the presented Apple M2 chip, follow the live keynote

Following this spring’s keynote, rich in news, Apple is resuming its June habits with its WWDC 2022 Developer Conference, which is being held this Monday. On the menu: iOS 16, macOS 13, watchOS 9 … and maybe virtual reality and a MacBook Air. Follow the conference live.

Apple M2 madness

Here you get an overview of the crazy promises from the Apple M2.


And here’s the long awaited Apple M2 chip!

BOM! Here is the Apple M2 chip. The apple keeps going further to make us use all sorts of superlatives. Engraving in 5 nm and 20 billion transistors on the program.

WWDC 2022 - June 6 _ Apple 58-25 screenshot

Apple promises even more power and optimized energy efficiency compared to the M1 chip, which already dumped a lot anyway. In particular, the graphics performance is greatly improved.

Health tracking

When we talk about health, Apple explains how its sleep tracking becomes smarter to adapt to more sleep disorders. watchOS 9 will also more effectively detect when your heart has exhibited weaknesses that potentially affect your heart health.

WWDC 2022 - June 6 _ Apple 57-5 screenshot


It’s time for watchOS 9!

watchOS 9 is on the field! Of course, we have the right to new dials and new interfaces to use your connected watch more comfortably and to do without the iPhone in certain cases.

Activity tracking also becomes more accurate with a whole lot of more relevant data about your health. When you run, for example, the Apple Watch will be able to more accurately differentiate the movements of your torso from your wrist movements.

WWDC 2022 - June 6 _ Apple 48-29 screenshot

The fitness app also comes to all iPhone users to see if you complete all your circles during the day.

iOS 16 in an instant

Here’s a small overview in pictures of the new features in iOS 16.

iOS 16 WWDC 2022


Apple CarPlay is now supercharged

Apple has worked closely with many automakers to better connect your car to your iPhone.

You will be able to control several things in your car from your phone, but you will also be able to greatly customize your dashboard.


Apple puts the package on the connected home

Apple explains that it has adhered to the Matter standard, making it easier to link connected objects to each other. However, the company clarifies that it maintains a high level of security.

In addition, a user-friendly interface on your phone controls things in your home. New section, new tiles, new widgets. Apple’s connected home app promises to be much more comfortable and convenient.

Share photos easier

A new cloud-based option allows users to automatically share specific photos. Just configure the options to clearly indicate which contacts can be part of your shared gallery. Then you can ask the application to share only the pictures you are performing with your spouse or partner for example.

Please note that iOS 16 is still involved in data security, which has always been at the core of Apple’s communications.

Apple Maps is improving in France

Apple Plan offers 3D modeling maps in several locations for better immersion. France is concerned.

WWDC 2022 - June 6 _ Apple 25-41 screenshot


Apple Pay Later presented, but what is it?

Here is Apple Pay Later. Thanks to this new feature, Apple Pay lets you pay in 4 installments if you can not or do not want to offset the entire amount at once.

That’s not all, Apple Wallet allows ID cards to be stored in more geographical areas. France seems worried if we are to believe a tweet from the official report on France Identity.

iOS 16 is getting smarter

iOS 16 improves oral dictation more than ever to accurately recognize what the user is saying to transcribe it in writing. But that’s not all, the Live Text feature is also optimized to effectively understand the text displayed in a video, making it easy to copy and paste. Ditto for the camera function in the translation app. It is also this capability in iOS 16 that allows you to convert currencies simply by photographing the price tag of a product.

Improved focus mode and messaging app

iOS 16 also comes with a concentration mode update to even better sort your activities that you want to stay “focused on”. For example, Safari will only let you see work-related tabs during the day, so you will not be distracted by other potentially open tabs.

Alongside the Messages app, Apple also introduces new features:

  • easier correction of spelling mistakes;
  • cancellation of a sent message;
  • mark a conversation as unread.

