Diablo Immortal and Sonic Frontiers are shot down by players

On the menu at JV Daily today, we talk about Diablo Immortal, who was shot down by the players. We continue with the next Sonic, which has already been boycotted, and we end with Morbius, who is still missing from the cinemas. A very pleasing program.


  • Diablo Immortal’s economic model heavily criticized
  • The end of the Fortnite season
  • Players facing Sonic Frontiers
  • The Soap Opera Abandoned
  • Morbius back in the cinemas

Diablo Immortal’s economic model heavily criticized

Diablo Immortal was released on June 2 on mobile. If it is already a huge success, the game will also be massacred for its financial model “Pay to Win”. Currently the game boasts a user score of 0.7 on Metacritic for this very reason. In addition, the game is banned in several countries, namely Belgium and the Netherlands. For good reason, lootboxes are banned in both territories. “It’s illegal to try to circumvent these restrictions,” a Blizzard employee added on Reddit. Better not to try to bypass the system with a VPN for example. Belgium ruled lootboxes illegal in 2018 because they violated gaming laws. In the Netherlands, we remember the scandal involving EA, which had been fined for its FUTA FUT packages.

Previously, Blizzard had contented itself with removing the loot box systems from the Belgian versions of its games, such as Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. The choice not to market Diablo Immortal in Belgium and the Netherlands could be a clue that these systems are ubiquitous in the game. Players criticize Diablo Immortal for being able to buy so-called legendary emblems and gems. These gems are one of three pillars in character development along with common equipment and level of experience. In addition, they determine the progress at the end of the game

Recently; a YouTuber has calculated how much it costs to max out a character’s Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal, and the sum is over six digits. According to scientific calculations by the YouTube channel Bellular News, Maximizing a character costs no less than $ 110,000 with the game’s current economy. In detail, the system is generally very complicated. Legendary gems are not even guaranteed for paying players as they are awarded randomly when purchasing loot boxes.

On the press page, Metascore is pretty good. It stands at 81%, although there are currently only a handful of reviews available. The problem of loot boxes is necessarily highlighted. “If the simple purchases in the game were cosmetic, the game would only end up growing,” says Ouest France. “The pay to win aspect is likely to make the most invested players crawl,” say our colleagues at MGG. It’s up to you whether you want to go on the adventure.

The end of the Fortnite season

After a few days of teasing, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 ended this weekend. The impact took place Saturday night exactly. A long maintenance followed. Point Zéro took a different direction. The IO forces have been decimated. The map has been rebuilt and we are far from the tensions between the seven and the imaginary order, even though a new threat weighs. As always, this Relax season comes with a major update that adds locations, weapons, events, skins, quests and a new combat pass.

The western part of the map now has giant mushrooms, caves, geysers, all with a purple casting. A rather dreamlike atmosphere for this area, carried by the Tree of Reality, which also offers interiors, and which through its “powers” allows players to ride and shoot from mountains like boars and wolves. Since the season is also party season, Cave has been transformed into a nightclubwhile the top of the relief is now occupied by an exciting ride. Epic does not forget the daily quests as well as the new Battle Pass, which especially contains … Darth Vader!

Diablo Immortal and Sonic Frontiers are shot down by players

Players facing Sonic Frontiers

Teased and then announced in December last year, Sonic Frontiers waited until June 2022 to finally show up. The new blue hedgehog adventure, which will take place in an open world, has for the first time been illustrated with gameplay, and it did not quite appeal to the players. During the presentations, we discovered large environments with many rather strange structures, green plains and above all a Sonic that runs, jumps, rolls and slides everywhere. Without the boosts, Sonic certainly needs some time to get up to speed, but then we see him whizzing through the area.

We also had a little preview of the fights where Sonic faces strange robotic creatures. He rolls, hurries against his opponents and uses various techniques to overcome them. In summary, we could get a real glimpse of the game, but that is far from convincing the audience and fans. While the title is still under development, the players quickly expressed their dissatisfaction. Aside from the clipping, which shows elements of the decor at a more or less long distance, fans condemned the lack of artistic direction in the environments, structures “placed there” without any obvious logic, feelings of limited speed and felt like they were watching Sonic move from one point of interest to another in a game with a “dated” structure.

