Sonic Frontiers: Fans are disappointed and mobilize on social networks!

Play news Sonic Frontiers: Fans are disappointed and mobilize on social networks!

Teased and then announced in December last year, Sonic Frontiers will have waited until June 2022 to finally show up. The new fairy tale about the blue hedgehog, which will take place in an open world, has for the first time been illustrated with gameplay.

SEGA has big ambitions for Sonic Frontiers, which is part of one more general context of re-emphasis blue hedgehog. Both films were a hit, the Sonic Prime series coming, all carried by a brand new game from Sonic Team.

Two gameplay presentations for Sonic Frontiers

During the gameplay presentations that took place last week, we discovered large environmentscomposed of numerous and strange structures, green plains and a Sonic runs, jumps, rolls and slides around. Without the boosts, Sonic certainly needs some time to get up to speed, but then we see him whizzing through the area. We had that too a small foretaste of the fights, where Sonic faces strange robot creatures. He rolls, strikes down his opponents at full speed and uses many techniques to overcome it.

Disappointed players ask for postponement!

Sonic Frontiers: Fans are disappointed and mobilize on social networks!

But these two gameplay videos is far from convincing the public and the fans. The title is still under development, but players quickly expressed their dissatisfaction. Besides the haircutwhich causes decorative elements to appear at more or less long distances, the players condemned one lack of art direction in environments, structures “sit there” without any obvious logic, feeling of limited speedand has for many had the impression of seeing Sonic move from one point of interest to another in a structured game “dated”.

“Sonic Frontiers seems to have automated an open game”. “Based on this video, I’m worried about Sonic Frontiers. I was so excited, I’ve been waiting five years for this, and I’m not happy. I feel like going there, doing this.” we can read in the comments The broadcast of the video presentation of the matches did not really help on the case as the negative opinions were numerouswhich especially points to their “softness” and the stiffness of the animations.

In general, players seem quite concerned about what has been shownalbeit only short sections, probably caught in an early game area. In an attempt to shake things up, fans started the hashtag #DelaySonicFrontiers (Delay Sonic Frontiers)which was repeated several thousand times on Twitter.

  1. DelaySonic Frontiers. I’m actually proud of the Sonic fandom to finally decide that they deserved better than what they’ve been getting for over a decade. Maybe we should stop being so whiny about it, but you understand!

Do players have a chance to be heard by SEGA?

Fans hope to be heard by SEGA for several reasons. First, there is the case with the movie Sonic. During the release of the first trailer for the feature film, the appearance of the blue hedgehog was triggered such a wave of protests that the whole design had been revised. Then players can build on precedents, starting with the one created by Halo Infinite.

Sonic Frontiers: Fans are disappointed and mobilize on social networks!

The game was presented in the summer of 2020 and did not convince at all, pressures the studio to postpone the release for several months to respond to criticism and expectations. It is not yet known whether SEGA will respond to these requests or whether the team has full confidence in their project. The answer should not take too long then Sonic Frontiers is expected in the fourth quarter on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

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