iOS 16: Apple unveils a stream of new features, here are the ones to keep in mind

The future version of the iPhone operating system will be very rich in new features. iOS 16 will finally allow you to customize your lock screen, will include a shared iCloud photo library for the family, and will even allow you to edit a message sent a little too quickly …

Apple has just opened its annual developer conference by unveiling the new features coming in iOS 16. And the least we can say is that the next version of the iPhone operating system promises to be very rich in new features.

It was, as usual, Craigh Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, who at a breakneck pace unveiled the new features that will be integrated in the next few months on the iPhone, which will be compatible with iOS 16.

On the program for the festivities, the lock screen will finally offer real customization options. Craigh Federighi even specified that the teams responsible for iOS have ” completely redesigned the look and feel of the lock screen “.

iOS 16 will also launch a family photo sharing feature in a dedicated iCloud library, bring major updates to Messaging and Mail, and bring more important new features to Live Text and Visual Search. The update should be available from this fall on iPhone 8 and newer models.

A fully customizable lock screen

Apple has finally decided to unlock the iPhone lock screen by giving it one of the most important updates since iOS has been around. And to succeed, the Cupertino company did not look very far. It has actually taken the ingredients that made the dials on its Apple Watch so successful, just to use them for iOS 16 and by extension for the iPhone.

WWDC June 6, 2022

Described as “ more personal, more elegant and more practicale ”, the locked screen in iOS 16 will apply a multilayer effect. In addition to the traditional wallpaper image, it will be possible to overlay multiple layers and change their order, as one would do with layers, to highlight the subject of the image by making it pass in front of the time display, for a guaranteed depth effect. Time and date remain displayed and will also be able to benefit from a facelift. You can change the color or even customize the font.

WWDC June 6, 2022

Above all, the locked screen in iOS 16 will finally be able to display widgets, again largely inspired by the Apple Watch and its “complications”. The banner dedicated to them at the top of the screen may contain several to allow you to keep an eye on the weather, the battery level of your devices or even the next appointments in your calendar.

You can also customize your lock screen to suit your mood. iOS 16 allows you, as with the faces on the Apple Watch, to configure multiple lock screens (with different backgrounds, colors, and fonts) to switch between them at will.

WWDC June 6, 2022

To complement this overhaul, Apple plans to roll out a new API later this year, called Live Activities. It allows you to follow in real time the information from certain applications from the locked screen, whether it is a football match, the statistics of your sports session or the status of your meal order.

WWDC June 6, 2022

Finally, the display of notifications has been revised once again. They will now scroll down from the bottom of the screen so as not to obstruct the display on the locked screen.


Family photo library on iCloud

Sharing photos with each other with a group of loved ones is no small feat. To simplify practices, iOS 16 will integrate a separate photo library shared on iCloud, completely dedicated to this office. It can accommodate up to six participants, all of whom, if they wish, can contribute to the content by adding, deleting or editing the images in it. It will be possible to send photos from your personal photo library, choose to share photos taken on a specific date, or where certain people’s faces appear, or let iOS suggest photos that you are likely to share.


All photos stored in this family photo library are displayed in each participant’s memories and selected photos. In addition, the iOS 16 camera will integrate a button to take photos and share them instantly in this shared photo library.


Messages edits your messages and hosts SharePlay

The messaging app in iOS 16 will benefit from an editing feature. If you happen to send a message a little too fast without having read it again, you can edit it to correct the typing errors that have slipped in, or even decide to cancel the sending.

WWDC 2022 iOS 16

SharePlay, the feature that lets you enjoy content with your friends in FaceTime, also lands in Messages. You will be able to watch your favorite movies and series or listen to music in perfect sync with your loved ones while sending you iMessages.

WWDC June 6, 2022

Live text in videos and image clips with visual search

Live Text, the iOS feature that allows you to extract text displayed in an image will evolve. In iOS 16, the feature will get more performance and also supports videos. Therefore, by pausing a video, you can take advantage of Live Text to extract text displayed on the screen, for example, if you are used to seeing development guides. Also note that Live Text can also convert currencies on the go and translate text.

WWDC 2022 iOS 16

As for the visual search function, which makes it possible to identify animals or plants, it can be used to outline the subject shown in the image. All you have to do is keep your finger on the subject and then drag it into another application to share the image in a message, for example.

WWDC June 6, 2022

Order tracking comes to Maps

If you’ve used to paying for online purchases with Apple Pay, you do not need to keep an eye on your inbox for tracking information. You can actually track your orders directly in the iOS Maps application, provided of course that the online merchant supports this feature.

WWDC June 6, 2022 Wallet

Other more minor innovations, however, which are still notable, were also announced during this conference. We note, for example, the ability to create multi-stop routes in Apple Plans, a simplified configuration of accounts for children in iCloud Family Sharing, the availability of the Fitness app directly on all iPhones, even if you do not have the Apple Watch … But also the arrival of a confidentiality tool, “Security Check”, which allows victims of domestic violence to revoke all access given to other people to their personal data, or even the ability to use the iPhone’s True Depth camera to create a custom profile for spatial sound listening with AirPods.

We will have the opportunity to return to all these new features in future articles!

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