Here’s what we can especially read in the comments: “Sonic Frontiers seems to have automated an open world game”. “Based on this video, I’m worried about Sonic Frontiers. I was so excited. I’ve been waiting five years for this, and I’m not happy. I feel like going there, doing this.” The broadcast of the video presentation of the matches did not really help as the negative opinions were numerous, which among other things points to their “softness” and the rigidity of the animations. In general, players seem quite concerned, although these are only short excerpts likely to be caught in an early game area.

In an attempt to change things, fans started the hashtag #DelaySonicFrontiers (in French Reportez Sonic Frontiers), which has been picked up thousands of times on Twitter. Fans hope to be heard by SEGA for several reasons. That’s the case with the movie Sonic. Remember the release of the first trailer for the feature film, the appearance of the blue hedgehog had triggered such a wave of protests that the design had been completely revised. Case to follow.

Diablo Immortal and Sonic Frontiers are shot down by players

The Soap Opera Abandoned

A major study from Gamespot reveals that Abandoned does not exist, and paints a very disturbing portrait of the creator. In April 2020, many players see this game as the hidden return of the Silent Hill saga or Hideo Kojima’s next game. The title finally suffered from the wrath of the internet due to risky communication and numerous media flops. From broken promises to catastrophic technical glitches, especially during the launch of his “experience” on PlayStation 5, director Hasan Kahraman’s apologies were not enough to convince the public.

GameSpot researched the project before concluding that Abandoned is ultimately just a giant lie. In return for access to “screenshots, animations, and even a page of game history,” members of a Discord group would be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. The director “promises a lot, including paid work to fans, but delivers very little,” the site claims. The latter reveals that the idea behind the project over the last few months has not stopped changing … from vampires to a cult story. In short, Hasan Kahraman has no idea where he is going. Even worse, there is no concrete evidence of the game’s existence. Kahraman would wait for investment to produce the playable prologue, which is also very far from being completed.

Diablo Immortal and Sonic Frontiers are shot down by players

Morbius back in the cinemas

Morbius unexpectedly returned to American cinemas and flopped again. The film earned only $ 85,000 last Friday after returning to over 1,000 theaters, bringing its national total to $ 73.6 million… information reported by Forbes. Morbius, published April 1, 2022, follows the adventures of Michael Morbius, a famous scientist afflicted with a blood disease he wants to get rid of. During his research, he discovers that the solution to this problem is linked to a species of vampire bat. Of course, the test of the serum in international waters goes wrong, and the scientist is left with the powers and needs of the vampire creature.

Presented by some critics as “the worst Marvel movie before Venom: Let There Be Carnage”, Morbius inherits the score of 17% on Rotten Tomatoes. Reviews sum up with these words: “Cursed with uninspired effects, lazy performances and a story bordering on nonsense, this nonsense is a futile attempt to make Morbius a reality. Espinosa has been the target of a lot of mockery and wrongful appropriation of any On social networks, we have seen a number of memes invent lines that are not in the film, or imagine the sequel to Morbius in the Morbius in the Morbi way.

Even Jared Leto, who is not particularly known for his sense of humor, posted a video on Twitter in which he made fun of Morbius and the line that went viral: “It’s Morbin ‘time.” It’s a reference to “Morphin Time” by Power Rangers, which made Internet users happy. Jared Leto pretends to read a secret script … that of a Morbius 2 called “It’s Morbin ‘time!”. In the euphoria of the moment and the general good mood, Sony then thought it would be a good idea to give the film a try and organize a new cinema release. It was obviously not the best idea. At the same time, the timing was not in favor of Morbius, Top Gun: Maverick being released on May 27th. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which just exceeded $ 900 million in total revenue, is another thorn in Morbius’ eye.

Diablo Immortal and Sonic Frontiers are shot down by players

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