That’s not all. The SharePlay feature arrives in the Message app.


iOS 16 and its new locked screen

We immediately attack with heavy and iOS 16, which has a locked screen that is more customizable than ever. With a few simple movements, you can change the font, wallpaper or even display important information.

You can choose screens with animations or simpler and sober screens. In short, have fun. And Apple clearly indicates to application developers that they have the ability to offer features dedicated to this locked screen.

In addition, notifications are also enhanced to display intelligently grouped to see more clearly on the lock screen.

Tim Cook on the report

Tim Cook is apparently starting WWDC 2022 keynote. He takes the opportunity to recall Apple’s commitments and actions to highlight minorities and expand its community of developers.

WWDC 2022 - June 6 _ Apple 4-3 screenshot


It starts !

That’s it, let’s go! The credits are on!

WWDC 2022 - June 6 _ Apple 2-48 screenshot

We’re live on Twitch

Do not hesitate to follow the WWDC 2022 conference live on Frandroid’s Twitch channel with our presenter Arnaud and our guest PP Garcia! Our journalist Melinda is also ready to cover the event in San Francisco.

Still a bit of a wait

We are slowly taking our place to attend the Apple WWDC 2022 conference. The Apple company is not used to being late (no more than a few minutes at least). In addition, the conference is pre-recorded, so the keynote starts smoothly beforehand.

The invitation to WWDC 2022 had already slipped into some potential tracks. Still a few hours before knowing what Tim Cook and his family have in store for developers and the general public, who will be able to attend the introductory keynote of the developer conference on Monday. If we’re obviously waiting for iOS, macOS or even watchOS, perhaps the time has also come for Apple to unveil the first parts of a new world that the company envisions around its products.

When and where to follow Apple Keynote?

WWDC 2022 is held online all week. It begins with the opening keynote, which begins Monday, June 6 at. 19.00 (10.00, San Francisco time) and can be followed live on our site as well as on Frandroid’s Twitch channel from kl. 18.30 with Arnaud and his guests.

To follow the full keynote, Tim Cook’s speech, and the presentation of each OS by its teams, Apple broadcasts the conference on its website and on its Youtube channel. So just start the video below when the conference starts.

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Note that the video was recorded in advance and the event is not live this year either.

What is WWDC 2022?

Worldwide Developers Conference 22, or conference for Apple developers, is held every year in June and is aimed at creators of content, applications and software thanks to the Apple brand’s various operating systems. This event lasts this year from 6 to 10 June. It consists of several sessions, workshops and other meetings to allow developers from around the world to discuss with the Cupertino teams about the new OS (iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS) and possibly new products or programming tools.

Tim Cook during the WWDC 2021 introduction.
Tim Cook during the introduction of WWDC 2021. // Source: Apple

It is usually held in the San Jose Convention Center. But this year, as for two years, it will mostly take place online, though thousands of developers and certain media outlets, including Frandroid, this time may be heading to California for this hybrid conference. The highlight of the WWDC, of ​​course, is the introductory keynote, which starts the week and takes place on Monday, June 6th. It will be posted online and posted at the Steve Jobs Theater for thousands of developers invited to the event.

What are we going to show there?

WWDC is the place to present the new operating systems for iPhone and iPod (iOS 16), iPad (iPadOS 16), Mac (macOS 13), Apple Watch (watchOS 9) and Apple TV. (tvOS 16). All the new features are revealed there and often give a glimpse of what will equip the products for the start of the school year (iPhone 14 in mind and Apple Watch Series 8 coming).

WWDC 2021
Source: Apple

2022 should also be the opportunity to finally discover the vision of virtual reality according to Apple. It’s unlikely to see the helmet in the final version, but the possible applications should be revealed, if nothing else, to make developers want to get down to it. There have also been whispers about the arrival of a new MacBook Air or even a Mac Pro with a supercharged M1 chip.

We give you an update on the expectations in a dedicated article.

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