Osatopia trailer, Ankama Live and release date

Temporis 7 points the tip of its muzzle toward Dofus. The trailer is even there already and formalizes Osamodas’ role in server management. The theme? Osatopia, a city where you can go hunting for Pokémo … Changed!

Update: June 7, 4pm, Ankama Live

DOFUS Temporis 7: Summary of the Ankama Live presentation

The day never ends. Following a teaser article and another for the trailer, this time Ankama is releasing an announcement of an Ankama Live presentation. Then find Djinn, Logan, Kewl, and yaula (Director of Communications Pole, Producer and Game Designers, respectively) for a special Temporis 7 stream on the Ankama Live twitch channel.

The latter will be broadcast on June 7 from 2.30pm. The Dofus team will reveal a little more information about Alterés and Osamodas’ intentions with this edition. Of course, it is also very likely that this is talking about pre-registrations and the exact release date!

Summary of live

Life begins!

Grades and classes will not be the central gameplay! They will only be support characters with boost spells. Examples with Steamer and Osamodas

To fight you must collect 151 Altered! The latter will be captured in areas of the World of Twelve, with a great hunt for Osamodas. They have a “Blob” shape before they start the match and are random.

The first starters already revealed in the trailer all have their little peculiarity: Tank, MP removal, position exchange … They will be essential at low levels.

In terms of the gameplay loop, everything is done to promote collection. Of course, you will be able to restore equipment, giving 100% of their properties to Altered.

About thirty Altered will also have the chance to develop through a new profession: “Bestiology”.

You can also find different levels of rarity. The Altered will then play a specific animation with spells and a unique look.

The tradition of Temporis servers lets you drop your equipment on the game’s monsters! However, prices will scale for one reason: Idols will have no effect on falls.

In terms of restrictions, you can only call 2 changes at a time, for a team of 6 per game. These matches will also be limited to 4 characters, to avoid the usual length associated with summonses.

The fleeting dimension will make a comeback and still offer the NPCs found on Temporis 5 & 6.

You will also be able to find different arenas, allowing you to have confrontations in challenge and a little PvP anyway! Speaking of challenges, a league will be available as “playoff” content, and of course take over the concept from Pokémon.

In terms of entertainment, the masters of the game will offer you events related to Team Croquette in the teased phase. Drupik seems to be a central character here!

For rewards, the Dofus team has planned a maximum! Headgear, appliances, animations, you will necessarily have something for your taste! Rewards in Twitch Drops, including a hitch set as well as a related attitude, will be made available.

Newly introduced on Dofus Retro, you will be able to access an “Ankarton” set at the end of the server. This will be linked to the account, with a bonus only with all equipment on your character. Yes, you finally want things to start over on classic servers!

Finally the dates! Temporis 7 will be released on June 29, 2022, the day after 2.64. You can find pre-registrations today on Ankama’s website.

Pre-registrations are now available. Note that this is only a way to estimate the distribution of players according to the servers, and that it will always be possible to create characters when the Temporis servers are opened.

To replace the idols, experience candies are present in the progression timeline. They multiply the experience gained by 2 in 4 hours, enough to choose your farming sessions.

Like unique designs for Altered, shinys could not be created for the server.

All battles that require specific mechanics that are impossible to utilize during this Temporis (Dramak for example), its mechanics are a bit modified. Some dungeons will therefore be very hard, but never impossible.

With 2.64 scheduled for June 28, a beta is coming very soon. The developers do not have enough players and feedback during these beta versions, and would like more players to participate.

The end of the teaser

The teasing was very short for this new edition. In a few articles, the Dofus team revealed the theme, ultimately quite obvious, as well as concept excerpts for this Temporis. Some had even managed to decipher the mysterious codes, giving “OSAMODAST7”. You can find all the information about this study through this article.

For the resistance piece, Temporis 7 will definitely be under the sign of Osamodas and his protégé “Osatopia”. The concept is innovative and offers a penetration of Pokémon into Dofus. In fact, the god will suggest that you go prisoner and raise “Altered”. Some are visible under the trailer, others remain secret and blurry. In addition, we note the existence according to “Altedex Osamodas”, of 151 creatures, as well as possible developments. More generally, the monsters will resume existential appearances, hence the appearance of the “Entropix” ​​NPC.

In addition to a small appetizer, the video provides particularly important information: a release date. See you in June for the release of Tempori’s 7 servers on Dofus. Currently without a live presentation or pre-registration we can easily predict an arrival at the end of the month. With an express teaser, however, one may ask oneself whether it could not be earlier than expected.

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