INTERVIEW. “I still do not know” says TFC U17 defender Christian Mawissa, European and French champion in four days!

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Arrived at Tef in 2017, upgraded to U19 this season, Christian Mawissa Elebi, generation 2005, has just signed on an unusual double: Euro with the Blues on Wednesday, the title of champion in France with the Violets on Saturday. This Sunday, June 5, the person living today in Auterive tried to get back to earth. Without deviating from his good humor.

Christian, you just had a great week!
It’s a pretty inexplicable feeling, I still can not believe it, I do not know.

Does your heart swing between the two titles?
I have often been asked the question since Saturday night, which I can not answer. These are two different things, but it’s true to win with my favorite club and my friends …

You did not start in blue, you enjoyed a combination of circumstances (injury in Lyonnais M. Sarr’s half), and you played the whole final …
(he cuts) I have good karma, I think. It is the work of God! I’m a believer, it’s a sign of destiny.

Help us get to know you better: what is your background?
I am from Ariège, born in Saint-Jean-de-Verges; I started playing football at the age of 5 in FC Pays-d’Olmes, after which I moved to Mirepoix and then to Coussa under the control of Saïd Darraz. My mirapician coaches Nicolas Herraiz and Christophe Avalo took me to the discovery days in Toulouse from the U11s. And I took my first license at TFC in U13. The next step is the Pôle Espoirs de Castelmaurou and fitness center: classic sector.

You are a child of TéFéCé, in short the new Bafodé Diakité.
We will say that (smile).

“I can play in all positions from behind”

It seems that you are very versatile …
I can develop into all positions behind. Before, I even played striker as I was always taller than the others!

And even ambidextrous!
It’s true: personally I still do not know what my strong foot is.

What are your most important qualities in your opinion?
We will say power and technical skill.

You also have a big influence: the day before yesterday you grabbed the center forward of the ACA with a sliding tackle in first place and we will never see him again in the match!
In my position you must know how evil you are, of course in the good sense of the word. That is, scare the attackers. I like Kalidou Coulibaly from Naples because he has this aggressiveness in him.

“My shoe size? From 46 …”

Your template is a deterrent …
I am 1m83 tall to 80 kg and I carry … 46 (laughs). Afterwards you tell me that I’m strong in duels, good in positioning and that my raise is nice … for sure. Nevertheless: You always have to work because I have to improve my concentration. I happen to be a little smug.

Finally you were ready for the final as soon as you came back from Israel: it’s amazing too!
We talked to the coach (Denis Zanko). I was relatively fresh when I first participated in the last group match and only got to the end of the semifinals. I would not have missed this party with my group of friends for anything in the world. We’ve been together for quite a few seasons now. We are really welded. It’s boat to confirm it, but the group is living very well.

We were told that you were one of the ambians …
My thing is to dance. But it must not come out of the dressing room.

“My father shouts a lot on the sidelines”

Your family follows you everywhere, right?
My father, my mother, my big brother and my little brother, my sister: the family circle – of Congolese origin, Kinshasa – is sacred. In Saint-Quentin there were my parents; father shouts a lot at the edge of the field (he is tired)… It is important to lead a career, to be well surrounded.

President Damien Comolli was present. What were his words?
He was very happy on our behalf and very proud on behalf of the club.

How do you envision the future?
To become a professional, of course (he is an aspirant until 2023, editor’s note), and discover Ligue 1 with TFC. I am grateful for my club and my city.

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