Goldeneye 007 on Xbox: the list of successes in French (solo and multiplayer)! | Xbox One

“RACE! “ Completed Pond on any difficulty level. 20 Try to aim for 2 minutes 5 … “You have completed the Facility on all difficulties.” 20 Fly away! Completed Runway on any difficulty. 20 Two weapons! Completed Surface 1 on any difficulty. 20 We’re shooting at the cameras Completed Bunker 1 on any difficulty level. 20 Old school rockets! “You have completed Silo on all difficulties.” 20 sea ​​of ​​oil Completed frigate on any difficulty. 20 Back, part 1 Completed Surface 2 on any difficulty. 20 Back, part 2 “You have completed Bunker 2 on all difficulties.” 20 A walk in the park Completed Statue Park on any difficulty. 20 So ask it! Completed archives on any difficulty. 20 TANK! Completed streets of any difficulty. 20 “Short rest” “You have completed Depot on all difficulties.” 20 How big is this train? “You have completed the Train on all difficulties.” 20 The depths of the jungle “You have completed Jungle on all difficulties.” 20 Hi, Mr. Bond! “You have completed control of all difficulties.” 20 I know he’s somewhere … “You have completed Caverns on all difficulties.” 20 “The cradle will fall” “You have completed Cradle on all difficulties.” 20 Oh, this music … “You have completed Aztec on all difficulties.” 30 Saturday Fight Fever! “You finished Egyptian on all difficulties.” 30 Welcome back, 007 “You’ve completed the GoldenEye Agent Difficulty story.” 40 Faith in the mission “You’ve completed the GoldenEye story of Secret Agent Difficulty.” 50 “Bond … James Bond” “You’ve completed the GoldenEye story on Agent 00 difficulty.” 60 “Double ZZZZAP! » “You have unlocked the x2 lasers by beating Aztec on Secret Agent in 9 minutes or less.” 10 It’s better than Klobb’s x2 “You have unlocked the RC-P90 x2 by completing Caverns on Agent 00 in 9.5 minutes or less.” 10 We do not care about stealth! “You unlocked the x2 Rocket Launchers by completing Bunker 1 on Agent 00 in 4 minutes or less.” 10 “Goal locked!” » “You unlocked x2 throwing knives by completing Bunker 2 on Agent in 1.5 minutes or less.” 10 Complete arsenal! “You unlocked all weapons by beating Egyptian on Agent 00 in 6 minutes or less.” 10 Beating yourself is a must “You unlocked DK Mode by completing Runway as an agent in 5 minutes or less. » 10 GO TO BED ! “You unlocked enemy missiles by completing Streets as an agent in 1:45 or less.” 10 They arrive ! “You have unlocked Quick Animation by completing the Statue in Secret Agent in 3:15 or less.” 10 Best of all You have unlocked gold PP7 by completing Cradle in Agent in 2 minutes and 15 minutes or less. 10 A shot, a … “You have unlocked the golden pistol by beating Egyptians in every difficulty.” 10 The art of explosion “You’ve unlocked the x2 Grenade Launcher by completing Surface 1 on Secret Agent in 3.5 minutes or less.” 10 It is necessary to count! “You unlocked Infinite Ammo by completing Control on Secret Agent in 10 minutes or less.” 10 The art of explosion “You have unlocked the x2 Grenade Launcher by completing Surface 1 on Secret Agent in 3.5 minutes or less.” 10 I AM UNBEVERABLE! “You have unlocked Invincibility by completing Facility on Agent 00 in 2 minutes 5 or less.” 10 Cheating! “You unlocked the invisibility by completing Files on Agent 00 in 1:20 or less.” 10 You looked at my screen! “Unlocked No Radar (Multi) by completing Fregate on Secret Agent in 4:30 or less.” 10 Area damage “You have unlocked Paintball Mode by completing Dam on Secret Agent in 2.40 minutes or less.” 10 The bright side “You have unlocked the silver PP7 by completing Train in Agent 00 in 5 minutes and 25 minutes or less.” 10 And that’s the tragedy! “You have unlocked slow animation by completing Depot on Secret Agent in 1:40 or less.” 10 Everyone is weird! “You unlocked the Mini-Bond by completing Surface 2 on Agent 00 in 4:15 or less.” 10 “Boost!” “You have unlocked Turbo Mode by completing Silo in Agent in 3 minutes or less.” 10 Double notch “You unlocked x2 hunting knives by completing Jungle on Agent in 3:45 minutes or less.” 10 “World Tour” “You’ve played a multiplayer game on all maps.” 20 Decimated “You have played 10 multiplayer games.” 20 Q Specialist “You played a multiplayer game with each weapon set.” 20 Respect the rules “You’ve played all types of multiplayer scenarios at least once.” 20 We continue! “You have played 5 multiplayer games in a row.” 20 More heroism “You killed an unarmed player.” 20 License to kill “You had 100 kills in multiplayer battles.” 20 My wooden house “You played a game: Remote Mines, in Complex.” 20 It’s struggling “You played a game: Disarmed, in Complex, License to Kill.” 20 Need a guide “You’ve got the almost harmless multiplayer decoration.” 20 “Secret success” – 10

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