After the fire in three cars on Avenue des Dumones, the victims tell their story

The pungent smell of burnt plastic and burnt rubber still hovers several hours later over the small car park on the corner of avenue des Dumones and rue René-Courtoison in Bourges.

But the most persistent stench, apart from those gripping furiously around the nostrils, this Sunday morning, are those of anger, which along with impotence are even more amplified.

“I went out and saw it,” this 25-year-old young woman explains. “That”, apart from Stephen King’s novel, is also his car, completely charred. A crippled carcass that a few hours earlier had allowed him to return from work around one o’clock in the morning. Responsible for a restaurant sign, in the Bourges district, she had to take her job at 10:30, closing the restaurant after the last service.

“But I called my management to tell them I could not come. From Tuesday I will be forced to buy another car. »

The night from Sunday to Monday, Berruyer firefighters are called in to overcome a car fire. As for the location of the charred vehicles in the small car park, along avenue des Dumones, self-ignition was ruled out from the start.

Two vehicles burned out at the end of the parking lot, near René-Courtoison Street, and a third vehicle burned at the other end, near the wall of a house. Too much space between them to conclude that a spark that would have jumped from the first fire would have started another fire in the vehicle alone. Moreover, there is nothing to say that it is not the only car that burned in first and then the other two….

This brings back very bad memories when the city of Bourges suffered a wave of car fires, in a very short time, at the end of last year, and turned into psychosis. Sunday morning, two investigators from Bourges police station tried to explain the cause of these fires. Opposite, a resident of René-Courtoison Street could only lament the destruction of his companion’s vehicle.

Three burned cars in a parking lot on avenue des Dumones in Bourges

And above all the consequences it will generate. “We know the pressure from insurance companies in these cases. We risk being fired at any time. We also know the used market, and we know very well that there will be a difference between reimbursement of insurance and purchase price. “Behind his glasses, the young man knows only too well the problem of car fires. In a surreal slime, he explains that his third burned-out car is here, even though he has only lived in the neighborhood for two years.

Two vehicles belonged to his companion, including the one that was destroyed overnight from Saturday to Sunday. The third, his, died in the fire in his garage. He suspects a disaster triggered after a theft. What we then do not see, in the wake of car fires, are the material and administrative inconveniences that represent the second punishment for the victims of these facts.

Late in the morning, a tow truck arrived to remove the charred wreck of the car of the young woman, whom she knew all too well was going to spend her Sunday and Monday without going to work. And maybe lose part of his salary. Leaving his job at midnight, impossible to walk and alone. And no other option for transportation. This is called watching a part of your life go up in smoke.


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