See a preview of the Apple MacBook Air M2 when finesse meets performance

Apple took advantage of WWDC 2022 to announce not only its new Apple Silicon M2, but also its new MacBook Air M2 with a new design.

Recently announced at WWDC 2022 yesterday Apple could not offer a device with the new Apple Silicon M2 (details HERE). So here’s what’s new Macbook Air M2 which does not yet replace the MacBook Air M1, as the latter remains available in the Cupertino manufacturer’s catalog.

We will not return to the details of the notice, which can be found HERE. On the other hand, because we were present in Apple Park, we were able to take control of these new MacBook Air M2s, and needless to say, Apple again offers machines of very good quality and more than attractive to fans of the brand. .

The new design

We start with the design, and the least we can say is that the MacBook Air is thin, very thin, as it is only 11.3 mm thick for a weight of 1.24 kg (against 1.29 kg for the MacBook Air M1) . Once in the hand, we realize how light the MacBook Air M2 is, its weight is better distributed, and we really have this impression of lightness compared to the M1, while the difference is minimal.

Once the surprise of the weight has passed, we discover this new design, reminiscent of the all-new MacBook Pro 14 and 16. The design is actually slimmer compared to previous generations, and above all, we find this screen with a notch. If we do not necessarily find an XDR screen, the MacBook Air M2 screen is still Liquid Retina with a brightness that has been slightly increased compared to the M1. As for the notch, after months of using the MacBook Pro 14, we have completely forgotten about it and it is a part of our daily lives.

Apple MacBookAir M2

M2 performance

Inside we find the new Apple Silicon M2. It has just been announced by Apple and of course we have not been able to test it yet. The only thing we can really say is that according to Apple, the M2 offers 20% more CPU and 38% more GPU compared to the M1 and above all up to 15 times more power than the last MacBook Air with Intel processor.

From our small demos that we could have on the spot, the MacBook Air M2 turns out to be much more ready for any eventuality for creative people than the M1 version. Now it’s mostly about the video, because the MacBook Air M1 was in fact already a racing animal, and two years after its announcement, we still use a device with an Apple Silicon M1 daily, and we really have nothing to complain about. . Everything is still super smooth and responsive.

It is clear that the uses will change and one day we will reach the limits of the M1, but honestly it is not immediate. That may be why Apple keeps the MacBook Air M1 in the catalog, because the latter becomes one of the most interesting value for money.

Apple MacBookAir M2

The rest

In terms of autonomy, Apple promises autonomy similar to what we have with the MacBook Pro 14 and 16. It’s not as good as the MacBook Air M1, but it’s still very good. We think that the MacBook Air M2 can easily ensure a busy day.

2022 commits, the MacBook Air M2 offers a notch with a 1080p webcam. I know some find this normal, but we do remember that not so long ago we stayed on 720p webcams. On the other hand, still no Center Stage, which remains an asset on iPads, iMacs and more recently Studio Display. This does not really shock us as MacBooks remain more personal devices.

On the other hand, we are happy to find the 3 microphones as on the MacBook Pro, which makes the MacBook Air M2 a perfect companion for recording sound of sufficient quality for specific projects. Likewise, we find the excellent MagSafe port, which frees up a USB-C port for security.

Apple MacBookAir M2

The things we wanted

Once the euphoria over advertising is over, it would be a lie not to admit that we are still super excited about such a product. The MacBook Air M2 presents itself as one of the fastest laptops in a featherweight and more than minimal footprint. Now we would like a few things to make this the ultimate machine for creative on the go.

We thus think of an XDR monitor as its big brothers, MacBook Pro 14 and 16, an SD port, always practical and which we find more essential than an HDMI output (especially as we find more and more products Thunderbolt). We sip, we know.

Apple MacBookAir M2

Prices and availability

The new MacBook Air M2 will be available next month from 1499 euros for the first model and 1849 euros for the second model, a little faster and above all with more storage space.


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