpiece of a trilogy of novels that filled out his story in detail and showed how he became such an important part of the galaxy’s history.

Sapitoelgato writes: “You do not need any prior knowledge to get started at this point, but there are a wealth of cool stories that take place before that.” Given the complexity and texture Star wars lore maybe, this series is a good starting point.

Darth Plagueis by James Luceno

There have been many powerful Sith in history Star warsbut few have had as much influence as the mighty Sith in Star wars, Darth Plagueis. Considering he was none other than Palpatine’s mentor, he’s one of the main characters that sets the stage for a lot of things that will come later.

TeeRick puts it this way: “It is EU royalty. This masterpiece tells of the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise and fills an incredible amount of gaps left by Sections I – IIIand even IV-VI. It’s also the book that will make you fall in love with sith and really want to find out how this crazy thing started.

Coruscant Nights Trilogy by Michael Reaves

Coruscant is one of the most important planets in Star wars, first the capital of the republic and then of the empire. It is thus logical that it serves as a framework for Coruscant Nights trilogy by Michael Reaves, which is about a lone Jedi who managed to survive Order 66 and tries to survive in the city guts as a private detective.

Theinvisibleguy3 maintains that he “has a detective / dark side. In my opinion this is one of the most underrated series that I do not see often mentioned.

The Solo trilogy by Ann C. Crispin

Han Solo is one of the best characters in the original trilogy. As important as he is, however, he is also something of a mystery to many films with its unexplored backstory. That’s what does Han Solo Trilogy by Ann C. Crispin so important. Before Solo portrayed His background story (specifically his encounter with Chewbacca), this series was the key to understanding his past.

LominAle praises the trilogy and notes: “It does a fantastic job of weaving together the characters and events of the original trilogy (Jabba, Lando) without ever feeling like a fancy fan service.”

The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn

Thrawn is another villain who has exercised a strong grip on Star wars imaginative fandom. This is largely due to his presence in Timothy Zahn Trilogy launched, which was designed as a sequel to the original films, and where Thrawn was the main enemy. User Isord praises the series and writes: “It’s just a high quality trilogy that perfectly embodies Star wars feeling. “Given Thrawn’s significance for Star wars mythology, it is so much the more extraordinary that he has not yet appeared in a movie.

Traitor by Matthew Stover

One of the exciting things about the expanded universe was the extent to which the events of the series went beyond what was depicted in the original trilogy. Particularly remarkable is the very extensive The Jedi Orderwhich especially focused on the invasion of the sinister group known as Yuuzhan Vong.

As a result, many new characters have emerged, including Jacen Solo, who is Han and Leia’s son. The novel has been hugely popular with Reddit users, with user Cern_Stormrunner saying, “If you read an NJO book, do it. Traitor. I ended up selling all my Star Wars books when I lost my job a few years ago, but this one I kept.

Republic Commando Series by Karen Traviss

This is often the case in Star wars that a given scenario can and will be explored in different media. It’s actually part of the fun of this very large and interconnected universe. A remarkable example of this phenomenon is the command of the republic Karen Traviss Series. The series, as well as several video games, has focused on a group of clone warriors during the climax of the Clone Wars.

Merkon supported the series (with a little warning) and wrote: “The Republic commando series is good, can be a bit Mary Sue at times, but still entertaining.”

Darth Maul: Shadowhunter by Michael Reaves

Darth Maul is another of Star wars’ the most notable villains who appeared in both the prequel series and several other properties. Thus, it is not surprising that he appears in his own novel, in particular Darth Maul: Shadowhunter, which helps to deepen his story and his own identity as a member of the Sith. He comes out of the story as a fearsome warrior.

And, as teeRick says, “Maul is better, and it’s a funny story.” So this is the type of book one should read if one wants to get a better and more nuanced understanding of this fascinating character.

Deceived by Paul S. Kemp

One of the scariest enemies that appeared in the galaxy was Darth Malgus, who managed to achieve what few other Sith have been able to do, and that was to conquer the Jedi Temple. Although this has given him a place among the series’ most fearsome and ruthless villains, he appears as a complex and nuanced character in Paul S. Kemp. Betrayed.

As brown_felt_hat writes: “Malgus is a really good character, especially if you know his full back story, I think.” As so often in Star warseven the most offensive characters show that they have hidden depths.

I, Jedi by Michael A. Stackpole

The Jedi are one of the most important organizations in Star wars. While many of the series’ central characters are Jedi, it’s up to the novels to show fans what joining the Order entails. That’s what does And the Jedi such an important book because it provides a deep perspective on the education of a knight.

It is also distinguished by the fact that it is not a book from a great point of view Star wars film character. ChillyAleman enjoyed the book, and they write that the book “provides many details about building a lightsaber.”

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